How To Remove Dropbox From PC

Dropbox on PC

Dropbox is a superb device for work, particularly if it involves numerous files. With Dropbox, you’ll keep files locally as well as on the cloud, share them effortlessly even though you don’t get laptop computer, and collaborate on various tasks. However, if Dropbox is taking on an excessive amount of area on your personal computer or if you’re offering your computer, then it’s best to remove this program from it.

Quick Answer

To remove Dropbox from your own Windows PC, open “Apps and Features”, find “Dropbox” through the directory of programs, and then click “Uninstall”. For those who have a Mac, head to Finder > “Applications”. Find “Dropbox” and drag it to Trash.

Removing Dropbox from a PC is simple. Continue reading once we enter increased detail about getting rid of the applying and its own folder from your own system. 

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  1. How Dropbox Works
  2. How To Remove Dropbox From Computer
    • How to eliminate Dropbox on Windows
    • How To Remove Dropbox From Mac
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected Questions

How Dropbox Works

Dropbox is a file web hosting solution which allows cloud storage space and file synchronization. It’s fundamentally like a property for the work and lets you produce exclusive files on specific computer systems. Then, this program synchronizes them in order that they look as one folder with the exact same articles, aside from which computer you utilize to see it. It not just backs your file online, however it’s additionally a powerful way to share your projects and collaborate with consumers and peers.  

How To Remove Dropbox From Computer

Before you go on and uninstall Dropbox from your own Computer, you have to know that doing this will eliminate the system entirely. You won’t have the ability to start to see the Dropbox menu any longer, as well as your files won’t be synced into the Dropbox folder. Or in other words, you won’t have the ability to enjoy any advantages of the file web hosting solution.     

Also, observe that uninstalling it won’t delete your account and on occasion even delete the Dropbox folder from your own Computer (you’ll want to do that yourself).

With that off the beaten track, right here’s tips on how to eliminate Dropbox from your computer:

How To Remove Dropbox on Windows

  1. Open “Apps and Features” by typing “add or remove programs” into the taskbar and pressing the very first “System Settings” choice. You might check out Settings > “Apps”> “Apps and Features”.
  2. On the “Apps and Features” display, you’ll see a list of programs set up on your desktop. Scroll through record before you find “Dropbox”. Click on the program.
  3. Select “Uninstall”.

If you would also like to remove the Dropbox folder from your own computer, delete it as you would delete every other folder or drag it towards the Recycle Bin

How To Remove Dropbox From Mac

  1. In your menu club, click on the Dropbox icon
  2. Click your avatar. This may either be your initials or your profile image. 
  3. Click “Quit”.
  4. Go to “Finder” and click “Applications”.
  5. Drag Dropbox to Trash

Just drag the folder to Trash to delete the Dropbox folder through the hard disk drive. 


Even though Dropbox is a convenient device and lets you sync and access your linked files from anywhere, often, you will need to eliminate it, like when it is occupying an excessive amount of your valuable hard disk drive. With all the actions stated earlier, you need to be in a position to eliminate Dropbox from your own Computer effortlessly and acquire straight back the much-needed area!

Frequently Expected concerns

Will uninstalling Dropbox additionally delete local files?

Uninstalling the Dropbox application from your own desktop doesn’t delete the files contained in the Dropbox folder in your hard disk drive. Rather, it begins to work like most other folder on a PC and does not sync for your requirements.  

Does Dropbox use up area on my hard disk drive?

Since Dropbox is a file synchronization solution, it really works by maintaining a duplicate associated with the file you conserved in your neighborhood drive synced with all the content present on other connected computers plus in your account. Which means the Dropbox folder on your personal computer can be like every other folder and certainly will use up hard disk drive area.

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