How To Remove SIM Card From iPhone

  1. Overview of eliminating SIM Card From iPhone
  2. Removing SIM Card From iPhone: Step-by-Step Guide
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Overview of eliminating SIM Card From iPhone

Learning just how to eliminate an iPhone’s SIM card will come in handy when you need to improve phones, travel, or deliver your iPhone for fix. Keep in mind that a SIM (Subscriber identification Module) is just how interaction providers offer everything your iPhone requirements. If you should be traveling, you may want to switch providers, including getting rid of and changing your SIM card.

Removing your SIM card from your own iPhone is an excellent solution to protect your computer data from dropping to the arms of on line scammers whenever you deliver an iPhone for fix. Doing this may be inconvenient as you can’t get telephone calls or utilize mobile internet, nevertheless the inconvenience is preferable to the possibility of losing sensitive and painful private information to scammers.

Now you know why it is required to learn to eliminate a SIM card from an iPhone, let’s enter the step by step guide.

Removing SIM Card From iPhone: Step-by-Step Guide

As previously mentioned, getting rid of a SIM card from an iPhone is an easy procedure. But, if your wanting to can eliminate the SIM card from your own iPhone, you ought to first find your iPhone’s SIM slot.

A SIM slot appears like a narrow egg-shaped switch with a little opening during the part. Latest iPhone models have actually the SIM slot in the right-hand part, many iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 range models have actually the SIM slot in the remaining part. After choosing the SIM slot, proceed with the directions below to eliminate your SIM card.

  1. Switch off your iPhone and eliminate the situation (if the iPhone has one).
  2. Retrieve the small, pin-like SIM card elimination tool within the iPhone field upon purchase. In the event that you don’t get one, straighten a paperclip and make use of it while you would the pin.
  3. Insert the SIM card elimination device or paper clip to the oval’s small opening, then carefully push before the SIM tray pops down. You’ll make use of some force yet not an excessive amount of that the pin breaks.
  4. Remove the SIM card through the SIM tray by putting your hand beneath the tray and pressing outwards, then put it on an uncluttered spot to avoid losing it.
  5. Store your SIM card in a safe and available spot.
  6. Insert the SIM tray back in the iPhone.

If you intend to replace the SIM card in your iPhone, proceed with the SIM reduction process shown above. Then, after ejecting the SIM tray and also the SIM card, perform some following.

  1. Place the latest SIM card in the SIM tray in identical positioning whilst the old card.
  2. Set the SIM card on the SIM tray and carefully push the SIM tray back spot.


Forcing the SIM tray back in the iPhone could harm it. To prevent this, guarantee you put your SIM card with the exact same positioning you took it down in. Otherwise, the SIM card and tray may not get in. The SIM card must certanly be facing upwards and fit completely to the SIM tray.


As you have got discovered, getting rid of a SIM card from an iPhone is pretty easy. Keep in mind that you don’t have to have the actual SIM ejection device to eliminate the SIM card through the iPhone. As previously mentioned, straightened paper videos work nicely. If you don’t have a paper clip, you should use a toothpick, an earring, or a safety pin.

Frequently Expected concerns

Is removing a SIM card while an iPhone is still in dangerous?

Avoid getting rid of or reinserting your SIM card whenever your iPhone is on because static release may damage your SIM card or iPhone.

Will getting rid of a SIM card from an iPhone delete some of my information?

Removing a SIM card through the iPhone just prevents you against getting or making telephone calls and making use of mobile internet, however it does not erase some of the iPhone’s information, like contact listings or e-mails.

Will getting rid of the SIM card from an iPhone reset it?

No. Your iPhone settings stay exactly the same after getting rid of your SIM card.

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