How To Remove the Headphone Icon on Android

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  1. 7 ways to Remove Headphone Icons on Android
    • Method no. 1: Restart Your Smartphone
    • Method # 2: Perform a Soft Reset
    • Method number 3: Perform a tough Reset 
    • Method number 4: Run fix System for Android
    • Method no. 5: Run Disable Headphone (Enable Speaker) App
    • Method # 6: Clean the Headphone Jack
    • Method no. 7: look for professional assistance
  2. Summary

7 solutions to Remove Headphone Icons on Android

Method no. 1: Restart Your Smartphone

You’ve plugged in and out severally, nevertheless the headphone icon won’t disappear. Begin by restarting your phone and discover if you’ll resolve the issue.

  1. Press and keep the energy switch on your own phone and choose “Restart.”
  2. Wait for the telephone to restart and verify that the symbol has disappeared. 

Method number 2: Perform a Soft Reset

If restarting didn’t perform some magic, make an effort to perform a soft reset, as well as perhaps it’ll do the trick. This sort of reset may also resolve other conditions that might hinder your device’s maximum performance. Here’s how exactly to begin it:

  1. Turn off your Android phone.
  2. Remove the battery if your phone has one.
  3. Wait for 30 to 60 seconds (get back the battery pack) and transform it right back on.

That must have eliminated the headphone symbol. Don’t call it quits if it didn’t; decide to try Method #3 below.  

Method number 3: Perform a tough Reset 

You’ve done a restart and soft reset, but nonetheless, the headphone symbol won’t get away. Well, it is time for you to decide to try a hard reset to revive your unit to its factory settings. 


A difficult reset will erase most of the files, music, videos, along with other informative data on your phone. You have to produce a backup before you receive started with this. You’ll upload every thing to a PC making use of a USB cable; upload some files on Google Drive, or utilize other back-up technique convenient. Additionally you must ensure your phone reaches minimum 50% charged. Difficult reset is a rigorous procedure, and also you don’t desire the product to change down in the exact middle of it. 

Once you’ve copied your files and ensured your phone is adequately charged, proceed utilizing the after actions:

  1. Go to “Settings.”
  2. Scroll down seriously to “Privacy & Security” and choose “Backup & Reset.”
  3. Click regarding the “Factory information Reset” choice.
  4. Read through the information and knowledge supplied on the “Factory information Reset” screen and then click “Reset phone” once sure. 
  5. You’ll need certainly to make sure you certainly will definitely continue. Touch on “Delete All” to ensure.

The reset procedure will need a few momemts. As soon as complete, your phone will begin right back up, and ideally, the situation will likely to be solved. 

Method number 4: Run fix System for Android

Repair System for Android os is a unique application built to diagnose and fix typical problems on Android os OS. It’s user-friendly and that can allow you to troubleshoot technical conditions that are making your phone stay static in headphone mode. 

  1. Download Repair System for Android.
  2. Install it on your own phone.
  3. Open the software and permit it to test for almost any problems and fix them.

Method no. 5: Run Disable Headphone (Enable Speaker) App

Install the Disable Headphone (Enable presenter) app or similar and gain root access to regulate specific commands on your own Android os unit. The application will allow you to switch between headphones and presenter mode. Which means you should use your phone presenter even if your phone is within the headphone mode. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Download the Disable Headphone (Enable presenter) app by clicking the web link above.
  2. Install the application on your own phone.
  3. Open it and attempt to switch to presenter.  

Method no. 6: Clean the Headphone Jack

Debris can build-up within the sound jack according to where you work or the way you handle your phone. Once you plug the headphones in, the dust is forced further inside. This dust can affect the electronic circuits into the jack, evoking the phone to imagine it’s your headphones plugged in.

Therefore, the only method to reverse this might be to wash the jack. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find a cotton bud and make certain it is slim sufficient to fit right in the sound jack.
  2. Insert the bud within the jack carefully until it touches the underside.
  3. Start rotating it very carefully while you pull it down slowly to get rid of any lint or debris stuck inside.
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 many times with brand new baby buds and soon you remove all of the debris.
  5. Restart your phone, and ideally, the headphone symbol will likely to be disappeared. You may also play some music to check in the event that phone is focusing on the presenter.

Method no. 7: look for professional assistance

If you’ve tried all of the above practices, nevertheless the headphone symbol hasn’t disappeared, the situation might be hardware-related. If so, using the unit for professional repair could be an ideal choice. 


You should just start thinking about using your phone for fix if it is perhaps not under warranty. Otherwise, go back again to your seller so the maker can do the repair himself or provide another phone in the event that regards to the guarantee state therefore. 


The above had been our article on eliminating the headphone symbol on Android. We’ve described seven ways to troubleshoot this dilemma. Included in these are doing a restart, soft-reset, and hard-reset. You may also install and install helpful apps such as for instance Enable Headphone (Disable presenter) and fix System for Android os to repair various problems, such as the one under consideration. 

None among these solutions will continue to work in the event that issue is brought on by one thing related to the equipment. If so, you need to simply take your phone to a dependable, separate professional for expert fix. Just take the telephone back again to the vendor if it is nevertheless under guarantee. 

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