How To Rename Files on Android

  1. Method # 1: How To Rename Downloaded Files Through the File Manager
  2. Method # 2: just how to Rename Files Through Bing data
  3. How To Rename Photos on Android
  4. How To Rename Batch data on Android
  5. Conclusion 
  6. Frequently expected Questions

Method # 1: just how to Rename Downloaded Files Through the File Manager

  1. Find the Files Manager. It might pass by “Files“, “My data“, “File Manager“, and “Samsung Files“.
  2. mind towards the installed files. You may want to seek out the specified file through the search bar.
  3. Long-press the specified file. 
  4. If you begin to see the “Rename” choice, click it. In the event that you don’t, there needs to be three dots appearing in the display screen. Touch it; then simply click “Rename“.
  5. Type within the new name you would like the file to own.
  6. Click “OK” to verify the procedure.

Method number 2: just how to Rename data Through Bing Files

If that you don’t trust the data software in your unit, maybe you are a fan associated with Google data app. It really is a handy application that can help you evaluate your storage space requirements. Here’s how to rename a file if you are using Bing Files.

  1. Launch the application form and then click the “Browse” button.
  2. Find the folder in which the desired file occurs. You may want to seek out the file through the search bar.
  3. Once here, choose the list view icon through the top-right part associated with display screen. This can allow it to be simpler to browse the files.
  4. Click the arrow icon beside the file.
  5. A pop-up menu will be if your wanting to. Research and faucet “Rename“.
  6. Type within the file’s brand new title and verify by choosing “OK“. 

How To Rename Photos on Android

  1. check out the Photos app in your unit.
  2. Find the photo you intend to rename.
  3. Long-press to choose the photo.
  4. There may be three dots appearing in the bottom associated with display screen. Simply click it.
  5. Press “Rename“.
  6. Type within the desired name for the photo.
  7. Tap “Done” to verify the procedure.

How To Rename Batch data on Android

There is an easy method that you could rename files in bulk. Although every file wouldn’t normally have a similar title, they have a similar name. You’ll quickly determine such files together with your nude eyes. 

But to accomplish this, you’ll want a third-party application in your Android os unit. Numerous such computer software enables you to rename bulk files, like ES data Explorer or Bulk Rename Wizard application

Quick Tip

You don’t need a third-party application if you should be a Windows individual. You’ll just pick all necessary files and right-click on it to show the “Rename” choice. Or, you’ll press the F2 key as a shortcut and rename bulk files on Windows.


Renaming files on Android os is very an easy technique. Plus, you’ve got the freedom to accomplish it through numerous applications, the one which you feel many comfortable making use of. Several basic steps can rename all files, whether a downloaded file or an image. Develop which our weblog surely could make suggestions through the method and respond to all burning questions.

Frequently Expected Questions

Is here a fast solution to rename files?

None on Android os, however if you might be a pc individual, you are able to choose the file and press F2 as a shortcut to rename it. 

Why can’t we rename my files?

If you can’t rename your files, it could be because the file is available within the history. Ensure you remove the caches and close all files before renaming them. This will fix the matter. It may additionally be that you will be wanting to rename a protected file. When it is grey, you don’t have access to rename it. 

Will renaming a file on Android change its file expansion?

No, it won’t. But be mindful while renaming the file. In the event that you replace the expansion, it may remove the file’s current format. It is advisable to keep the area of the file title following the complete end.

What may be the maximum character limitation for renaming files on Android os products?

You have actually the freedom to try out with 255 figures, however it is better to keep carefully the title brief for simple understanding.

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