How To Reset a Dell Computer

  1. Different ways to Reset a Dell Computer 
    • Method # 1: Using the ability Button  
    • Method number 2: Using Settings 
    • Method number 3: utilizing the Advanced Startup choice
  2. Conclusion 

Different ways to Reset a Dell Computer 

once you reset your Dell computer, it deletes everything in your Dell computer, including papers, videos, pictures, apps, and so forth. Therefore, just in case there was a software mistake or virus in your Dell computer, resetting it will correct it.

But when you need to reset your personal computer, you’ve got a couple of choices for your use, dependent on what you are actually wanting to attain. Below, we elaborate on three practices you can make use of to reset your Dell computer. 

Method # 1: Using the Power Button  

One means you’ll reset your Dell computer is by using the energy key. This process is perfect whenever you don’t wish to delete all of the data on your desktop. We suggest like this whenever experiencing a few software errors on your desktop. 

what exactly is really occurring in this technique is the fact that it drains the energy in almost every component on your desktop, which refreshes it. Therefore, once you begin your computer, it begins afresh.  

Here’s how exactly to reset a Dell computer utilising the energy switch.

  1. When your Dell computer is switched on, close all running apps
  2. Disconnect any peripherals such as the keyboard, mouse, and so forth. 
  3. Press and support the power key for ten to fifteen moments or before the computer turns down. 
  4. Allow the computer to create down for about 1 minute
  5. Turn the Dell computer straight back on by pushing the energy key once more. 

Method number 2: Using Settings 

Another technique to reset your Dell computer is to use the Settings software. Like this provides you with the possibility to clear all or elements of the info in your Dell computer.

However, you need to backup all of the important files through the computer before applying this choice. Once you reset your Dell computer and delete your files, it is impossible of recovering them. 

Here’s how exactly to reset a Dell computer utilising the Settings app.

  1. Turn on your Dell computer and faucet regarding the Windows icon at the end kept corner of the display. 
  2. Tap regarding the Settings app and then click on “Update and protection”
  3. From the sidebar regarding the remaining part of the display, faucet regarding the “Recovery” choice. 
  4. beneath the “Reset” choice, faucet regarding the “Get Started” key. 
  5. You are able to select choice to keep your files or eliminate everything
  6. Tap regarding the choice that best matches your need, and follow the prompts until such time you reach the reset switch, which erases your hard disk drive. 

Method number 3: utilizing the Advanced Startup choice

Another choice you’ve got could be the advanced level startup choice. This process is very of good use if you fail to see through your Dell computer’s boot screen. Nevertheless, this technique also wipe your Dell hard drive, so it’s vital that you backup your files before applying this choice. 

Here’s how exactly to reset a Dell computer utilising the advanced level boot option.

  1. Reboot your Dell computer and press the F12 key repeatedly to enter the advanced level boot choice if it is booting up. 
  2. Tap on “Troubleshoot”, and regarding the next web page, choose “Reset your PC” and then click on “Next”
  3. Wait for the Dell Computer to reboot and commence resetting your computer. Whenever reset is complete, it’s going to eliminate all of the files on your desktop.  


There are several third-party apps, such as the MiniTool energy Data healing and Revoerit, which you can use to reset and recover information in your Dell computer systems.


Resetting a Dell computer is safe and quite often a powerful means to fix resolving certain dilemmas in your unit. Don’t forget to backup your files to a drive if your wanting to reset your Dell computer crucial files. You may lose all information in the event that you don’t backup your files before resetting your personal computer. 

Resetting your Dell computer whenever experiencing dilemmas such as for example hanging, sluggish booting, regular computer software crashing, etc., is a wonderful action before using it to a technician. 

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