How To Reset a Panoramic Router

Panoramic Router

Method # 1: Rebooting

Method # 2: Factory Resetting through the Cox Website

Method # 3: Factory Resetting ManuallyConclusionFrequently expected QuestionsMethod # 1: RebootingBefore you carry on the bumpy trip of resetting your panoramic router, you can look at resolving your problem by simply rebooting it. Here’s the easiest way of accomplishing it.Disconnectthe energy supply to your router.Wait for approximately 30 moments.Reconnect the ability supply to your router.Reconnect your unit towards the Wi-Fi once it’s founded a connection.You also can achieve a reboot simply by using either your Wi-Fi portal or the Cox Wi-Fi control app. Here’s just how to do therefore. Open the Cox



  1. Navigate to
  2. My Wi-Fi Portal
  3. on the web site.
  4. Enter your account details to
  5. log in


Open the

  1. “Network Settings” tab.Select
  2. “Advanced Settings” from the menu that appears.Find the
  3. “Send Reboot Signal to Modem” option and then click about it.
  4. Affirm by pressing the

“Reboot Modem” option within the next tab.Your modem will get a sign to reboot. The reboot will immediately start. It will take around a few momemts, however it is an excellent choice if you’re too lazy to have up and restart the router.

  1. Method no. 2: Factory Resetting through the Cox WebsiteIf rebooting your panoramic router didn’t have the desired effect or your intent to begin with would be to factory reset it, here you will find the actions you will need to follow. Open the Cox
  2. website.Navigate to your
  3. My Wi-Fi Portal tab.Enter your
  4. sign-in credentials to log into the portal.Locate the tab reading
  5. “Network Settings”.Find the
  6. “Advanced Settings” in this menu.Click on
  7. “correct to Factory Default establishing”.You’ll be expected for a confirmation of one’s action. Select

“Correct to Factory Settings”


In some time, your panoramic router is factory reset, and also you would lose your entire information. For those who have changed the Wi-Fi password, it’ll reset to your factory password. 

  1. You can log to the our Wi-Fi Portal utilizing the credentials mentioned regarding the Modem sticker. You are able to replace the password if you would like.Method # 3: Factory Resetting Manually If logging into some portal and after discrete steps seem a touch too technical to your ears, you’ll give consideration to resetting the router manually. Here’s what you should do.Find the
  2. “Reset” button at the end of this router. It really is recessed deep directly into avoid any accidental resetting.Get a paper clip or something like that comparable in size and press the “Reset” switch for
  3. 10 seconds or maybe more.You might find the reset
  4. light flashing once the factory reset is complete.It should restore the Wi-Fi to your standard factory settings. You are able to improve your password utilizing the Cox Wi-Fi portal if you like.
  5. ConclusionBefore you’ll carry on resetting your panoramic router, it is best to try rebooting it first. Perhaps, it’ll resolve the situation. If it is arrive at resetting, you’ll get on your Cox portal. There, navigate to “Network Settings”> “Advanced Settings” and select “Restore to Factory Settings”.Be mindful that a factory reset deletes all your computer data and resets the product back into square one.
  6. Frequently Expected QuestionsHow do I reset my panoramic password?Being a Cox Wi-Fi individual, the simplest way to reset your panoramic password is to apply the
  7. Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi mobile app. Into the application, navigate to your qualifications tab. Go through the “Edit”

option. Enter a brand new password and then click the


button. It’ll replace the password. Every one of the previously linked products will have to reconnect.

Why is my Cox panoramic Wi-Fi blinking blue?

  1. If your Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi is blinking blue, this generally ensures that your router is in
  2. WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) mode. Into the WPS mode, anyone can hook up to your Wi-Fi without going into the password
  3. . Additionally, the blinking blue light can indicate your router is trying to find networks.

    Cox’s panoramic Wi-Fi is a good choice for an easy and steady net connection and broad protection, however it can falter often. The simplest way to have it working would be to reboot the router. If that didn’t assist, you may have to factory reset the router to have it right back on the right track. Issue such a scenario is how to reset a panoramic router.

Quick Answer

For rebooting your panoramic router,


the router’s power supply, keep it away for approximately

30 moments

, and

reconnect it to your energy supply. For factory resetting your panoramic router, get on My Wi-Fi Portal regarding the Cox website. Right Here, navigate to

“Network Settings”

> “Advanced Settings”. Try to find the “Restoreto Factory Default Settings” and then click it.If that has been a bit fast, don’t stress. In this specific article, I’ll explain just how to reboot and reset a panoramic router.

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