How To Reset an Acer Laptop

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  1. 2 practices To Reset an Acer Laptop
    • How To Reset an Acer computer utilizing Acer healing Management 
    • How To Reset an Acer Laptop While Booting 
  2. Conclusion 
  3. Frequently expected concerns

2 ways to Reset an Acer Laptop

Multiple techniques can assist you to reset your Acer laptop computer. Should your laptop computer just isn’t booting up correctly, we’ve additionally got you covered. 

How To Reset an Acer computer utilizing Acer healing Management 

Acer has something called Acer healing Management. You’ll install it from here if you don’t have it installed in your laptop computer. After getting the application in your laptop computer, you are able to perform a recently available by after the under actions.

  1. Launch the Acer Recovery Management device in your laptop.
  2. Find an alternative named “Recovery Management”.
  3. On the proper part associated with the “Recovery Management” section, you will notice an alternative named “Reset Your PC”.
  4. Click the “Get Started” key, and await a blue screen to appear.
  5. Choose the next choice: “Remove Everything”.
  6. Click “Remove data and Clean the Drive”.
  7. When all things are ready, click “Reset”.

After you proceed with the actions precisely, your Acer laptop computer will soon be reset. Take into account that the method may take sometime to finish, therefore don’t panic if it is using longer than anticipated. Following the reset process has ended, you will find that your laptop computer has returned to exactly how it absolutely was at first. 

How To Reset an Acer Laptop While Booting 

There could be occasions when your laptop computer just isn’t booting up precisely, however you have to perform a complete reset to resolve the matter. Fortunately, Acer allows you to reset the product without precisely booting it up.

  1. Turn on your laptop computer and wait for Acer logo design to pop up.
  2. once you start to see the Acer logo, press Alt + F10. Remember to press it as well because the logo design seems, because the menu will maybe not appear otherwise.
  3. From record of choices, simply click “Troubleshoot”.
  4. Click “Reset This PC” > “Remove Everything”.
  5. If you intend to eliminate anything from your unit, simply click “Fully Clean the Drive”.
  6. Click “Reset”.

After the method is completed, your laptop computer will begin booting up generally. However, if it’sn’t, the problem is associated with Windows. In such instances, you will need to install a brand new Windows OS on your laptop computer. You can even simply take your laptop computer to a repair shop to ensure specialists can view it.


This ended up being just how to reset an Acer laptop. It is critical to understand that without creating a backup, you’ll not have the ability to recover any files after resetting your laptop computer. Consequently, be sure you look after this prior to starting the method. It’s also smart to completely reset a laptop before attempting to sell it, as this will avoid other people from getting their arms in your essential files.

Frequently Expected concerns

Will the full reset remove anything from my Acer laptop computer?

A full reset will eliminate anything from your Acer laptop computer, including all of your set up applications.

just what must I do before resetting my Acer laptop computer?

Before performing a reset, create a backup of all of the your important files. 

Can we just eliminate the apps and settings?

Yes, you are able to select the “Keep My Files” choice throughout the reset procedure, and also this is only going to eliminate apps and settings from your own laptop computer while maintaining your files untouched.

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