How To Reset AT&T Uverse Router

Resetting a Router

AT&T is a worldwide telecom giant which includes founded it self as an industry-standard in internet routers. So when you could know already, routers are items of technology much like small-sized cellular towers. They provide high-speed internet connectivity with greater sign energy than many cellular devices.

Now, you don’t require us to share with stories of exactly how fast and seamless AT&T’s Uverse devices provide internet connectivity for the mobile and home unit. Nonetheless, as with every mobile and electronic devices, it really is nearly impossible in order to avoid those little and annoying issues that is fixed with a straightforward reset.

Resetting your AT&T Uverse Router is straightforward to perform. With this specific brief guide, we’ll quickly simply take you through ways to reset your AT&T Uverse Router so significantly more.

  1. Resetting Your AT&T Uverse Router
    • Troubleshooting connection dilemmas
      • Step # 1: can be your router the foundation of this issues?
      • Step no. 2: Is your Router overheating?
  2. How To Reset Your AT&T Uverse Router
    • Method # 1: handbook Reset
      • Step # 1: find the factory reset button
      • Step number 2: Press and support the reset switch
      • Step # 3: Restart the Uverse router
    • Method # 2: Remote Reset
  3. How To Access Your AT&T Uverse Router Control Panel
  4. Summary

Resetting Your AT&T Uverse Router

Resetting your AT&T Router is relatively simple once you understand how exactly to take action, like in most other electronic devices. A reset is convenient whenever coping with standard computer software and area equipment problems for the devices and devices – AT&T Uverse Router.

Knowing how exactly to trigger a reset precisely is very crucial, particularly in embarrassing and unpleasant circumstances whenever we forget the Wi-Fi password and login details, that is extensive.

Other than losing your password, you need to to reset your AT&T Uverse Router if you should be experiencing hardware issues like slow charging and internet connectivity problems.


Do perhaps not confuse a restart with a reset. A restart enables you to recharge all solutions and reboots the router to its optimal state, and makes it operate better if you can find any short-term problems or pests. On one other hand, a reset will forever erase all of the router’s data, community settings, personalization impacts, and designs, therefore make sure that you make a backup before attempting a reset to facilitate effortless renovation.

While it’s very very easy to leap to conclusions once issues begin cropping through to your router, it is important to look for the legitimacy of those issues before you attempt a reset.

Troubleshooting connection dilemmas

Step # 1: can be your router the foundation of this issues?

When you observe sluggish internet or connection problems, make sure your router may be the primary causative representative. Usually do not attempt to tinker together with your router before you determine these problems aren’t originating from your own isp (ISP).

To troubleshoot exactly, link your personal computer right to a modem or your phone’s hotspot. If it links seamlessly, you are able to make certain that the problem lies regarding the router. After that you can attempt a reset to default settings.

Step no. 2: Is your Router overheating?

Apart from normal computer software and community connectivity problems, the AT&T Router hardware integrity may also influence your internet and Wi-Fi connectivity.

So, when you have actually connectivity problems cropping up usually, it could be because your router is overheating, thus its inability to operate optimally. Therefore, you might like to verify that the router is overheating. You don’t fundamentally need certainly to reset the router; a straightforward placement trick is going to do the magic.

Instead of opting for the hardcore choice of a reset, you are able to merely place the router in a spot with sufficient atmosphere blood circulation to stop it from overheating. If, but, you aren’t getting excellent results once you repeat this, attempting a reset can be an alternative.

How To Reset Your AT&T Uverse Router

Now which you realize the root thinking behind resetting your AT&T Router let’s have a look at ways to reset it. We’ve put together two means by which you are able to attempt:

Method number 1: handbook Reset

This is an effortless option to reset your AT&T Uverse Router, most likely the simplest.

Step # 1: find the factory reset switch

On your AT&T Uverse router, locate the factory reset button. Most commonly it is red and on the straight back of this router.

Step no. 2: Press and support the reset button

To kick-start the reset process, you’ll have actually to press and support the reset switch for at the very least 20 moments. These devices will commence its factory reset when you discharge the switch.

Step # 3: Restart the Uverse router

Once the reset has begun, wait for reset to accomplish. We recommend that you watch for at the very least five full minutes, and then now restart the router.

Once you’ve finished these actions, your router boots up using its standard settings, and you may now access your control interface with all the standard login qualifications (admin/admin) to reconfigure the router or reload conserved designs and revel in your router as fresh.

Method no. 2: Remote Reset

To reset your AT&T Uverse router remotely, you need to make use of the router’s control panel. This technique may possibly not be feasible in the event that you’ve lost your password and desire to reset the router.

To accomplish this:

  1. Access your router’s control panel by logging in together with your qualifications.
  2. Once you’re in, go to your advanced level settings web page underneath the options panel.
  3. On the advanced level settings web page, choose reset.

Before you’re permitted to reset the router, you could need to re-insert your password. When you’ve done this right and confirmed the prompt, the router will reboot and return to its standard settings.

How To get into Your AT&T Uverse Router Control Panel

To access your Uverse router’s control panel, you must first make certain that the router is attached to these devices you intend to access the panel from. The text is through the world wide web, the router’s Wi-Fi network, or an Ethernet cable.

  1. Open the command prompt (CMD) on your own device by searching for CMD within the search bar.
  2. In the CMD available window, kind /ipconfig and press Enter.
  3. Copy the Default Gateway internet protocol address displayed on your own display. This can be done by marking it away together with your cursor and pressing Enter.
  4. Paste the Default Gateway IP in virtually any internet browser’s search industry.
  5. Click enter, and then you’ll see your router’s control interface login page. You may then insert your login qualifications (default – admin/admin) for access.


This guide is applicable simply to Windows products; but, it really works for virtually any router.


This brief guide has talked about how exactly to reset your AT&T Uverse Router. You are able to accomplish this either manually or remotely, and both practices include an easy number of actions.

With this guide, at this point you understand how to troubleshoot connectivity problems on your own router together with actions your outcome should translate to. Develop your entire questions regarding Resetting your AT&T Uverse router have already been answered, and you may now get back to browsing the web together with your “brand brand new” router.

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