How To Reset Fios Router

Fios Router

You could be seeking to restart your Fios router for several various reasons. It’s likely you have forgotten the router’s password and cannot access it, or perhaps you may want to begin once again and wish your router become in the standard settings similar to it absolutely was when you installed it. Regardless of the explanation, resetting your router can restore it to factory defaults, also it’s easy.

Quick Answer

To reset your Fios router, plug it directly into make certain it is driven, get the reset button and make use of one thing razor-sharp or pointed to press it for some moments. Then, wait till the router completely resets and turns back in. 

The procedure can be as straightforward as it appears, but we’ve nevertheless explained it in more detail below just in case there’s some confusion. Take a look.  

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Before You Start

Before you go right ahead and reset your Fios router, you need to know two things. Resetting the router will delete all of your individualized settings when you have any. Plus, it’ll restore the username and password to the standard factory values on your own router’s label. 

Finally, all your personalized settings may also be reset, including both the Wi-Fi title therefore the password you created. You won’t have the ability to access your Wi-Fi system and soon you configure your router and upgrade all of your products to make use of those Wi-Fi settings.     

How To Reset a Fios Router

Resetting the Fios router is merely a three-step procedure. Here’s what you ought to do.

  1. Ensure your router is switched on and operating ordinarily.
  2. Find the reset button. This are going to be a tiny, recessed switch present somewhere at the rear of your Fios router. 
  3. Take a pen, the pointy end of a paper clip, or something like that razor-sharp to press the switch for about 15 moments before the router resets immediately and capabilities right back on.

That’s it. Your router admin qualifications, as well as your account, will now be reset. Other settings you’ve tailored, as well as your Wi-Fi title and password, may also be reset.

Once you follow these actions, you’ll log to the Fios router to alter the admin qualifications and community passwords. You will find more in depth directions about starting the Fios router by discussing your device’s user guide.


If you’re having difficulty together with your Fios router and are also struggling to learn how to resolve it, you’ll perform a reset and acquire rid of all dilemmas. So when you’ve seen, doing this is straightforward too. 

Just take into account that resetting the router will require it back into its factory settings, this means the SSID and password, community information, safety settings, as well as other settings is likewise deleted. And you’ll have actually to reconfigure the unit after resetting it.

Frequently Expected concerns

Why is my Fios router no longer working?

There is many and varied reasons for your Fios Wi-Fi no longer working. For example, it could be a connectivity problem or a challenge aided by the gateway router or Verizon’s system. More possible reasons consist of an overheating router, damaged cable, wrong router community card, and system maintenance on your own service provider’s end.  

How do we restart my Fios router?

Restarting your router will help fix dilemmas like a constantly interrupted or slow net connection. To restart your router, disconnect all wires from this, like the energy cable, wait for about 10 seconds, plug in most the cables, and power it in. 

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