How To Reset Galaxy Buds Plus Without the App

The Samsung Galaxy Buds took the cordless earbuds area by storm. They have been a good item with a few awesome features, but as with any technology products, they are able to often need a reset. Samsung has an app because of this, but imagine if you don’t wish to utilize the application?

Quick Solution

Luckily, an easy method would be to difficult reset the buds by pressing and keeping the sensors on both buds for some moments. This is certainly easier compared to the

Galaxy Wearable app

, while you don’t need your phone.There are multiple reasons why you should reset your Galaxy Buds. Perchance you’ve done some updates, and today they’re perhaps not working precisely, perchance you want a new begin, or perhaps you’re simply not satisfied with the settings and would like them to reset to factory defaults.Regardless of this explanation, in this specific article, we’ll explain to you how exactly to reset Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro as well as other variations associated with Galaxy Buds back again to factory defaults. 

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