How To Reset LG Soundbar Without Remote (4 Methods)

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  2. How to Reset Your LG Soundbar Without Remote
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Resetting LG Soundbar

It is straightforward to leap to conclusions whenever you notice something’s incorrect along with your soundbar. You don’t might like to do this while you might most likely cause more harm to your soundbar than it offers currently suffered.

What you should do once you notice any abnormality is reset the soundbar. Resetting the soundbar comes back its systems to factory settings and eliminates any pc software problems.

Connectivity and pairing difficulty is more widespread in LG soundbars, specially when you’ve linked to several international (brand new) unit before reconnecting to your television.

When you configure your LG soundbar to numerous connections, the procedure can scramble the soundbar’s underlying systems in a manner that can’t be self-resolved. With all this, you’re going to have to reset the soundbar to bring back the device to its standard settings.

After the reset, you nonetheless still need to properly re-establish the bond in the middle of your television as well as the soundbar to ensure seamless and effortless functioning.

How to Reset Your LG Soundbar Without Remote

Most individuals don’t understand you are able to reset your LG soundbar with no remote. Nevertheless, it really is quite feasible, plus it’s a really simple process. Let’s have a look at the various ways of attaining this.

Method #1

Press the “Input” and “Bluetooth” buttons in your LG soundbar and hold them in position for 10 moments. When you discharge the buttons, the soundbar will reset.

Method #2

We’re utilizing the power key (ON/OFF) and the Bluetooth button now. Like in technique #1, press and keep the two buttons for around 10 moments, then launch your hold later. Your soundbar may be reset.

Method #3

If methods # 1 and #2 usually do not do the job, this may certainly have the desired effect. Press the “On/Off” and “Volume down” buttons and hold them for 10 moments. Your soundbar will reset afterward.

Method #4

You may also restore your soundbar to its standard settings by choosing a difficult reset. To do this:

  1. Shut off the soundbar.
  2. Remove all the soundbar connections.
  3. Leave everything unplugged for at the least 20 moments.
  4. Reconnect all connections, then turn it on.

This will fundamentally reset your soundbar to factory settings, repairing any underlying software problems. Nevertheless, we advise that you are doing this just as a final resort.


Before you go right ahead and reset your LG soundbar, you have to know the results. As soon as you reset the soundbar, your information, personalization, and past settings is likely to be lost and unrecoverable.


In this quick guide, we’ve talked about tips on how to reset the LG soundbar without a remote. Although you’ll be able to reset the soundbar along with your remote settings, focusing on how doing it without a remote comes in handy in the event that you lose your remote or break it.

Hopefully, we’ve handed down everything you’ll want to assist you to reset your soundbar to enable you to get back to enjoying your immersive cinematic experience.

Frequently Expected concerns

How could I reset my LG soundbar with radio control?

To do this, press and hold the volume down button regarding the soundbar simultaneously aided by the sound effect button regarding the radio control. Keep the two buttons for two moments, then launch. This may reset your LG soundbar.

How to reset the LG soundbar’s Bluetooth?

To do that, you may either reset the soundbar to its standard settings or toggle the Bluetooth off and on several times prior to trying to set once more. Eliminate any obstructions in the middle of your Soundbar as well as the Bluetooth.

Is there a reset switch regarding the LG soundbar?

Well, there’s no actual Reset Button on the LG soundbar. When you yourself have any problems with your LG soundbar and you also need certainly to reset it, there are more actions that you could decide to try accomplish that, most of that have been discussed early in the day.

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