How To Reset MikroTik Router

Dangerous! Reset anyway? [y/N]: y”

You can confirm yes to this command by typing “y” and pressing the “Enter” key on your own keyboard. Then, the MikroTik router will restart, and you will now get access to it through the standard MikroTik settings. 

Method number 2: Reset Your MikroTik From online Application

This technique lets you reset your MikroTik device to factory settings without the Winbox tools. Firstly, you will need to log on to the internet application to get into the MikroTik router’s setup establishing from your own internet browser. Afterwards, follow these steps below:

  1. Configure your pc ip to
  2. Open the MikroTik internet application by copying and pasting the ip on your web browser and pushing the “Enter” key on your own keyboard. This target is the default IP of MikroTik.
  3. You should begin to see the “Reset” button on the right-side base. Click on it to reset your unit. 

Method no. 3: Reset Your MikroTik Router utilising the Reset Button

This technique is known as hard reset and restores the product to its factory settings by erasing all of the information conserved involved with it. Every digital camera is sold with a little switch to aid restore it to factory settings. It is possible to make use of this technique to reset complete wired and cordless products such as for example MikroTik Cloud Core Router, MikroTik RB450, MikroTik Hex Lite show, etc. Please check out very carefully at the next actions to accomplish the difficult reset:

  1. Unplug the energy cable through the router to power down your MikroTik device.
  2. Press and hold the reset button without releasing it.
    The switch could be within the human anatomy regarding the MikroTik unit. You are able to search for a thin item like a screwdriver to press the switch. Press the reset switch carefully as a lot of force can harm it. 
  3. Plug the energy cable/cord in. After a minute, you need to understand ACT light starts blinking.
  4. Release the reset switch to erase the setup.
  5. Give the router a short while to clear and reset the factory settings.
  6. Connect your laptop/desktop computer to port number 3 on your own MikroTik router.
  7. Go to the “Admin Page.” 
  8. If the reset process had been effective, it could redirect one to the quickset page, and you’ll not need certainly to join. But, if you wish to, the standard MikroTik password to sign in are admin (for username) with no password (you don’t need certainly to enter a password). 
  9. Go to your menu in the left and select “Files,” then click on the choice “Default Backup.”
  10. Choose “Restore” and click “OK” to initiate the reset procedure. Now the router will restart and stay restored to your standard configuration.


You’re probably to lose all of the information and setup on your router as soon as you reset it. Continue care. Make sure you have a backup configuration file before resetting your unit to its factory settings.  


The above had been our article on just how to reset the MikroTik router. We’ve discussed three effortless types of resetting a MikroTik router: making use of Winbox, reset from internet login, or the reset switch (difficult reset). We hope you’ve effectively reset your router to factory settings to get right back access or resolve any problems you had been having. 

Frequently expected concerns

what’s the standard MikroTik router account?

Every MikroTik router is pre-configured during the factory using the ip in the ether1 port. The standard username is admin, while the password is no password (you don’t need certainly to enter a password). You’ll need these MikroTik qualifications to register to your router’s web user interface when you wish in order to make setup modifications.

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