How To Reset Xbox One Controller

Xbox One Controller

Whether you’ve simply bought a brand new Xbox One or you’re having fun with your old one, it’s likely you have encounter the issue of the controller no longer working precisely. Your Xbox One controller can frequently go wrong, and you also don’t understand why.

Quick Solution

If your Xbox One controller isn’t behaving since it should, you may want to reset it. it is impossible to reset your controller straight, you could take to power biking your controller or hard resetting your system to erase the cache and fix feasible dilemmas.

Xbox One controllers are superb, nevertheless they can often be just a little finicky. In the event that you’ve got the one that’s acting up, there’s an easy fix: resetting it! Resetting your Xbox One controller will reset each of its settings with their standard values and really should fix any issues you’re experiencing.

If you’re having an issue together with your Xbox One controller and desire to repair it, you are able to do therefore using the following practices.

  1. Method # 1: energy Cycling the Controller
  2. Method no. 2: tricky Resetting the Controller
  3. Method number 3: Other methods to Fix the Controller
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently expected Questions

Method # 1: energy Cycling the Controller

You can fix many Xbox One controller-related dilemmas by energy biking the controller. Energy biking is just the word Xbox official support uses to spell it out rebooting an Xbox controller. This is comprised of turning down your controller, then turning it in again.

Power cycling the controller will refresh and restore all inputs, buttons, and sensors with their initial settings.

Following these actions will allow you to power cycle your Xbox One controller and resolve any dilemmas it might probably have.

  1. Press and support the Xbox button on your own controller for 10-15 moments before the controller powers down.
  2. Remove the batteries from your controller.
  3. Wait for 10-15 moments before doing such a thing.
  4. Put the batteries back to the controller.
  5. Press and hold the Xbox switch once again to turn on the controller.

By achieving this, it will be possible to eliminate any difficulties with your controller and acquire it back working order.

Method no. 2: tricky Resetting the Controller

Suppose you’re having difficulty together with your Xbox One controller, and all sorts of the available troubleshooting actions are exhausted. If so, as a final resort, you can even difficult reset your Xbox One system hoping of repairing your controller problem.

This will drive out any in-game junk files, cache, or short-term files and provide it a new begin.

You can difficult reset your Xbox One system using the next actions and resolve any controller dilemmas.

  1. Power off your controller before you make an effort to stressful reset your system.
  2. Press and support the Xbox button in the system for around 5-10 moments to show down your system.
  3. Take out of the cord through the straight back of the Xbox one console.
  4. Wait at the very least 30 moments to allow all of the electric cost out.
  5. Plug the ability cable back to your system.
  6. Press the Xbox switch in the system once again to power it right back on.
  7. Connect your Xbox One controller to your system making use of a USB cable to sync it immediately.

That’s it. After difficult resetting your Xbox One system and linking your controller via USB, you’re good to get. 

Method number 3: alternative methods to correct the Controller

If you’ve got tried the above mentioned practices, also it nevertheless doesn’t appear to be working precisely, other notable causes could possibly be at play. Frequently, dilemmas are brought on by faulty controllers, outdated firmware, low or dead batteries, or poor cordless connections

We’ve come up with a summary of other feasible solutions below which you can use and attempt to fix your Xbox One controller.

  • Update the firmware of your Xbox One’s controller plus the console itself.
  • Charge the batteries or purchase a couple of brand new people in the event that you suspect the old people are dead.
  • Try linking the controller using a USB cable alternatively of accomplishing it wirelessly.
  • Ensure that your particular Xbox One controller is compatible using the system.

If none among these practices work, it is most likely time for you to buy a brand new controller. Probably, the thing is using the hardware, and you’ll have actually to get a brand new someone to resolve it.


You may use this guide to reset your Xbox One controller’s factory state, so that it seems and works like brand new. By after these easy steps, you’ll be capable of getting your controller back as much as snuff in almost no time!

Frequently Expected concerns

How can you resync an Xbox One controller?

Press the sync button on your own system, then your sync switch on your own controller, and wait for sync process to accomplish.

How do we fix an unresponsive Xbox One controller?

Hold the Xbox logo button in the controller for about 5 moments to show it well, then press it once again to make it right back on.

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