How To Restart Apple TV

  1. Method # 1: utilize the Settings Menu
  2. Method # 2: make use of the Siri Remote 
  3. Method number 3: make use of the Apple television Remote
  4. Method number 4: Unplug Your Apple TV
  5. Why you ought to Restart Your Apple TV
    • Low or No Audio/Sound
    • Weak Wi-Fi Connectivity 
    • Airplay Isn’t performing 
    • Lagging Apps 
    • Flashing of this Apple television Status Light
  6. Summary
  7. Frequently expected Questions 

Method # 1: Use the Settings Menu

The easiest method to restart your Apple television is through visiting the “Settings” menu. Nevertheless, the actions will depend on whether you’ve got a 3rd-gen Apple television or 4th-gen Apple television. 

For the 3rd-gen Apple TV, here you will find the actions you ought to follow:

  1. Go towards the “Settings” menu. 
  2. Scroll down to “General”
  3. Tap on “Restart” to initiate restarting.  

But for the 4th-gen Apple TV, you ought to follow these actions: 

  1. Navigate towards the “Settings” menu. 
  2. Go towards the “System” part. 
  3. Click on “Restart”

Method number 2: make use of the Siri Remote 

This technique does not have on-screen interactions rendering it quite a fruitful and easy method to restart your Apple television. Here you will find the actions you will need to follow: 

  1. Simultaneously, hold straight down the “Menu” and “Home” buttons regarding the Siri remote. 
  2. Release the house and Menu buttons if your Apple TV’s LED light flashes to start the restart of the Apple television. 

After that, provide your Apple television time for you to complete restarting. 

Method number 3: utilize the Apple TV Remote

For 3rd generation Apple TVs and older, you should use the Apple remote, while the actions to follow along with are: 

  1. Press and hold the “Menu” and “Down” buttons. 
  2. Release the Menu and Down when you see your Apple television flashing

Method number 4: disconnect Your Apple TV

If some of the practices above don’t work, another great alternative left is manually unplugging your Apple television from the energy supply. From then on, wait for 2 moments just before later plug in your Apple television. 

Apple’s official recommendation is the fact that you plug in straight back the Apple television after looking forward to no less than six moments. When linked to energy, your Apple television will restart immediately and start to become prepared for viewing. Nevertheless, you ought ton’t unplug your Apple television if pc software updates continue to be in progress.

After featuring your Apple television device, ensure it is operating on the most recent pc software. It is possible to verify, therefore the actions to follow along with are: 

  1. Click on “Settings”
  2. Go to “System”
  3. Tap on “Software Updates”
  4. Press “Update Software”

why you need to Restart Your Apple TV

Your Apple television will often experience a few problems or insects that force one to upgrade it. A few of the items that may be pressing one to restart your unit include: 

Low or No Audio/Sound

The problem of no or low noise is one that you’ll sporadically experience when working with an Apple television. Should this happen, you ought to start with manually adjusting it utilising the Siri remote or testing to see whether there’s any distinction into the sound. However, if neither among these approaches works, go on and restart your Apple TV.   

Weak Wi-Fi Connectivity 

You also needs to restart your Apple television if it offers Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Also to understand this, the indications to watch out for include unexpected and erratic disconnection, sluggish performance, and trouble joining a nearby system.   

Airplay is not performing 

Another thing that may force one to restart your Apple television is whenever Airplay prevents working. Because of this, this stops you against sharing photos and films from your own smartphone with relatives and buddies. Additionally, it becomes impractical to share training programs and presentations along with your colleagues.   

But before restarting your Apple television device, there are particular measures it is possible to simply take, and they are: 

After both of these approaches don’t work, you ought to check out restart your Apple television.  

Lagging Apps 

Typically, apps begin lagging or freezing since they haven’t been updated. Should this happen, you will need to update them and clear the storage space. However, if some of these approaches neglect to work, one other viable alternative kept is restart your Apple television. 

Flashing of this Apple television Status Light

If you see the status light on your own Apple television is constantly blinking, this may signal a hardware problem along with your device. However, if these flashes happen for over three full minutes, the clear answer is to restart your Apple TV to displace its factory default settings.  


Although your Apple television does not have a power key, it is possible to nevertheless restart it whenever it sometimes freezes or glitches. Carrying this out will efficiently resolve most of the dilemmas plaguing your experience whenever streaming utilizing your Apple television. 

Fortunately, restarting your Apple television shouldn’t be an exceptionally complicated procedure. Outlined in this guide are methods for you to restart your Apple television. Once you understand this may allow you to relieve the mind from being interrupted while streaming content on your own Apple television. Because of this, your unresponsive Apple television to make certain it constantly executes at its best.

Frequently Expected concerns 

how does my Apple television keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi?

Your Apple television might continuously be disconnecting from your own Wi-Fi system as a result of disturbance due to other devices. Also to resolve this matter, you will need to pull the plug on every single other unit for a passing fancy system to see whether your Apple television nevertheless disconnects from Wi-Fi. In addition, it is possible to deal with the Wi-Fi connection from dropping by inspecting the router and confirming you’ve been linked to the most suitable system. 

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