How To Restart Samsung Smart TV

  1. 2 practices To Restart Samsung Smart television
    • Method # 1: Use the Power Button 
      • Step # 1: switch on Your TV
      • Step # 2: Initiate Restart Process
      • Step number 3: Turn TV Back On
    • Method no. 2: Unplug the TV then connect It Back In
      • Step number 1: disconnect the energy Adapter
      • Step # 2: connect the Adapter Back In
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  3. Frequently expected concerns

2 ways to Restart Samsung Smart television

A easy restart can resolve various problems that could be preventing your Samsung television from doing optimally. It will also help clear the memory and empty any electric fee accumulated in the mainboard. 

Restarting your television can also be named a soft reset and involves switching the machine down for a couple moments after which switching it right back on. It won’t erase any essential information, settings, and log-in information. Alternatively, restarting will simply restart all of the operations and functions in the television. 

The following would be the two solutions to restart a Samsung television.

Method # 1: Use the Power Button 

Step number 1: switch on Your television

Your TV has to be switched on before you receive started. Therefore, make sure it is on even in the event it is maybe not showing such a thing in the display screen. Ignore this task when your television is on.  

Step # 2: Initiate Restart Process

Press and support the power button on your own television remote until your television goes down. You can even attain exactly the same result utilizing the TV’s manual energy switch in the event that you’ve misplaced your remote. Enable the television to keep down for 30 to 60 moments.

Step number 3: Turn TV Back On

Press the energy switch once again for the television to turn right back on. Your television should now show the menu as normal, and ideally, at this time, no application will misbehave. 

Method # 2: disconnect the television then connect It Back In

Step number 1: disconnect the energy Adapter

Remove the energy adapter through the energy supply (socket) and watch for at the very least 30 moments. That will assist empty any fee residue in the board. 

Step # 2: Plug the Adapter Back In

Now plug back the power adapter and switch on your television. Ideally, any dilemmas have died, as well as your television is working simply fine. 


Make sure you don’t confuse restarting with resetting it. Restarting your Samsung television means refreshing it by switching all functions and operations off for a minute (as explained above). Having said that, resetting the machine means restoring the television to its default/factory settings. A factory reset erases all log-ins, alterations in settings, and all sorts of information you might have kept in the television. 


That was our article on restarting a Samsung TV. We’ve described two solutions to do this; restart utilizing the energy switch and restart by unplugging the energy adapter. Both are simple. 

In the first method, you will need to press and support the energy switch on your own remote before the television turns down. From then on, wait for at the very least 30 seconds and press the energy key again to make the TV back once again on. Within the second method, you will need to unplug the energy adapter to make from the television and wait for approximately 30 moments before plugging it right back and turning it in. 

We’ve additionally discovered that restarting (soft resetting) a TV is significantly diffent from resetting. It can help resolve many dilemmas by refreshing all operations and functions associated with the system without erasing important info spared inside. 

We hope you had the ability to restart your television making use of one of many above practices. If the issue you’re experiencing continues, we suggest you receive in touch with Samsung support for support. 

Frequently expected concerns

Should we restart my smart television?

Restarting your smart television one or more times per month might help clear the memory and save from dilemmas impacting your watching experience. A number of the conditions that a restart can avoid consist of unresponsive apps, freezing mid-stream, and trouble signing in for some solutions. 

How very long must I unplug a TV to soft-reset it?

Most specialists suggest unplugging your television for at the very least 15 moments before plugging it right back on. 

How do we resolve problems with Smart Hub on my Samsung Smart television?

Performing a factory reset can resolve many software-related problems with the Smart Hub. Most of the Smart Hub settings goes back again to their defaults whenever you do this. Nevertheless, you’ll lose all of the info spared inside, including connected service reports, Samsung reports, etc. Consider burning the knowledge before you factory reset. 

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