How To Right Click on Magic Mouse

  1. Steps To Right-Click on Magic Mouse
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Steps To Right-Click on Magic Mouse

Despite the Magic Mouse perhaps not having a different right-click switch, you’ll nevertheless right-click with this unit. This can be done because the entire surface is clickable and features multi-touch gestures. All you have to do is follow these actions.

  1. Go to your Apple Menu in the upper-left part of the MacBook display screen.  
  2. Tap the System choices symbol. 
  3. Select the mouse symbol in the choices pane. 
  4. Tap the “aim & Click” tab. 
  5. Click the checkbox next to “Secondary Click” on the best side

Once you’re done, now you can right-click making use of your Magic Mouse. 


The whole top area associated with the Magic Mouse is touch-sensitive and makes use of multi-touch gestures located on the MacBook trackpad. Consequently, you’ll select either part as this product knows motion commands. But this could seem daunting, specially in the event that you’ve never ever utilized the Magic Mouse prior to. 

Fortunately, this exhaustive guide has outlined the actions to ways to right-click in your Magic Mouse. Consequently, so long as be stranded aided by the one choice of right-clicking in your Mac. This can are presented in handy as it enables you to perform numerous tasks on macOS without an inconvenience.

Frequently Expected Concerns

Why can I right-click on my Mac?

You may be wondering why you need to bother learning just how to right-click on a Magic Mouse, and listed below are a few convincing reasons.

• Edit text formatting
• Examine recommended choices for a word’s synonym or try to find misspelled terms. 
• Adjust desktop settings and discover your available choices within the folder; for example, create brand new files, and arrange icons, to call a couple of. 
• Learn file parameters, for example, date of creation, quality, and size details. 
Copy and paste
• Change folder or file games.  

However, these aren’t the actual only real times when you’ll need certainly to right-click in your Mac. It is because the range of actions you’ll perform differs in one application to a different. As well as the right-click function is triggered whenever considered necessary by a credit card applicatoin to boost your private and expert connection with utilizing the Computer.  

How may I right-click on a Mac trackpad?

You aren’t forced to utilize a Magic Mouse for right-clicking but also can make use of the Mac trackpad of the Apple laptop computer, be it the MacBook professional or MacBook Air. And also to accomplish that, here you will find the actions to follow.

1. Start System choices within the Apple menu. You are able to instead go directly to the Deck, where you’ll discover the System Preferences symbol. 
2. Simply Click “Trackpad”
3. Go right to the “Trackpad” window and select the “aim & Click” tab. 
4. Touch “Secondary Click” to check on the container. 
5. Underneath the “Secondary Click” text, you’ll see a down arrow. Pick the down arrow and choose one of these simple choices: “Click within the base right corner”, “Click with two fingers”, or “touch within the bottom left corner”

How may I right-click on my Force Touch trackpad?

The MacBooks circulated after 2015 feature a sophisticated trackpad variation called the Force Touch trackpad. Applying this touchpad, the stress you put on it enables you to start brand new choices. 

With the Force Touch Trackpad, you’ll right-click because is by using the Magic Mouse. Nevertheless, there’s the difference of helping you to right-click the trackpad on certain regions of the trackpad that feel natural. If you want to replace the Force Touch trackpad’s stress, you’ll want to follow these actions.

1. Introduce the Apple Menu
2. Head to System Choices. 
3. Choose “Trackpad”.
4. Go right to the “aim & Click” tab.  
5. Choose the “Click Pressure” choice and alter the slider to match your choices. 
6. If you want to turn off “Force Click”, deselect the haptic feedback and Force Click option.

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