How To Screen Record on HP Laptop

  1. Overview of Screen tracking on an HP Laptop
  2. Screen recording on an HP laptop
    • Method # 1: making use of Wondershare Demo Creator
      • Step # 1: down load the App
      • Step # 2: begin the App
      • Step # 3: personalize Your Settings
      • Step # 4: Record and Edit
      • Step number 5: Share and Save
    • Method # 2: Using PowerPoint
      • Step number 1: Open PowerPoint
      • Step # 2: choose your selected Features
      • Step no. 3: find the tracking Area
      • Step number 4: Start Recording
  3. Conclusion 
  4. Frequently expected concerns 

Overview of Screen tracking on an HP Laptop

Screen recording is helpful to numerous experts in numerous areas. it is don’t assume all time you wish to grab your phone and record what exactly is occurring in your HP laptop computer screen.

A few circumstances where display recording is vital:

Screen recording on an HP laptop

As mentioned above, screen recording is effective to a huge demographic. The opportunity you choose to consume your display recording undertaking depends upon the features you want to to obtain, the image quality, modifying tools, etc. listed below are choices to select from: 

Method # 1: utilizing Wondershare Demo Creator

Several applications on the web are made for the only intent behind assisting you to monitor record on your computer, and Wondershare Demo creator is certainly one of these. it is relatively user friendly and certainly will enable you to produce high-quality video clip content.

The application can be acquired free of charge down load on the formal internet site; but, you’ll install the compensated variation if you’d like advanced modifying tools. 

Step # 1: Download the App

Download Wondershare DemoCreator through the official website. When the down load and installation are complete, you’ll get a prompt to simply accept or reject the conditions and terms. You will need to accept the conditions and terms for the application to operate precisely. 

Step number 2: begin the App

Familiarize yourself with the features to understand perhaps the application is sufficient to your requirements. 

Step no. 3: personalize Your Settings

Click regarding the “Start a fresh recording project” icon situated on the house display of the application. Afterwards, it may need you to definitely personalize the features you’ll want to facilitate the recording, such as for example a microphone, framework price control, display size, camera quality, etc. 

You is prompted to pick the display or window you want to monitor record. From then on, click the giant red key written “REC” on the medial side of this discussion field, and you’re all set. 

Step # 4: Record and Edit

Suppose you want to pause or resume the recording, press F9, whereas if you want to stop, press F10. Once you stop the recording, the website will request you to confirm you want to cease. In the event that you verify you want to, the recording is immediately conserved, and you’ll be used in an alternative window with modifying features.

Step number 5: Share and Save

After completing modifying, click the conserve video symbol so that the website can conserve the modifications you have got simply made. From then on, it is possible to export or share the video along with other individuals. All you have to do is press the share button, and you’ll be given various avenues that one can share the video clip, e.g., e-mail, google docs, etc. 

Method # 2: making use of PowerPoint

Contrary to popular viewpoint, you don’t need a complex third-party application to monitor record. It is possible to make use of the apps currently set up on your pc, such as for example MS PowerPoint. 

Powerpoint has a free screen recorder for many HP computer systems that operate on Windows 10 along with other subsequent os’s. 

Step # 1: Open PowerPoint

First down, make sure that your PowerPoint is up to date. If there are not any pending updates, go back to the search club and input MS PowerPoint to introduce it. 

Step number 2: choose your selected Features

Locate the “Insert” symbol regarding the toolbar, then click on it. Follow through by pressing the “Screen Record” icon. Afterwards, you should choose the “Audio” icon for a passing fancy toolbar if at all that’s necessary sound while also choosing whether or otherwise not you need a mouse on display that will help you aim towards just what you’re display screen recording. 

Step no. 3: find the Recording Area

Do this by dragging and dropping an advantage of this cropping tool and picking the width of this display recording that you’d desire. 

There is a prompt asking to pick the region you wish to record. Next, drag and drop one side of the cropping device to set the customized recording area. Every thing into the outline of the selected width is recorded. 

Step # 4: Start Recording

Start recording whenever you’re prepared by pressing the enormous red icon labeled “Start Recording” at the top right of this display. When you’re done, save the video clip by clicking on “File” followed closely by “Save” the video clip. 

Remember, Powerpoint does not have advanced level modifying tools in the event that you want to modify the movie.


There are a few methods to monitor record on an HP laptop; many people will see plenty of features regarding the inbuilt screen recorder in MS PowerPoint. However, consider installing a third-party application if you’d like complex modifying features and outstanding image quality. 

Frequently expected concerns 

Can i take advantage of the in-built display recorder on an HP to monitor record?

Yes, you are able to. Nonetheless, this will depend regarding the complexity of what you’re recording while the modifying features you will require. Many in-built display recording tools just facilitate fundamental modifying and recording.

Do all HP laptops enable display recording?

Yes, they are doing. All you’ve got doing is make sure that your laptop computer has Windows 10 or any subsequent variations.

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