How To Screenshot on Acer Laptop

Acer laptop

Being able to just take a screenshot may be very useful in a number of circumstances, such as for example: 

  • when you wish to talk about an item of info on the net nevertheless the web site doesn’t have a share function; or
  • when you need to inquire of for troubleshooting some ideas for a problem you’re facing in your PC.

There are a few methods to simply take screenshots on an Acer laptop.

Quick Solution

After considerable research, we figured a few of the most hassle-free ways of screenshotting include:

• utilizing the snipping tool.
• Utilising The printing display screen and Windows buttons.
• Making use of a third-party expansion.

This article will require you through most of the fundamental actions of using a screenshot and likely places where in actuality the screenshot is going to be kept. 

  1. Method # 1: Take a Screenshot via Keyboard fusion
  2. Method number 2: Take a Screenshot making use of the Snipping Tool
  3. in which Are Screenshots Saved on an Acer Laptop?
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently Expected Questions

Method # 1: Take a Screenshot via Keyboard fusion

The technique below is not too difficult to hack also without technology experience. The greatest component is it will require not as much as two mins to accomplish the job. 

  1. Start by starting the display screen that you would like to recapture a photo of.
  2. Locate the print display key, labeled “PrtSc“, that is generally beside the F12 key in the laptop’s right part. 
  3. Locate the Windows key in the bottom-left part for the laptop computer. 
  4. Simultaneously press “PrtSc” additionally the Windows key.
  5. You should hear the noise of a clicking camera, signifying that the laptop computer has brought the screenshot and contains immediately conserved the image. 
  6. You will find the screenshot in your “Photos” folder. If it is maybe not here, the image is probably conserved into the Clipboard, and that means you must go to the succeeding actions.
  7. Open MS Word or a blank Google Doc template. 
  8. Press Ctrl + V simultaneously to paste the screenshot. 
  9. You are now actually absolve to save yourself the image anywhere you please.

Method number 2: Take a Screenshot utilizing the Snipping Tool

All Acer laptop computers running on Windows 10 and above include something called Snip & Sketch that you’ll used to simply take screenshots, among other items. Though it’s a little more complicated compared to very first technique, this has discerning benefits, such as for example as you are able to simply take quick display screen tracks in making GIFs. The snipping tool additionally enables you to simply take screenshots of certain windows on your own display screen, helping you save the difficulty of cropping away undesired elements of the image. 

It’s crucial to note that this device enables you to modify your screenshot in two means: Mode and “Delay“. “Mode” provides the possibility to find the range of one’s screenshot. Take A Look At following alternatives.

  • Full display screen” takes a screenshot for the entire display screen.
  • Window” takes a screenshot for the chosen screen inside the display screen.
  • Rectangular” enables you to modify a screenshot utilizing a rectangular-shaped cursor which will show up on the display screen.
  • Freeform” enables you to draw any form in the display screen and simply take a screenshot for the area inside the produced form. 

On the other side, “Delay” enables you to set a timer of 1-5 moments, within which you yourself can simply take a screenshot of various windows. Listed here are steps on using a screenshot utilizing the snipping tool:

  1. Key in Snip & Sketch on the search club, then click on it to introduce. Typically, the search club is situated in the taskbar at the end of this laptop computer house display screen. 
  2. Click in the icon labeled “New” to represent that you would like to produce a brand new screenshot. 
  3. Set your preferred “Mode” or “Delay settings. 
  4. A cursor can look that will help you capture the display screen.
  5. You will likely then be prompted to save the snip and select a folder to truly save it in.

Where Are Screenshots Saved on an Acer Laptop?

Depending in the style of your laptop computer therefore the settings you have got used, your screenshot will either be conserved in the Photos application or the Windows clipboard. If yours is the latter, you need to start a graphic modifying application, such as for example Paint. You need to then paste the picture, edit it, and save yourself it.

Alternatively, if you’re a Microsoft OneDrive user, you’ll save yourself the screenshot right to OneDrive. You will find the screenshot by after this directory: OneDrive > Pictures > Screenshots.


Taking screenshots of a laptop screen hasn’t been easier, particularly if you have actually a contemporary laptop computer. The above techniques don’t need you to install anything. Nevertheless, if you’d like advanced functions, consider downloading a third-party computer software or web browser expansion. 

Frequently expected Questions

Is it illegal to simply take a screenshot?

This is dependent on exactly what you’re screenshotting as well as your motives. As an example, you are held accountable in the event that you share a screenshot of an exclusive e-mail without the right authorization. 

Do i have to upgrade my laptop computer to Windows 10 and above to simply take a screenshot?

No. All Acer laptop computers takes screenshots irrespective of their os. Nevertheless, you’ll need Windows 10 and above to simply take a screenshot using the snipping tool.

how come my printing display key no longer working whenever trying to screenshot?

Depending in the Acer laptop model you’re utilizing, you will need to press a different sort of key simultaneously with all the printing display key to simply take a screenshot.

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