How To Screenshot on Lenovo Laptop

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Lenovo is amongst the world’s biggest electronic devices manufacturers, making many devices from smart phones to pills and computer systems. The Lenovo laptop computers – ThinkPad, Chromebook Duet, and Yoga – are top-rated due to their exemplary features, effectiveness, and superb construction. 

If you own a Lenovo laptop computer, one issue you’re truly likely to face is how exactly to just take a screenshot with this computer. This screenshot function is very vital since it can help you save your self structures of one’s favorite film or tv program or a web web page to reference later on. Let’s go right ahead and observe you are able to start using a screenshot in your Lenovo laptop computer.  

  1. Ways it is possible to Take a Screenshot on your own Lenovo Laptop
    • Method number 1: utilize the Windows Screenshot Feature
      • Press the Windows Key and PrtSc Button
      • Press the PrtSc Key 
    • Method number 2: utilize a Snipping Tool
    • Method number 3: Use Snagit
  2. Summary
  3. Frequently expected concerns

Ways it is possible to Take a Screenshot on your own Lenovo Laptop

There are numerous methods for you to just take a screenshot in your Lenovo computer, as well as your technique will change from one Lenovo model to some other or according to your Windows model. Here you will find the various processes for using a screenshot in your Lenovo laptop.

Method number 1: utilize the Windows Screenshot Feature

If your Lenovo laptop computer is operating on the Windows OS, you’re in luck, as you are able to make the most of its screenshot function. This saves you the effort of purchasing a third-party system, therefore enabling you to keep your hard-earned cash. This process can be safe, quick, and won’t need extra resources to use. 

There are a couple of forms of screenshots you are able to just take through the in-built Windows screenshot tool.

Press the Windows Key and PrtSc Button

The screenshot taken like this gets conserved immediately to your Lenovo computer. Here are the actions you ought to follow.

  1. Press the “PrtSc” key and Windows key simultaneously to fully capture a screenshot associated with the whole display screen. 
  2. A dimming animation will appear in your laptop’s screen, showing that the image happens to be conserved. 
  3. To begin to see the screenshot, head to This Computer > Local Disk C > Users (Your Name) > Pictures > Screenshots

Press the PrtSc Key 

If you would like very first to modify the screenshot of one’s laptop’s whole display screen, this method could be the one for you personally. Despite being a slower technique, it is nevertheless stylish. Here you will find the actions you will need to follow.

  1. Press PrtSc to copy the complete display screen on the clipboard.
  2. Click the Windows key to pull your applications, then introduce Paint by typing it within the search bar.
  3. Paste the screenshot on the system through the Ctrl + V demand.
  4. Save the screenshot by pushing Ctrl + S simultaneously.     

This technique is perfect when your Lenovo laptop is not operating on Windows OS, as well as its functionalities could be significantly various. 

Method number 2: Use a Snipping Tool

Windows 10 variation 1809 and newer frequently come installed with a screenshot utility called Snipping Tool, that can be used to fully capture screenshots. Applying this function, you are able to just take screenshots of an open screen, a free-form area, or your whole display screen. Here are the actions to check out while using the snipping tool to fully capture screenshots.

  1. Go to your keyboard and then click Shift + Windows + S simultaneously to prompt the toolbar to appear in your laptop’s screen. 
  2. Choose the device you intend to make use of. You will find three alternatives – rectangular lets you take rectangular-shaped screenshots, fullscreen lets you capture a screenshot associated with the entire display screen, and freeform captures predicated on whatever form you draw.
  3. Click and drag the cursor of one’s mouse to find the particular section of your laptop computer screen you’d wish to fully capture a screenshot. From then on, launch the mouse key. 
  4. To save yourself this customized screenshot, go directly to the pop-up window and press the “Save Snip” icon.

Method no. 3: Use Snagit

Another practical method of taking screenshots in your Lenovo laptop computer is to apply the recording or capturing software called Snagit. Here are the actions to follow.

  1. Download and install the Snagit software in your Lenovo laptop computer. This software can be obtained for both macOS and Windows systems. 
  2. Create an account if you’re by using this software the very first time and log in. You get a totally free trial if you’re utilizing this program the very first time.
  3. Look for the “Capture” switch regarding the program’s screen. 
  4. Press this switch and click and drag the mouse key to choose the region you wish to just take a screenshot. 
  5. Once you’re through, grab this screenshot by pressing the camera icon
  6. You will then modify the screenshot through Snagit’s customization tools.
  7. Press Ctrl + S to save lots of the image.


You can certainly capture a screenshot making use of your Lenovo laptop computer, together with different procedures are easy. As the procedure varies from a single laptop computer maker to some other, this guide desired to simplify things by outlining actions to check out for those who have a Lenovo laptop computer. 

If you didn’t understand the actions to check out to just take a screenshot in your Lenovo laptop computer, this guide has detailed every helpful information you should know. With this thought, you are able to quickly begin to capture screenshots without breaking a sweat.

Frequently Expected concerns

how come my Lenovo laptop computer perhaps not using a screenshot?

Your Lenovo laptop computer may possibly not be using a screenshot because of a few reasons. This may be occurring because your laptop’s software has malfunctioned or is not enabled. Another explanation your Lenovo laptop computer is not using a screenshot could be a mapping dilemma of the screenshot key to a new function, including the mute key. You are able to resolve this matter by visiting your keyboard and pushing the Print Screen to see whether it’ll take a screenshot. Inspect your keyboard settings or the screenshot computer software if it nevertheless doesn’t work.

Where are screenshots on my Computer conserved?

There’s no body reply to this concern because where in fact the screenshots have conserved will be different according to your Lenovo laptop’s os. If you’re running Windows 10 in your Lenovo laptop computer, screenshots will, by standard, be conserved within the “Picture” folder. 

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