How To Search for Files

  1. Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 8
  2. Windows Vista and Windows 7
  3. Using Windows File Explorer
  4. macOS
    • Method # 1: making use of Finder
    • Method number 2: making use of Mac Spotlight Search
  5. iPad and iPhone
  6. Android Phones and Tablets
  7. Summary

Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 8

To search for a file in your Windows 11, Windows 10, or Windows 8, right here’s how exactly to begin it.

  1. Open your Start menu by pushing the Windows key.
  2. Type the title associated with file you wish to get in the search bar.
  3. In the search engine results, click on the “Apps“, “Documents“, or “Web section” headers to see files that match your research query.
  4. Click the “More” part header (C) and find the category that fits your research requirements.
  5. Click regarding the file you need and open it.


You may use the arrow tips to navigate the area headers you wish to see and press Enter on your own keyboard to start it.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

To search for a file on Windows Vista and Windows 7, try this.

  1. Click Start to start the Start menu. It is almost always found during the leftmost the main taskbar.
  2. Partially or fully type the search product within the search text package. It is almost always found during the bottom associated with Start menu.
  3. Navigate the “Documents” or “Files” part header within the search engine results to explore record that fits your research requirements. 
  4. Double-click the file to start it, or right-click and choose “Open file location” to attend the file folder.

Using Windows File Explorer

  1. Open File Explorer through the taskbar or by right-clicking regarding the begin menu, then selecting “File Explorer“.
  2. In the remaining panel, find the appropriate file location; as an example, “This PC” to locate in every products and drives on your pc or “Documents” to check just for files kept here.
  3. Move your cursor to your search club during the top-right part and left-click in the bar.
  4. Partially or completely type the file title you are searching for and press Enter.


While it could take a while, Windows Explorer will query the files on your own search location to provide you with your outcome.

Using your windows explorer, you could look for files by date produced or modified

Open your Windows File Explorer and type some of the detailed date-related parameters before your research query.


There are a couple of techniques to look for a file on your own MacBook or Mac OS device.

Method # 1: making use of Finder

  1. By default, the Finder window is constantly start on your own MAC; in the event that you can’t discover the screen, available Finder by simply clicking the Finder symbol (a blue and white face) in the Dock in the bottom of the display screen. 
  2. Partially or completely type the file name you are interested in within the search package. It is situated during the top-right part associated with Finder window.
  3. As you kind, a “Name Matches” drop-down will be. If what you are actually trying to find is within the list, you’ll choose the file; if you don’t, strike Enter or Return to locate.

If you don’t keep in mind the precise title you stored your file with, you could make use of Finder to locate by date.

  1. In the search club, kind out of the thirty days and 12 months you wish to search (e.g., January 2022). 
  2. Select the date choice within the drop-down menu to look for that thirty days.
  3. In the outcome, navigate to find the file you are interested in. Double-click to start it, or right-click and choose “Show in Enclosing Folder” to get into the file location.


Finder will search by date within the folder you’d exposed before you queried your research. In the event that you don’t have a folder available before your question, the search will continue to work in This Mac, that may search your entire computer. Therefore, if you’re looking for a file in a certain folder, available it in your Finder screen before you query your search.

Method number 2: making use of Mac Spotlight Search

  1. Open Spotlight by clicking the magnifying cup symbol in the top-right part of the Mac’s screen.
  2. Partially or fully form the name of the search product within the package within the field that arises.
  3. Choose your file in the search outcome window. Double-click to start the file, or right-click and choose “Show in Enclosing Folder” to attend the file location.


When you query your research, Spotlight will show the absolute most appropriate outcomes – files, files, papers, and also this is of the search term – regarding the search outcome screen. It shows sites associated with your research product, rendering it no problem finding a web site quickly.

iPad and iPhone

If you are interested in a file on your own iOS, right here’s how exactly to begin it.

  1. Go to your device’s Home Screen.
  2. On your Home Screen, swipe left from advantage to advantage (with the remaining advantage while the kick off point).
  3. Type the file title within the search towards the top of the display screen.
  4. Tap the search button and select the file you need through the variety of outcomes.

Android Phones and Tablets

On the Android operating-system, searching for a file through the next actions.

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Scroll right down to select “Storage“.
  3. Tap “Files” or “File manager“.
  4. Locate the search club in your File Manager to query your research, or navigate throughout your file directory to find your desired files.


This guide has explored tips on how to look for your files on different computer and smart phone os’s in simple steps.

With this guide, you will no longer need to stress over trying to find your files whenever you forget where you spared or copied them. We hope we’ve been in a position to respond to your entire questions regarding looking files, and you also now quickly find your file on all of your products.

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