How To See Calculator History on iPhone

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  2. How To See Calculator History on iPhone
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What Is Calculator History?

The calculator history lists most of the calculations you have got done on your own calculator. This is when pay a visit to check always and verify a calculation which you have actually formerly done. 

A regular or easy calculator does not keep calculation records, but calculator apps on smart phones or iPhones have actually this particular feature. They shop the most recent calculation you have got done that will help you recheck it for precision. But, these apps involve some restrictions, as well as can keep just a few calculations.

So, let’s discuss tips on how to understand calculator history on your own iPhone. 

How To See Calculator History on iPhone

If you’re utilizing an iPhone and wish to begin to see the latest calculations you have got done regarding the Calculator application, here you will find the easy steps it is possible to follow:

  1. Open the Calculator application and hold your iPhone within the landscape position.
  2. This will start some new features regarding the Calculator, and it surely will be changed into a scientific calculator.
  3. Here you will notice the consequence of the last calculation which you are making. You’re going to have to swipe down about it.
  4. A list of calculations will appear, and also this is your calculator history.
  5. If you can’t understand results of the last calculation, you’ll be able to perform 2-3 calculations and swipe straight down to understand calculation history.

This is tips on how to understand calculator history on your own iPhone. 


You can’t see most of the past calculations history on an iPhone’s Calculator as it has limited features and does not keep most of the past calculations. Therefore, it is far better to take into account you could just see calculation history whenever doing some calculations. 


Now you realize how exactly to see current calculations regarding the iPhone calculator.

You can only just see current calculations history by after the actions provided above.

Frequently Expected concerns

Can you backspace regarding the iPhone Calculator application?

The iPhone calculator does not have devoted backspace key if you make a blunder while typing. Nonetheless, there is certainly a workaround that actually works very nearly besides. You’ll swipe kept or right on your equation, that may eliminate the final digit which you have actually typed. 

So, its just like the backspace function found in many apps and computer keyboards.

Can We install another calculator application on my iPhone?

Yes, it is possible to install a unique calculator app on your own iPhone. You Merely need certainly to start the App Shop and search for “Calculator.” You might find a few solutions; pick the best calculator application and just do the installation. 

Once it really is set up, you can make use of it, also it does not influence iPhone’s stock calculator application. In reality, you can make use of both calculator apps simultaneously.

How do I add the Calculator application to my iPhone house display?

The calculator application has already been on your own iPhone, however, if you intend to include it to your house display, you are able to do it therefore effortlessly.

First, find the calculator application: it is often within the “Utility” folder. Swipe kept on your own house display before you find this folder. Start the folder and find the calculator symbol.

Once you have got discovered the calculator symbol, press and hold it until a menu appears. Then drag it to your home display you want and drop it by permitting go of your hang on the symbol.

How do I add the Calculator application to my iPhone control center?

You can add on the Calculator application to your iPhone’s control center if you intend to quickly access its functions. To take action, available your “Settings” app and faucet “Control Center.” Next, tap “Customize Controls” and scroll through record before you find “Calculator.” Click about it, and it surely will be put into your control center.

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