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Spotify is a famous music application that keeps us business in psychological times, boring circumstances, and also on road trips. It resembles a virtual iPod who has music from all over the globe. Now, producing your playlist is enjoyable, but imagine if you can simply take a peek at your friend’s playlist? 

Quick response

Yes, you are able to do that with just a little function known as “Friend’s task“. All you have to do is go right to the Settings of the Spotify app and check out the “Display” tab. Click on the “Share my listening task on Spotify” until it turns green. This may display your friend’s activity for you, as well as your buddies may take a review of your task too.

This weblog will talk about the guides for allowing the Friend’s Activity function on your personal computer. In addition, we will have whether you will get this particular feature on cellphones. It’s also possible to find a couple of tricks and tips in the event that function isn’t helping you. Therefore, continue reading.

Dining table of articles

  1. How To View Friend Activity on Spotify App
  2. How to select who is able to See Your task on Spotify App
  3. Can You View a Friend’s Activity on Spotify mobile phone App?
  4. Why Can’t I See My Friends’ Activity on Spotify?
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently expected concerns

How To View Friend Activity on Spotify App

The “Friend’s Activity” function is restricted to your desktop application only. Make it possible for it, here you will find the actions you need to follow.

  1. Go to the Spotify homepage.
  2. Click the downward arrow button and available Settings.
  3. Find the “Display Options” tab and then click it.
  4. Toggle the “See what your pals are playing” button. You will understand it offers fired up if it turns green. 

Quick Suggestion

The Friend’s Activity may also be concealed regarding the right part of this display. Be sure you have actually zoomed down your display to begin to see the function. You will be aware the “See what your pals are playing” is fired up if it turns green. If it’s grey, the function is deterred. 

How To Select who is able to See Your task on Spotify App

The drawback of allowing this particular feature is the fact that your supporters can easily see your task too. You might like to conceal your task from your own supporters for different reasons. Fortunately, you’ll hide your paying attention task on Spotify. Some tips about what you must do.

  1. Go to the Spotify homepage.
  2. Tap the downward arrow button to start Settings.
  3. mind to your “Social” tab.
  4. You will see the “Share my listening task on Spotify” choice. Toggle it to disable it.

If the “Share my listening task on Spotify” is deterred, it’s going to be grey, of course it’s fired up, it’ll be green. You should check out your followers’ names into the settings too.

Can You View a Friend’s Activity on Spotify mobile phone App?

Unfortunately, you simply cannot. The Friend’s Activity function is only available regarding the desktop application. However now, you might not need to log on to the computer to see exactly what your buddy is playing any longer. 

Spotify is recently testing an element called “Community“. It isn’t yet open to all users, however some iOS users have actually gotten the Friend’s Activity function. Predicated on their reaction and Spotify’s choice, the feature will be available with complete functionality.  

Quick Tip

If you wish to test town function, you can view the beta variation if you’re an iOS individual. Head to Safari and type “spotify: community” to obtain the required outcomes.

Why Can’t I See My Friends’ task on Spotify?

There are the key reason why it has occurred for you. Take a look at these quick repairs to eliminate the issue.

  • Go to the App Store to check out whether the application is updated.
  • Check in the event that operating system of the Computer is updated.
  • Log from the account and log in once again together with your qualifications.
  • Either restart the applying or reinstall it.
  • Make sure you’re utilising the desktop application. Spotify has yet to announce this particular feature on its mobile software. 


All in most, the Friend’s Activity function is very enjoyable to make use of. You should check down exactly what your followers on Spotify and buddies on Facebook are playing. In addition, you’ll let the exact same visitors to see your listening activity or conceal it if you’re unpleasant. Its definitely an interactive feature. Develop our weblog surely could resolve your questions. 

Frequently expected concerns

How do we clear my Spotify listening history?

1. Go right to the Spotify software and touch the 3 dots to start Settings.
2. Select “History“.
3. Press “Clear All” and verify to delete your paying attention history. 

Can we see a Friend’s Activity on Spotify mobile?

Not yet. Spotify remains testing the function referred to as Community for viewing a friend’s listening activity. It’s going to be available quickly to any or all the users. 

What does the blue dot on Spotify mean?

The blue dot means the track can be obtained offline on Spotify.

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