How To Sell AirPods

Selling AirPods

Gadgets get updates each year; there can be old or unused AirPods around your home over time. Such devices represent unclaimed money, and many platforms are prepared to purchase your AirPods. Consequently, you have to work out how to sell your AirPods and acquire the absolute most value.

Quick Solution

You can sell your AirPods after cleaning them and getting rid of them from your own iCloud account. This could either be to someone or a reseller. It is possible to record the AirPods obtainable on various marketplaces such as Facebook, eBay, and LetGo.

Your AirPods will perish after some years since they are running on lithium-ion batteries that degrade as time passes. Merchants understand, and never numerous places will buy utilized and old AirPods.

Dining table of articles

  1. Ways of attempting to sell AirPods
    • List Them on Amazon
    • Sell to 9to5
    • Sell to BuyBackElectronics
    • Sell on e-bay
    • Schedule a Pickup by Backflip specialists
    • Inform Friends
  2. Clean the AirPods Before offering
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Ways of attempting to sell AirPods

Below will be the various ways by which you are able to offer AirPods.

List Them on Amazon

You can offer your AirPods by detailing them on Amazon. The international business will purchase your perfect or cracked AirPods that either energy or never energy on. Amazon can pay you the exact same cost for different models.

Its trade-in system works the same as its shop. After detailing your AirPods, the business makes an offer, and in case you accept it, it offers a free delivery label.

If you need to trade in your AirPods face-to-face, you will find various places where you are able to just take the AirPods.

Sell to 9to5

9to5 will probably pay you somewhat more when you yourself have the newest model of AirPods. The business will pay more when you yourself have a great pair of AirPods with a charging cable and block.

You can nevertheless offer them your AirPods even if they’re dirty and have now low volume. Nonetheless, 9to5 will perhaps not purchase your AirPods if they’re cracked plus don’t power on.

Sell to BuyBackElectronics

You could possibly get the greatest value for your AirPods if they’re perfect by offering to BuyBackElectronics. Nevertheless, your AirPods will perhaps not result in the cut should they suggest indications of hefty usage.

You can offer your AirPods at an increased cost if they’re functional and free from significant flaws. The pay is greater when your AirPods come in absolute mint condition and also an instance.

You have the best cost when you yourself have a sealed package with a radio or wired case.

Sell on e-bay

eBay the most popular platforms for offering utilized products online. Unsurprisingly, people offer their AirPods and purchase other people on the website.

The website features many audience, and you will hold an auction to obtain additional cash for your AirPods.

It is a wonderful spot to secure a good cost for your AirPods, however it may take plenty of effort to record and monitor your devices.

After listing your AirPods, you obtain seller security and will schedule your repayments.

Schedule a Pickup by Backflip specialists

You can sell your AirPods along with other customer items regarding the Backflip platform. The AirPods are examined, and after approval, your repayment is disbursed.

You can make additional cash once you ship fast or share with relatives and buddies. The working platform offers the necessary assist with send your AirPods from the home.

Inform Friends

You are able to turn to your pals order your AirPods or help you appear for a buyer. It’s likely that your pals might be thinking about purchasing your AirPods.

It may help once you learn just how many folks are offering them. Getting advisable will allow you to get the maximum benefit affordability.  

once you offer to your pals, you keep the profit return to yourself rather than assisting other reselling platforms generate income.

Clean the AirPods Before attempting to sell

It is far better clean your AirPods before you offer them. The reason being not your pals or resellers would desire crusty and gluey AirPods.

You need a cotton swab, lint-free fabric, paper clip, and toothbrush to completely clean your AirPods well.

You can clean your AirPods and case by wiping them utilizing a lint-free fabric. Utilize the cotton swab to get rid of any materials stuck to your sides associated with situation.

You may use a toothpick to very carefully scoop any earwax stuck during the opening associated with AirPods. It might be most readily useful if perhaps you were careful in order to avoid breaking the mesh. Utilize a cotton swab to wash the mesh associated with headphone opening and a toothbrush to simply help remove any staying debris.

It is best never to utilize water or fluid solutions whenever cleansing your AirPods. Some models aren’t waterproof, and experience of any fluid may cause harm that may reduce their resale value.

Therefore, when you clean your AirPods well before offering, the probability of selling would be on your side.


You can sell your AirPods on various platforms after cleansing them correctly. It is possible to offer them to buddies or resellers on platforms such as for example e-bay, 9to5, Amazon, and BuyBackElectronics. The content describes different methods of cleansing and offering used AirPods. As an example, it emphasizes utilizing a cotton swab to get rid of any materials stuck regarding the situation. 

Frequently expected concerns

How may I offer my AirPods for money?

There vary platforms where you are able to sell your AirPods (age.g., eBay, Amazon, and 9to5). The platforms additionally purchase other customer items at competitive costs and procedure repayments fast.

How much may I offer my AirPods for?

The amount of cash you possibly can make from offering your AirPods depends regarding the model and state. Averagely, you possibly can make $60 by offering a radio situation, and also the AirPods can go with $50.

Some platforms offer reduced costs, however you will probably reach least half the expense of brand new AirPods.

Can We offer my AirPods to somebody else?

Yes. Some platforms can purchase straight back your AirPods. In the event your AirPods are broken, you are able to offer them for a lowered quantity than when they’re in good shape.

Can We offer AirPods without an incident?

Yes. You might sell your AirPods even although you destroyed the recharging situation.

What may be the lifespan of AirPods?

The extent is dependent on the method that you make use of your AirPods. Predicated on individual reports, very first and second-generation AirPods final for approximately two years. Afterwards, the batteries are degraded and only allow less than an hour or so of paying attention time.

Do AirPods stop working after 24 months?

The AirPods’ rechargeable battery prevents having the ability to keep fee in less than 2 yrs.

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