How To Send JPEG Photos From iPhone

JPEG on iPhone

You might find your self in times where you need to deliver an image from your own iPhone, and then realize that the pictures are conserved as HIEC files in the place of PNG or JPEG. HIEC is a file format created by Apple that makes use of less storage space. Nonetheless it can’t be exposed on Windows or Android.

Quick Answer

Fortunately, there are methods surrounding this problem. You may either change the digital camera settings to start out saving pictures as JPEGs or use a third-party file transfer app that immediately converts the HIEC file to JPEG before sending.

Apple introduced the HIEC extendable in iOS 11, and all sorts of iPhones now save pictures in this structure by standard. The key distinction between HEIC and other image platforms, such as for example JPEG, is it requires less area while nevertheless delivering clear images.

This article will explain how exactly to deliver JPEG files from iPhone, including alternatives for giving pictures through integrated choices and third-party apps. 

Dining table of articles

  1. Method # 1: Save Photos as JPEG in place of HIEC
  2. Method # 2: forward Photos as JPEG to a Mac or Windows PC
  3. Method # 3: forward Photos as JPEGs to Android os or Other products
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently expected Questions

Method # 1: Save Photos as JPEG in the place of HIEC

You may understand that Apple introduced HIEC as a brand new image-saving format in iOS 11 because of its capacity to keep pictures without trying out plenty of area. 

You can, nonetheless, change it out back into JPEG through the digital camera settings should you desire because of compatibility difficulties with other products. All photos spared from then on would be in JPEG structure.

Here’s what you’ll have to do.

  1. Open the Settings on your own iPhone.
  2. Scroll down unless you see “Camera” and then click onto it.
  3. Look for the “Formats” choice within the list and available it.
  4. Select “Most Compatible”, meaning JPEG.

The photos you are taking together with your iPhone will now be in JPEG format as opposed to the HIEC structure, to help you effortlessly share these with anybody.

Keep in your mind

Photos currently taken will never be suffering from this modification. Changing them from HIEC to JPEG is not recommended because it may cause your storage space to refill more quickly than it might otherwise since JPEG uses more area than HIEC does.

Method # 2: forward Photos as JPEG to a Mac or Windows Computer

Apple provides an alternative into the Settings software that, when enabled, immediately converts the pictures to a compatible structure such as for example JPEG whenever moving them to a Windows Computer or Mac.

In exactly the same way that HIEC files aren’t suitable for Windows, a Mac which is not operating the most recent form of macOS will never be in a position to start them.

Here’s that which you need to do.

  1. Open the Settings app on your own iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and then click on “Photos”.
  3. Look for the “Transfer to Mac or PC” options.
  4. Select “Automatic” if it’s perhaps not currently chosen.

When you move pictures from your own iPhone to a Windows Computer or old Mac, they’ll be immediately transformed into a compatible structure, such as for instance JPEG.

Method number 3: forward Photos as JPEGs to Android os or Other products

While the strategy above is perfect for moving pictures to Windows PCs, let’s say you need to move pictures straight as JPEGs to an Android or a non-Apple unit? Luckily for us, for that.

We’ll be utilizing a totally free third-party file transfer application called Send Anywhere, that is available regarding the App shop and Bing Enjoy. Both the giving iPhone and getting Android must have this software installed.

Here’s that which you need to do.

  1. Download and install this application through the App Store.
  2. Open the application and go right to the settings.
  3. Look for the option that says “Send HIEC Photos as JPG”.
  4. Enable this choice then choose the pictures that you would like to send.
  5. Scan the QR code on your own Android os or enter the rule manually.

In a matter of moments, the pictures from your own iPhone will start to show up on your Android os as JPEGs wirelessly without losing their quality.


There you have got it. In the event that you proceed with the few easy techniques we now have provided above, giving JPEGs from your own iPhone with other products must be very simple. 

Frequently expected concerns

Do HEIC photos have actually higher quality?

once you utilize HEIC structure, you obtain pictures which are incredibly smaller, however they have actually almost the same image quality as JPEGs.

How do we deliver a JPEG accessory on my iPhone?

You can e-mail the picture as a JPEG accessory using any mail app when you change the digital camera settings and commence saving the pictures as JPEGs on your own iPhone.

Why does Apple utilize HEIC in the place of JPG?

HIEC is an efficient file format that makes use of less room to keep pictures without having to sacrifice quality in comparison to JPEG, which is the reason why Apple makes use of this file structure.

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