How To Setup Dual Monitor Wallpaper

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Setting Up Dual Monitor Wallpaper on Windows

Method number 1: making use of Settings App

Method # 2: utilising the Run CommandsMethod number 3: utilizing File ExplorerSetting Up Dual Monitor Wallpaper on MacSwitching Dual Monitor Wallpapers on Windows SummarySetting Up twin Monitor Wallpaper on WindowsIf you’re wondering exactly how to setup double monitor wallpaper on Windows, our three step by step practices will allow you to make this happen task without much trouble.Method number 1: utilizing Settings AppOn Windows 10, you obtain the in-built choice function for installing double monitor wallpaper. This is how you can make use of the Settings app for this procedure.Press the “Windows + I” keys on your own keyboard to start “Settings.”Click “Personalization”

and select


  1. through the remaining pane.
    • Scroll down in the right pane and achieve the
    • “Select Your Picture”
    • area.
  2. If you’re using
  3. Windows 11,
  4. after visiting the


menu, choose


through the

  1. “Personalize Your back ground” drop-down list. Choose a picture for the back ground or simply click “Browse”
  2. discover brand new pictures.Right-click a photograph you want and choose either the “Set For track 1” or
  3. Set For Monitor 2″ choice.
    InfoIf you want to setup the exact same wallpaper for both monitors, click on the “Set for many Monitors” option.Method number 2: utilising the Run CommandsUsing Run Dialog, you’ll setup various wallpapers for double monitors on Windows 10 and 11. Here you will find the finished actions you’ll follow because of this.Press the
  4. “Windows + R” keys to start the Run dialog box.
  5. Type within the after demand within the Run dialog text package:shell:::{ED834ED6-4B5A-4bfe-8F11-A626DCB6A921} –Microsoft.PersonalizationpageWallpaperClick “OK” to attain the Desktop back ground window.

Find the back ground you want and right-click it.

Choose either the “Set For track 1” or Set For Monitor


choice through the menu.

  1. Once you’re done, simply click “Save Changes” to effectively setup the dual monitor
  2. wallpapers.
  3. Method number 3: utilizing File Explorer
  4. If you don’t desire to utilize the Settings app on your own Windows Computer to create up the double monitor Wallpaper, you can make use of File Explorer to get this done task within the following way.Open “File Explorer” and navigate towards the folder containing your wallpapers.Select two pictures, right-click them, and choose the
  5. “Set As Desktop Background”
  6. choice. The first image will be set as wallpaper in your primary monitor
  7. .Windows will set one other image as wallpaper on the

second monitor


  1. To get control of wallpapers, choose both pictures in “File Explorer.”Right-click on a picture and choose the
  2. monitor you intend to designate it to.Setting Up twin Monitor Wallpaper on Mac
  3. If you operate the dual-monitor setup on Mac, follow these actions to setup wallpaper on both of these. Select the “Apple Menu” through the top-left part regarding the display.Click “System Choices.” 
  4. Click “Desktop & Screen Saver” and set a wallpaper for the primary monitor.Click the “Secondary Desktop” window to setup wallpaper for the next monitor.
  5. Move back again to the “Desktop & Screen Saver”
  6. window by pressing it.Close the window



  1. the changes successfully.
  2. Switching Twin Monitor Wallpapers on Windows Sometimes you obtain too sluggish to get through all of the actions for changing the double monitor wallpapers on Windows. It is simple to change to various back ground displays on both monitors utilizing the actions below.Make a folder on your own
  3. PC and save your self all of the images you intend to see as your dual monitor
  4. wallpapers.Copy these pictures and press the “Win + E”
  5. keys to start “File Explorer.
  6. Navigate towards the “C:WindowsWebWallpaperWindows” course on File Explorer and paste the images here.Select “Do This for many Current Things”

from the


  1. window on your own display and then click “Continue.”Right-click a picture and then click “Set As Desktop Background” through the
  2. drop-down menu.The wallpapers on both your monitors
  3. are updated now.SummaryIn this guide on installing double monitor wallpaper, we’ve explored numerous options for changing wallpapers on Windows and Mac computer systems. We’ve additionally talked about switching between various double monitor wallpapers on your own Windows Computer. We hope one of these simple practices spent some time working for you personally, and you will now modify the desktop displays quickly.

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  4. Are you sick and tired of seeing equivalent wallpaper on both monitors at work setup? Happily, you’ll now effortlessly create double monitor wallpapers on Windows 10, 11, and Mac computer systems.Quick AnswerTo put up double monitor wallpaper, press the “Win + I” keys to attain “Settings,”
  5. navigate to Personalization > back ground, scroll down and then click the “Select Your photo”

section. Pick a photo for the back ground or simply click “Browse” discover brand new pictures. Right-click a photograph and select either the “Set For track 1” or

“Set For track 2”


We have actually put together an extensive guide on the best way to create double monitor wallpaper, describing numerous options for using various wallpapers on Windows and Mac monitors. We’ll additionally talk about switching between various double monitor wallpapers on Windows Computer. 

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