How To Share Lists on iPhone

The reminder list on our iPhones keeps our day to day schedules and tasks arranged, preventing us from passing up on crucial tasks inside our day-to-day everyday lives.

However, these reminders aren’t just good for our individual usage alone, however they are additionally helpful whenever our work is team-based. In this instance, you are going to need to share your reminders list along with other associates to help keep everyone else on course. This short article will reveal how exactly to share a reminders list in your iPhone.

Quick Answer

There is a share button in your Reminders application to allow you to share your reminder listings along with your contacts or any other social media account. On your own Reminders application, simply click on “Reminders“, together with menu button will show the share icon for you really to share it.

As you maintain this short article, become familiar with just how to back-up and export reminders in your iPhone along with your Mac computer. Nonetheless, let’s first begin to see the step-by-step means of sharing a listing regarding the iPhone. 

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  1. How To Share listings on iPhone
  2. Why Can’t You Share My Reminders List on your own iPhone?
  3. Can You Export Reminders on your own iPhone?
  4. How can you Backup Reminders on iPhone towards the Cloud?
  5. How To Backup Reminders on Mac
  6. How To Export Reminders on Mac
  7. Conclusion

How To Share With You Listings on iPhone

Here You Will Find The actions to share with you a listing in your iPhone.

  1. Go to your house display screen and start the Reminders app in your iPhone.
  2. Click on some of the products under “My Listings“. For Instance, click “Reminders“. 
  3. Go to your top-right part and then click regarding the triple dot icon. This course of action brings away a summary of prompts it is possible to simply take.
  4. Click on “Share Listings“.
  5. Choose through the a few means open to share your listings: Message app, email, and social media – such as for example Twitter, Whatsapp, and Discord.


To share it through the Contact app, type into the title regarding the contact you wish to share it with; should you want to share it via email, key in the receiver’s email. And also to share it via social news, find the social media marketing profile of the individual you might be sharing it with.

Why Can’t You Share My Reminders List on your own iPhone?

Having an iPhone that is not iOS 13 and above will avoid you or the receiver from sharing or receiving the reminder list. Also, when you yourself have any records synchronizing your reminders, it’ll stop you from sharing your reminders list.

Let me reveal a summary of how exactly to fix reminders perhaps not provided regarding the iPhone.

  • Restart your iPhone. Many times, restarting a phone can get it back again to operating typically.
  • Share your reminders to a different phone contact and discover if it really works.
  • Turn off any records presently synchronizing your reminders. To Make it well, visit Settings > “Passwords & Accounts“. If any records are synchronizing your reminders, switch them off.
  • Force end your Reminders app and restart your iPhone.

Can You Export Reminders on your own iPhone?

Yes, you can export reminders to some other storage space location on an iPhone. Nonetheless, this is simply not precisely an export but a duplication regarding the reminders list in another storage space location.

You need to duplicate the reminders list, paste it as a text document, and conserve the document an additional location.

Here is how exactly to save your valuable reminders list in another document.

  1. Open your iPhone Reminders app; under the “My Lists” area, click “Reminders“.
  2. Tap the menu button regarding the top-right part.
  3. Click on “Print” and conserve it as a PDF. It is possible to move the PDF file to some other storage space location by visiting your File Manager. Instead, it is possible to conserve it in a text format whenever you copy and paste it into your document app.

How Would you Backup Reminders on iPhone towards the Cloud?

Backing up reminders is a really safe solution to keep your reminders list and recover them when you want just by signing in on iCloud.

right here will be the actions to backup reminders on iPhone to iCloud.

  1. On your iPhone, go right to the Settings app.
  2. Tap Apple ID > “iCloud“.
  3. Toggle the “Reminders” button. From right here, your reminders list in your iPhone will begin uploading towards the cloud.


This technique works for iOS devices, such as iPad and iPods.

How To Backup Reminders on Mac

On a Mac computer, you’ll backup reminders into the following ways.

  1. Go to System choices > “iCloud“.
  2. Click “Reminders” to let iCloud straight back it. As soon as you select it, your reminders list will show in your display as they are now being copied.

How To Export Reminders on Mac

here’s how to export your reminders in your Mac to some other location utilizing the macOS Mojave variation or earlier.

  1. Open “Reminders“.
  2. Select the reminder list you wish to export.
  3. Click on “File” and then “Export“.
  4. Type in a name for the newest file, and select a storage location for this.
  5. Lastly, tap “Export“.


Reminders list sharing is useful for group collaboration in a workplace as well as other comparable purposes. Understanding how to execute this easy task could keep your users on a single degree. It is possible to conserve them to some other storage space location or export them to iCloud for extremely safe storage space. This short article has explained tips on how to begin these tasks.

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