How To Spot Fake AirPods Box

  1. Fake AirPods
  2. How To place Fake AirPods Box
    • Method # 1: Check Packaging
    • Method # 2: verify Serial Number on Apple Website
    • Method # 3: Match the Serial Number
    • Method # 4: Weigh Your AirPods
    • Method number 5: Closely Examine the underside Grill
    • Method # 6: always check Speaker Grill
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  4. Frequently expected concerns

Fake AirPods

It isn’t that tough to spot the fake AirPods package. Most fake AirPods are stated in Asia, and people manufacturers don’t concentrate on quality and design. They just make an effort to result in the package appear to be the initial one.

As an effect, they will have dilemmas copying some details that Apple can simply excel. Therefore, it is possible to spot the fake AirPods package by once you understand these records.

How To identify Fake AirPods Box

There are a whole lot of fakes on the market on the market nowadays. Below are a few techniques which you can use to identify fake AirPods effortlessly.

Method # 1: always check packing

First of all of the, make certain the container is sealed and that we now have no imperfections on either part associated with the package. For instance, the tape ought to be perfect plus in line with all the sides associated with the package. There ought to be no punctures or rips on either part.

Besides, look for just about any noticeable flaws within the plastic wrap. Apple wraps the AirPods within the perfect means. In the event that you feel any imperfection, this means that Box is Fake or Repacked. Both circumstances are worrying for you personally.

If the wrapping is ideal, you ought to look down for spelling errors or font errors regarding the packaging. Original Apple AirPods Box has grey fonts being somewhat smaller and round. But, mostly fake AirPods containers have actually black colored fonts being somewhat larger.

If every thing regarding the package appears perfect and there are not any errors, you’ll follow the next method.

Method no. 2: verify Serial Number on Apple Website

The next solution to discover the fake AirPods is always to confirm the serial quantity regarding the Apple website. An actual couple of AirPods has a distinctive serial quantity. You should check it by after these actions:

  1. Lookout regarding the under part of the AirPods package; here, you’ll find the AirPods Model quantity and unique Serial quantity.
  2. Now head to Apple’s site by after this website link Right here, you’ll have to enter the unique serial quantity you on the packaging and fill the safety CAPTCHA.
  3. Apple will show the guarantee status of your AirPods.

If it shows any mistake pertaining to the serial quantity, the AirPods are fake.


Suppose it shows the guarantee status contrary to the serials quantity. Nevertheless, you can find possibilities that the AirPods might be fake. Therefore, to ensure, you’ll have to proceed with the under step.

Method # 3: Match the Serial Number

Now you’ll have to link the AirPods to your iPhone or iPad and match the serial quantity written regarding the packaging towards the original serial quantity as you are able to see by after these steps.

  1. Go to Settings and mind to Bluetooth.
  2. right here you’ll have to find your connected AirPods and click regarding the name.
  3. Now you will observe every detail about AirPods, including the Serial Number.

If the serial quantity written regarding the AirPods Box matches the original serial quantity, congratulations, your AirPods are initial. When there is a conflict, the AirPods are fake.

Method no. 4: Weigh Your AirPods

The major distinction between fake and genuine AirPods may be the fat. For instance, AirPods Pro’s every ear weighs 5.4 grms.

So, you can spot fake Airpods by weighing them. When they weigh just about compared to specified fat on Apple’s site, this means they truly are fake.

Method number 5: Closely Examine the Bottom Grill

There ought to be a tiny grill regarding the base associated with the AirPods. This grill is employed to simply help the AirPods inhale.

On the actual AirPods, the grill has razor-sharp edges and curved lines.

It may be much more curved on a fake or appear to be it absolutely was designed for yet another item.

Method number 6: always check Speaker Grill

Another crucial distinction between fake and original AirPods may be the transparency associated with the speaker grill.

On the fake people, you’ll be struggling to predict the presenter grill.

But, in the genuine AirPods, it is possible to predict the presenter grill.


These techniques would be the simplest to identify fake AirPods bins. More over, one could check out the authenticity of AirPods by comparing them based on the specification offered regarding the formal site. I really hope these procedures can help you spot the fake AirPods immediately.

If you’ve got any concerns or various other techniques, you’ll share that by composing within the remark part below.

Frequently Expected concerns

How do we understand if my AirPods are genuine?

The simplest and fastest method to understand in case your AirPods are genuine is always to always check Serial number 1 on Apple’s formal site. If it shows the guarantee status, this means your AirPods are genuine, if it shows a mistake, this means your AirPods are fake.

Do fake AirPods connect like genuine people?

Unfortunately, some high-quality fake AirPods link your iPhone such as the genuine people. Apple has used a W1 chip in their AirPods to produce connections smooth and fast.

At the start of the AirPods age, the fake people don’t have a W1 chip. But at this time, some top-quality replicas include the W1 chip that delivers the exact same connectivity experience due to the fact initial one.

How long do fake AirPods final?

There is no specified time frame for AirPods to endure because they’re all created by various manufacturers. But, something is proven that they’re never as durable as the actual people due to the major cost and quality huge difference.

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