How To Stream on YouTube with Xbox

  1. Streaming On YouTube with an Xbox
    • Step # 1: setting up the Xbox Console Companion
    • Step no. 2: Streaming your Xbox on a Computer
      • Streaming Delay
    • Step no. 3: making use of OBS to Stream
      • Setting up Display Capture
      • Setting up sound And Video Capture
    • Step no. 4: Streaming on YouTube
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  3. Frequently expected concerns

Streaming On YouTube with an Xbox

As we mentioned previously, there is no chance to help you stream on YouTube straight from an Xbox. Nonetheless, some awesome workarounds will allow you to stream making use of your Xbox. All you have to stream making use of your Xbox is a pc and a screencasting software, and will also be ready to go.

Let me reveal tips on how to stream from your own Xbox on YouTube by using a screencasting application.

Step number 1: setting up the Xbox Console Companion

The very first thing you’ll want to begin streaming is install the Xbox Console Companion application through the Microsoft shop. Console Companion enables you to stream your Xbox in your windows, which enables you to stream on YouTube. Consequently, getting the application is a must, and here’s how you certainly can do it:

Xbox Console Companion
  1. Open Microsoft shop from your Windows Menu.
  2. Search for Xbox system Companion in the search club.
  3. Install the app within the desired directory then Launch it.

Once you might be in the Xbox Console Companion, ensure that you utilize the exact same Microsoft Account on both your products. Otherwise, you won’t manage to stream your Xbox in your PC.

Step no. 2: Streaming your Xbox on a PC

Now you have downloaded the Xbox Companion application, launch it. Within the application, you’ll see a window known as Game Streaming regarding the left-hand part. Within the game streaming screen, you’ll see your Xbox name; in the event that you can’t view it, make sure that your Xbox is on, along with an operating web connection.

Game Streaming Xbox

After you select your Xbox through the streaming tab, a blue screen will pop-up, prompting your unit has been linked. Your personal computer may be linked to your Xbox by the conclusion with this procedure.

Streaming Delay

Due towards the nature associated with the connection in the middle of your Xbox along with your windows, there can be a guaranteed delay in your video gaming experience. Nonetheless, this wait may be lessened by either getting a better web connection or changing the standard of your flow.

Xbox Streaming Quality

You can transform the standard of your flow by visiting the top-right part of one’s display and clicking the Quality Change choice. After simply clicking the standard modification choice, choose the caliber of the flow you need. Suggestion: the reduced your quality is, the reduced your wait has a tendency to be).

Step # 3: making use of OBS to Stream

Now you could stream your Xbox from your own Computer, streaming on YouTube is not too difficult. All that’s necessary is a Screencasting Application to get started. We’ll be making use of OBS because of this guide since it is not too difficult to navigate. Nonetheless, you should use whichever app you might be more comfortable with.

You can download OBS free from expense from their site. After you have downloaded the OBS application, install it in your desired directory and run it. Inside OBS, the very first thing you must do is produce a fresh scene for your Xbox.

You can produce a scene by:

  1. Clicking regarding the + symbol beneath the Scene Tab.
  2. Now rename your Scene to anything you want.

Now that you’ve got developed your flow, you’ll want to produce some sources. To help keep this simple for you personally dudes, we are going to simply be since the basics: Display Capture, Audio Capture, and Video Capture.

Setting up Display Capture

OBS Display capture

To arranged your Display Capture, go right to the supply tab and press the “+” icon. This can open a tab prompting the consumer for a name. Thoughts is broken done establishing your supply title, press fine, and OBS will immediately begin shooting your present display.

Setting up sound And Video Capture

Now to setup the sound and Video Capture, visit your Sources again and choose every one of them.

In the sound Capture Window, press the + icon regarding the base left part to produce a DropBox look. Through the DropBox, choose Noise Gate and Noise Suppression and press salvage.

To arranged a video clip Capture unit, press the “+” icon within the supply screen. Within the Video Capture unit, you’ll be permitted to choose from various sources, find the camera you intend to make use of as your capture unit, and press OK.

Step no. 4: Streaming on YouTube

Lastly, all that’s necessary is a YouTube account, and you will stream up to you would like. Therefore to start out streaming on YouTube, follow these basic steps:

  1. Log directly into your YouTube account and head to Creator studio.
  2. Inside the Creator studio, head to Live Streaming and copy your flow name/key.
  3. Now, get back to your OBS > File > Settings.
  4. Inside Settings, head to Stream, replace the favored solution to YouTube, and enter your flow key.

After doing each one of these actions, you certainly will finally manage to stream on YouTube along with your Xbox.


Streaming on YouTube on Xbox may be discouraging, particularly if it really is very first time doing this. Nonetheless, by following most of the mentioned actions in this guide, it’s possible to stream on YouTube along with your Xbox with simplicity.

Frequently Expected concerns

How to stream on Twitch from Xbox?

To flow on Twitch from an Xbox, go right to the Capture and Share tab and choose live streaming. After picking live streaming, you simply have to link your Twitch account along with your Xbox, and will also be streaming right away.

Do you will need a capture card to stream from an Xbox?

Well, you don’t absolutely need a capture card to stream from an Xbox but having one is often good since it makes shooting streams easier and faster.

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