How To Stream PS4 on Discord

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  1. Method # 1: Streaming From PlayStation to Twitch to Discord
    • Step # 1: linking Your Twitch Account to PS4
    • Step # 2: Streaming Your PS4 on Twitch
    • Step # 3: Streaming From Twitch to Discord
  2. Method number 2: changing Your PS4 To Stream Discord
    • Step # 1: arranged Discord on PS4
    • Step # 2: making use of Discord on PS4
  3. Summary

As we’ve stated early in the day, there’s absolutely no direct PS4 functionality that will enable you to stream your PS4 on Discord straight. Nonetheless, we’ve show up with two workarounds being tested and can enable you to stream your PS4 on Discord.

Method # 1: Streaming From PlayStation to Twitch to Discord

Like we stated early in the day, the very best we could do is make a workaround that could be a little long. Therefore, please take a good deep breath, and begin the journey. Above all, right here’s a summary of exactly what you’ll need.

Once you have got every one of these set up, you’re green for connection. Here you will find the actions.

Step # 1: linking Your Twitch Account to PS4

  1. On your PS4 house display screen, visit your Settings.
  2. In the settings panel, scroll down and pick Sharing and Broadcast“.
  3. In the expanded window, choose “Link along with other Services“.
  4. From the expanded range of choices, choose Twitch and proceed with the directions to get in touch solutions.
  5. Your Twitch account has become combined with your PlayStation, and you will now stream your PS4 straight to Twitch.

Step number 2: Streaming Your PS4 on Twitch

  1. To start live streaming, you’ll need certainly to launch any game.
  2. On your PS4 controller, press the Share Button, and a display menu will appear regarding the part of your screen.
  3. In the display menu, scroll right down to pick Broadcast Game Play“.
  4. When you choose “Broadcast Gameplay”, you’ll see a prompt that’ll request you to select the solution you need to broadcast on. Select Twitch.
  5. A brand new display screen featuring your available game will show. Right here, there’ll be choices that’ll enable you to modify the name of one’s stream, replace the quality of one’s flow, and also deliver invites to many other players.
  6. Select Start Broadcasting” during the bottom-end for the display screen.
  7. A brand new display will pop-up where you’ll have actually the opportunity to either adjust “Audio Sharing Settings” or get directly into “Start Broadcasting“.
  8. When you decide on Start Broadcasting“, your game begins streaming immediately.

Step # 3: Streaming From Twitch to Discord

  1. Now that your particular flow is real time, visit your laptop or pc and access, then sign in to your Twitch account.
  2. Locate and then click the Twitch icon during the top-right part of one’s
  3. In the drop-down menu, select Channel“.
  4. Twitch will instantly enable you to get to your PlayStation Live Stream.
  5. Now that your particular display screen is showing your PlayStation real time Stream, go to your computer’s house display screen and open Discord.
  6. In Discord, select the channel you want to broadcast your flow to.
  7. In the channel, click “Screen“.
  8. There are a pop-out screen that will need you to select the screen you want to share. Pick the screen who has display screen available.
  9. You’ll be directed to a new window where you’ll be expected to alter or accept the streaming settings.
  10. Once you’re content with your settings, go live.


Once you’ve finished these steps, you’ll have effectively founded a three-way stream connection from your PS4 to Twitch to Discord.

Method number 2: changing Your PS4 To Stream Discord

This technique could be a little technical set alongside the first technique; but, we’ll try to help make it as easy as possible to enable you to consume it at once. 

Before we start the modification procedure, you have to understand that you’ll need some add-ons to determine a match up between your pc plus the PS4. Have a look.

Step # 1: arranged Discord on PS4

The first step of installing Discord in your PS4 is ironically easy and simple. Stick to the easy step by step procedures, and you’ll have it done.

  1. Open the PlayStation web browser on your PS4.
  2. In the target club, seek out Discord and available the web version.
  3. Log in to your account by giving the appropriate login credentials.
  4. Once your account is loaded, at this point you have actually the Discord solution on your own PS4. If, but, you take to some of Discord’s features, you’ll observe that absolutely nothing works.

Step number 2: making use of Discord on PS4

This next action is where it gets tricky and a little technical, similar to we pointed out early in the day. 

  1. Connect the optical cable from your own MixAmp to your PS4 to facilitate switching audios.
  2. From your PS4 house display screen, head to Settings.
  3. In the settings menu, scroll right down to select “Sound and Screen“.
  4. Change the Primary production to Digital Output.
  5. Connect one end for the USB cable into the base place plus the other end into the Computer. Make sure your base place is in PC mode. In case it isn’t, every extra action going from here will malfunction.
  6. On your desktop, open Discord, then visit vocals settings to alter the input unit to your MixAmp.
  7. Use the 3.5mm sound jack to connect your Mixamp to your computer speakers.
  8. Go back once again to Discord and alter the production unit to your PC speakers under Voice settings.

Once you’ve finished every one of these actions, you’ll be in a position to talk through Discord and play games in your PS4 simultaneously. And you will begin streaming PS4 on Discord without the dilemmas.


While there are more method of streaming on Discord straight from your PS4, they’re high priced and may need an expert solution representative to create it up.


In this guide, we now have talked about how exactly to stream PS4 on Discord. Because there is no direct method of Discord streaming functionality regarding the PS4, you will find workarounds you could select, dependent on your choice and make use of instance. With this particular guide, you understand how to go your path around streaming from your PS4 to Discord.

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