How To Take a Panorama Photo on iPhone

iPhone taking panorama photo of sunset.

If you often encounter stunning scenery, nevertheless the view can’t fit in a single picture, or perhaps you can’t fit your whole band of buddies into an individual shot, then give consideration to using panoramic photos. Panorama pictures are solitary wide-shot pictures that capture too wide views for a conventional landscape or portrait photo design.

Typically, it might assist in the event that you had a specialist digital camera to recapture panoramic photos or produce one by firmly taking a few pictures of a view from an individual view then joining these pictures together to produce an individual image. Luckily for us, when you yourself have an iPhone, you don’t have to stitch a few pictures together to produce a panorama picture. Alternatively, make use of the Pano function of one’s iPhone to just take exceptional panorama pictures.

Quick Answer

Taking a panorama picture on an iPhone is pretty easy. Start your digital camera, then swap through different shooting modes before you reach Pano mode. Next, lift your digital camera to create the view, adjust publicity and picture direction, and just take the shot.

Read on to understand just how to just take a panorama picture on iPhone.

Dining table of articles

  1. Overview of using a Panorama Photo on iPhone
  2. Steps to Take a Panorama picture on iPhone
    • Step # 1: Select Pano Mode
    • Step # 2: Do a “Run” of Your Photo
    • Step # 3: Adjust Camera Exposure
    • Step # 4: Set Panning Direction
    • Step # 5: simply take Your Shot
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Overview of using a Panorama Photo on iPhone

Panning could be the very first strategy to learn whenever trying to just take exceptional panorama pictures along with your iPhone. Panning moves the digital camera from directly to left (or vice versa) in one place. Because iPhone panorama photos are theoretically numerous pictures joined up with to produce an individual picture, minimizing motion whenever panning is critical.

If you move an excessive amount of whenever panning, you’ll have actually a distorted photo. In order to avoid a distorted panoramic picture, keep your hands near to your upper body but perhaps not too shut which you don’t begin to see the camera arrow. In case the arms are unstable, make use of a tool to support the iPhone as you just take the shot.

Examples of tools you can make use of to support your iPhone are a selfie stick and a tripod. To utilize a selfie stick owner, unscrew the holder and install it on the tripod. Loosen the holder’s locking knob to help you move the iPhone left to right. Fasten the holder’s tilting knob, so that your iPhone does not inadvertently progress or down and distort the photo.

Steps to Take a Panorama picture on iPhone

Follow the actions below to just take a panorama picture in your iPhone:

Step # 1: choose Pano Mode

First, start your digital camera, then swipe through the many shooting modes before you have to pano mode.

Step no. 2: Do a “Run” of one’s Photo

Before you shoot a panorama on an iPhone, it’s essential to first “run” the digital camera through the scene. Because of this, you’ll plan how to start and end the photo. Hold your iPhone upright in portrait orientation doing a photograph “run” of a horizontal panorama. Begin going the digital camera from kept to right throughout the scene. Note interesting views you should use as start or endpoints for the photo.

Step # 3: Adjust Camera visibility

Usually, the camera will set publicity depending on what bright or dark the start of your panoramic shot is. But, if you can find scenes on your own shot which are brighter or darker compared to the opening view, areas of the picture could be over or under-exposed.

To avoid over or underexposure, find an area with medium visibility when doing a “run” regarding the scene. Aim your digital camera to the view, then touch and hold your display. This is the amount of publicity for the whole photo.

Step no. 4: Set Panning Direction

To set panning direction for the panoramic photo:

  1. Hold your iPhone up, point towards the scene then make sure the arrow is pointing right.
  2. Hold the iPhone up and make sure the arrow points kept to begin the image through the remaining.
  3. If the digital camera arrow is pointing within the incorrect direction, faucet about it, and it’ll switch.

Step # 5: Take Your Shot

To start shooting your panoramic picture:

  1. Point the digital camera towards the very first scene, then press the shutter button.
  2. Slowly and steadily pan the iPhone towards the conclusion scene of one’s photo.
  3. When panning, make sure the arrow is in the display line. If you deviate or move fast, on-screen guidelines will let you know just how to adjust.
  4. After dealing with the conclusion scene of one’s panoramic picture, you’ll stop by pushing the shutter button or going the digital camera within the opposite direction.
  5. After the digital camera prevents, your panorama picture will save automatically.


This article shows you don’t want a professional picture to just take a panorama picture. Your iPhone will continue to work fine. Make sure to do a ‘run’ regarding the scene before using the shot and adjust your camera experience of medium brightness.

Frequently Expected concerns

What will be the most useful methods for using exceptional Panorama Photos on an iPhone?

Practicing panning steadily, doing a “run” in the scene to just take exceptional panorama pictures on an iPhone and adjust the digital camera publicity.

Are all Panorama Photos horizontal?

No, panorama pictures may be straight.

How may I just take a vertical Panorama picture on an iPhone?

Open your digital camera and swipe to pano mode. Support the iPhone horizontally, then touch in the shutter key. Stick to the digital camera arrow up to shoot. Touch the shutter key to get rid of and save yourself the image.

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