How To Tell if Magic Mouse Is Charging

  1. How To Share With If Magic Mouse Is Charging?
    • Method no. 1: Checking From Menu Bar
    • Method number 2: Checking From System needs
  2. Charging Magic Mouse
  3. Fixing the Magic Mouse 
    • Checking the Cable
    • Clearing the Lint
    • Changing energy Source
    • Replacing the Cable or Battery
  4. Summary
  5. Frequently expected concerns

How To inform If Magic Mouse Is Charging?

If you might be wondering how exactly to inform in the event that Magic Mouse is recharging, our two step by step techniques can help you figure this down without wasting your time and effort. 

Method # 1: Checking From Menu Bar

You can check always your Magic Mouse asking status through the Menu club of one’s Mac computer.

  1. Connect your Mac computer to Magic Mouse using the lightning cable.
  2. Click “Bluetooth” in the Menu club.  
  3. Click in the “Magic Mouse,” and a little screen will start, showing the battery level in grey, showing that the Magic Mouse is asking.


The Magic Mouse is fully charged in 2 hours, whilst the normal life of this batteries is six months according to the way you utilize them. Following this, the batteries must be replaced.

Method number 2: Checking From System needs

By following these actions, you’ll be able to verify that your Magic Mouse is recharging under Mac’s System Preferences. 

  1. Like in the 1st technique, link your Mac computer to Magic Mouse using the lightning cable.
  2. Open “System Preferences” from the Apple menu on your own Mac computer.
  3. Click on “Mouse,” and a brand new screen will start.

At the base of the screen, you will observe the Mouse Battery Level along side the recharging indicator.


A Magic Mouse charges fast due to the small-sized Lithium-ion batteries set up on it. In the event that you charge the mouse for 10 minutes, it’ll endure the whole time. A fully charged Magic Mouse can endure for a month.

Charging Magic Mouse

If you wish to charge your Magic Mouse, stick to the actions below:

  1. Connect one end regarding the lightning cable to your charging port at the rear of the Magic Mouse. 
  2. Connect the other end of this lightning cable to your Mac computer.
  3. Charging begins, and also the battery level is shown in your Mac under Bluetooth and System choices menus mentioned above.


You also can charge your Magic Mouse faster from a primary energy socket.

Fixing the Magic Mouse 

Now you know how exactly to charge and check out the recharging status of this Magic Mouse, it’s time to explore several fast solutions in the event that mouse does not charge.

Checking the Cable

Check if the charging cable is placed properly into the charging port at the base of Magic Mouse. In the event that you insert it too carefully, the Magic Mouse will maybe not link, and you’ll face recharging problems. 

Clearing the Lint

If the Magic Mouse just isn’t recharging, lint could have accumulated into the charging port due to unfavorable conditions like dust or extortionate use. Resultantly, the recharging cable will unfit in to the Magic Mouse slot. To correct this problem, usage any pointed object like a toothpick to carefully clean the within of this slot.

Changing Energy supply

Maybe, the Magic Mouse just isn’t recharging because of the defective recharging slot of one’s Mac computer. Replace the USB port and link the Magic Mouse once again. If it’s nevertheless maybe not recharging, reboot the computer to eliminate any problems into the computer software being interfering with all the Magic Mouse recharging. 

Replacing the Cable or Battery

Your Magic Mouse recharging cable may be defective. To help troubleshoot the matter, make use of your iPhone or iPad asking cable. In the event that mouse begins to charge once again, change the Magic Mouse cable with a compatible one. 


If none of this abovementioned techniques can help you fix this problem, the batteries are either short-circuited or damaged. To correct this problem, simply take the Magic Mouse to an Apple authorized fix specialist and obtain the batteries replaced.


In this informative article on how to inform if Magic Mouse is recharging, we talked about two easy techniques to check out the battery pack degree and recharging status. We’ve additionally talked about effective troubleshooting strategies for repairing the Magic Mouse recharging problems.

We hope it is possible to now effortlessly link the Magic Mouse using the MacBook for recharging and carrying in together with your everyday tasks.

Frequently Expected concerns

Can we charge a Magic Mouse with a phone charger?

You may charge Magic Mouse using the official iPhone or iPad lightning cable. Many iPhones have actually USB-C chargers compatible using the Magic Mouse asking slot. 

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