How To Tell if My Laptop Has Thunderbolt 3

Thunderbolt 3 Port

Checking if Your laptop computer Has Thunderbolt 3

Method # 1: Checking the USB-C Port

Method number 2: Checking a person ManualMethod number three: using the Thunderbolt Compatibility ListFixing Thunderbolt 3 unit not RecognizedMethod # 1: Rebooting the LaptopMethod # 2: upgrading the BIOS in HP Laptops

Step no. 1: Gather the mandatory Information

Step # 2: go directly to the assistance webpage

  1. Step no. 3: read the BIOS Update
    • Step # 4: Setup treatment and BIOS Update
    • Method # 3: Updating the Thunderbolt 3 Firmware
    • Summary
  2. Checking if Your laptop computer Has Thunderbolt 3
    • If you’re wondering just how to notify if the laptop has Thunderbolt 3, our 3 step-by-step techniques will help you to believe it is away without much difficulty.
    • Method no. 1: Checking the USB-C Port
      • The first action you are able to try share with if the laptop has Thunderbolt 3 is always check its USB-C ports. To operate with this, tilt your
      • laptop
      • to begin to see the left and right sides of the
      • keyboard panel. 
    • If you see a
  3. lightning


printed near to or under the USB-C slot, your laptop is Thunderbolt 3-compatible.

Method number two: Checking the consumer Manual

You could also verify if your laptop has thunderbolt 3 by checking its specific manual or other attacheddocumentation. In the case one’s body supports Thunderbolt 3, it’s the

main feature listed in the manual. You could also go directly to the manufacturer’s website

to find your laptop into the

product internet web page. The web page will specify these records whether it’s a Thunderbolt 3 port. Method no. 3: using the Thunderbolt Compatibility ListYou could also figure out in case the laptop has Thunderbolt 3 when you go to the Thunderbolt compatibility list using these actions.Open a browser and go to the hyperlink containing Thunderbolt-compatible services and products

.Select “Windows” from the “Operating System”


“Thunderbolt 3”

  1. from the “Version” menu.
  2. Use the “Category” and “Company” menus to filter the end result based on your laptop model.Click “Apply”, find your laptop through the search result and verify the Thunderbolt 3 port.   Fixing Thunderbolt 3 device not Recognized
  3. If your laptop isn’t acknowledging the Thunderbolt 3 device, take to our 3 step-by-step ways to fix the problem.Method no. 1: Rebooting the LaptopIf your laptop isn’t acknowledging your Thunderbolt 3 unit, you certainly can do an immediate reboot to fix the issue.Choose the Windows
  4. icon through the taskbar.Select the



through the pop-up window.


  1. “power down” and wait 1-2 minutes for the laptop to create straight down. 
  2. Connect your Thunderbolt 3 deviceto the computer, transform it in, to see if this fixes the issue. Method number two: updating the BIOS in HP LaptopsYou can make your HP laptop recognize the Thunderbolt 3 device by doing a BIOS modification along with your actions.
  3. Step no. 1: Gather the Necessary InformationPress Windows + R, type “msinfo32”
  4. in the Run

dialog package

, and choose


. A System Information Window opens up. Ensure that you are presented in the “System Summary” tab.  Find “BIOS Version/Date” from the increased right pane and note it down. Note your laptop’s operating system, bitness (i.e., 32 or 64-bit), and system model.Step number two: go directly to the assistance webpage

check away your laptop’s brand’sSoftware & Driver Downloads web site (age.g., HP). Enter your system’s model name under the “Enter your serial number” section and press Enter. Choose model title that fits yours through the search result, plus the support web site

for the model will open.

Step no. 3: read the BIOS Update On the assistance web site, click on underneath the “Operating Systems” in the English part and choose the OS you noted early in the day. In the event that you notice a “+”sign beside the BIOS category, select it; otherwise, choose the initial variation.Step number 4: Setup treatment and BIOS UpdateCheck for the BIOS modification access. In The Event That You Notice an update, choose


. Run the installed setup on your pc after which simply click “Next”. Accept the “Eula agreement” . Choose “Next”

, copy the

extraction program after which simply click “Next”.Once the reduction is complete, hold Windows + E. Paste the copied course in the goal club in Windows explorer, press Enter, available the “hpqflash” folder, and run the file that appears like “SP73917_E”.

Choose “Update the system BIOS with this specific device” and press “OK”. Adhere to the on-screen guidelines to execute the BIOS modification installation procedure.All Done!Your laptop will now effortlessly recognize your Thunderbolt 3 device.Method no. 3: Updating the Thunderbolt 3 FirmwareIt is attainable to make your Dell laptop recognize the Thunderbolt 3 device by updating the Thunderbolt firmware.

Plug your Thunderbolt 3 device in to the laptop and check out theDell assistance web page. If you don’t have a Dell laptop, see your manufacturer’s webpage and get a hold of the Thunderbolt 3 firmware.Enter the

service tag

of the Dell unit under the

“Identify your product”

option and select

  1. “Search”. Go to “Drivers & Downloads”
  2. into the Product help website for the laptop and then click “Manually find a specific motorist for you actually”.underneath the “Category” option, choose “Chipset”
  3. .Find the Intel Thunderbolt 3 firmware into the list after which simply click “Download”
  4. .Once the download completes, find and run the file on your pc, adhere to the on-screen guidelines to perform the alteration, and look for the issue.  SummaryIn this guide, we’ve mentioned just how to notify if the laptop has Thunderbolt 3. We’ve furthermore looked over some repairs when your laptop won’t recognize the Thunderbolt 3 device.We hope one of these simple brilliant techniques did in your case, and you’ll enjoy a hassle-free experience using the enabled Thunderbolt 3 slot. 
  5. Table of articles
    Most computer enthusiasts want the Thunderbolt 3 slot in the completely new laptops. None the less, if you have recently got a whole new system and aren’t sure that it has Thunderbolt 3, you will discover many workarounds that will help figure this out.Quick AnswerTo verify that the laptop has Thunderbolt 3 slot, verify a lightning symbol

close to or under the USB-C slot. You may even

check the laptop user manual

to confirm it is Thunderbolt 3 port enabled. 

We have actually produce an extensive guide for you to notify if the laptop has Thunderbolt 3 slot. We will furthermore mention many repairs in your case should your Computer doesn’t recognize the Thunderbolt 3 items.

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