How To Tell If the RAM Is Bad

  1. 5 Most Common Symptoms
    • Blue Screen of Death
    • Insufficient RAM
    • Decline in Efficiency
    • Installation Failure
    • Corrupted Files
  2. Conclusion

5 most typical signs

Over time, RAM’s performance decreases. Bad RAM could be the problem should your computer usually freezes, restarts, or shows a blue display screen of death. Another indicator of bad RAM may be faulty files, particularly if you’ve recently used such files. Another feasible indication is the fact that computer slows down whilst in usage but appears to choose backup after a boot.

Explained listed here are a few of the signs which suggest your RAM isn’t working correctly, and considering essential they truly are, they truly are due for an upgrade.

Blue Screen of Death

As obvious from its title, the blue display screen of death suggests a complete failure of an effective Windows procedure. In easier terms, this display screen suggests that your particular Windows has totally unsuccessful and certainly will need to be reset for this to function correctly, at the least in some instances.

A blue display screen of death comes from software and hardware-related reasons. Nonetheless, in this essay, we are going to concentrate on the equipment aspect. Faulty RAM trigger your WIndows to show the dreaded blue display screen. 

The reason behind this is that in your memory module on your own motherboard, one or even more of the RAM sticks aren’t working correctly, which is the reason why Windows isn’t working properly. 

Another explanation is if you’re fortunate that the RAM configurations don’t match (i.e., the RAM sticks you attached in parallel on your own motherboard would not have matching designs).

An simple solution to verify that any RAM-related issue is resulting in the blue display screen of death is always to run the Windows Troubleshooter through the control interface to identify if one thing is incorrect. You certainly can do therefore when you go to “Memory” in Control Panel and, under “Administrative Tools”, operating the “Troubleshooter”.

Insufficient RAM

Another common way to understand for those who have bad RAM is check the RAM capability shown in WIndows. Usually, users complain that despite the fact that they will have 16GB of RAM, if they check their RAM in Windows, they could just see 1 / 2 of that. 

The reason why this takes place is pure as a result of RAM breakdown. Often times, your RAM may possibly not be working properly, or it may have some pins lost, which can never be linking aided by the connector correctly, that might cause one’s body not to ever consist of it into the total system RAM.

Decline in Efficiency

The decrease into the performance of the system is amongst the most occurring symptoms that indicate that the RAM is bad. But because this symptom is typical in diagnosing other computer issues, it’s important to classify precisely what the decrease in performance means when it comes to bad RAM.

Now it’s important to keep in mind that, in certain cases, your RAM may well not cause a decline in performance. A badly written system or a newly installed application could cause a degradation in performance.

Listed listed here are a few of the circumstances which pinpoint a bad RAM.

  1. Boot Looping: Boot looping is a tremendously typical symptom of bad RAM. Boot looping is if your computer keeps switching on / off without the need to do those operations yourself.
  2. Crashing Applications: if perhaps one application is crashing on your own system, it may never be as a result of your RAM, even when your RAM is bad. Nonetheless, if it crashes during any intensive task, your RAM may be resulting in the problem. The reason being RAM is employed for short-term storage space.
  3. Black Blank Screen: often, once you switch on your personal computer, you may note that your display shows a black blank screen. Which means your personal computer doesn’t start properly, another symptom of RAM maybe not operating properly.

Installation Failure

Sometimes you may find your self wanting to install a brand new application, nevertheless the process keeps failing. These scenarios might take place, such as for example whenever a mistake quantity seems regarding the display screen with no apparent description, a small computer software takes longer than usual to introduce, etc. You need to reinstall the working system in order to avoid any strange mistake communications.

But despite many and varied reasons for the failure to set up, RAM could be the one explanation you can’t install a brand new system. This symptom is not common and may not be utilized to identify the RAM issue by itself. But combined with other signs in this essay, it will also help you achieve a clearer summary.

Corrupted Files

You might find your self in a fix in the event that you observe that your files are receiving corrupted over a bit, as this means your RAM is bad. Needless to say, now we could argue that a virus or just about any spyware may also cause this, you if a virus assaults, you do not face a corrupted file with this quantity.

The explanation is your RAM damages your difficult disk’s articles because while reading or writing files, if RAM isn’t working properly, the files have damaged through the transfer as well as the motion.


Hopefully, applying this article, you are in a position to troubleshoot your RAM issues properly. Nonetheless, if you’re uncertain of this procedure, you are able to just take your personal computer to an expert to obtain the RAM replaced or eliminated.

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