How To Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone

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Transferring Contacts from Android to iPhone

Transferring Your associates From Android os to iPhone

Method number 1: making use of relocate to IOS

Step # 1: Installing Move to IOS

  1. Step # 2: linking to an iPhone
    • Step no. 3: Select Transfer connections
      • Method # 2: utilizing Bing Account to Transfer connections
      • Method number 3: Switching your SIM Card
      • Method number 4: Using vCard to move associates
    • Summary
    • Frequently expected concerns
    • Transferring Your associates From Android to iPhone
  2. There are a couple of methods for you to move your associates from an Android os to an iPhone. This guide will walk you through all of the practices and actions necessary to do this. Nonetheless, a few of these practices may need one to just take your SIM card down actually.
  3. Method number 1: making use of proceed to IOS

Move to IOS

is an app developed by Apple Inc; it offers the consumer with a seamless information transfer experience between an Android and an iPhone. The software can be obtained

for free

and certainly will be downloaded through the Google Enjoy shop.Step no. 1: Installing proceed to IOSYou can install relocate to IOS on your own Android os unit by after these few actions:Go to

Google Play Store


Move to iOS app.
  1. Search Go on to IOS regarding the
  2. Search Bar.Press Install to begin getting the app.
  3. Before getting the software in your Android os unit, check always your storage space to learn whether you’ve got enough room in your phone.Step # 2: linking to an iPhoneTo connect with an iPhone, you’ll want to visit your iPhone’s

App and Data

settings. From right here, you’ll want to select the

Move information From Android choice. When chosen, the iPhone will create a six-digit rule. For connecting both Phones, follow these steps:Go to your Move to IOS app and proceed with the directions until it asks you for a code.

  1. Enter the six-digit code supplied by your iPhone.Now press
  2. Ok to connect both your products.
  3. Once linked, the software provides you with a listing of all of the categories from where you are able to move information.Step number 3: Select Transfer ContactsFrom record of the many available categories, choose the


category and press

Continue. You certainly will begin moving all of your associates from your own Android os unit to your iPhone by pushing Continue.WarningEnsure that the mobile battery pack does not come to an end through the sharing procedure, as it can certainly result in information corruption.Method # 2: utilizing Bing Account to Transfer Contacts

If you’ve got a Google account, it can be utilized to move your associates. To move your associates, all you have to do is:

Go to your mobile



  1. User & reports.Find your Google account.
  2. Choose the Google account in that you desire to backup your associates.Press
  3. Sync all to sync your connections.
  4. Unselect every thing except associates in the event that you don’t desire to sync all of your information.Now visit your iPhone, register to your Bing account, and press
  5. Sync.
  6. Method number 3: Switching your SIM Cardonce you conserve a contact in your Android os unit, there was an alternative to truly save your associates in your SIM. By maintaining your associates in your SIM, you are able to merely move your associates by moving your SIM Card.To transfer your contacts utilizing your SIM:

Move your associates to your SIM.

Turn Off your products.

Open the SIM tray in your android device and

  1. take your SIM card down
  2. .
  3. Make certain your SIM card could be the right size for the iPhone.Transfer your SIM card to your iPhone.By after the above-mentioned actions, it will be possible to move your associates. Once you are done moving your SIM card, switch on your unit, and will also be in a position to begin to see the transferred associates.
  4. Information
  5. There are, as a whole, three sizes of SIM cards: Standard, Micro, and Nano. Also, the more recent iPhone models utilize either the Nano SIM or E-SIM, a digital chip currently set up in the device.

Method number 4: utilizing vCard to transfer contacts

The last option to move associates from your own Android os unit to an iPhone is to use vCards. Every modern android device is effective at making vCards; all you have to do is follow these steps:

Go to your



Transfer contacts using vCard
  1. Settings> Import/Export.Inside Import/Export, get to Export and choose Export to storage space.
  2. By selecting Export to storage, your unit is likely to make a vCard list containing most of the associates in your device.Send it to your iPhone, ideally through a contact.Now visit your iPhone and check always your
  3. Email.
  4. Once you start your mail download the vCard sent as an attachment.
  5. Press on vCard > include All connections to move your associates.
  6. After you move your contacts, don’t delete the vCard, as they possibly can constantly also come in handy. Alternatively, make a backup because of it.SummaryNow you have actually gone through all of the methods which you can use to move your associates, it will be possible to possess a seamless transfer experience from your own Android os unit to an iPhone.

Frequently Expected concerns

How do I move my associates from Android os to iPhone without SIM?

You may use your Bing account or the proceed to IOS to move your associates. If none regarding the above-mentioned strategies works, you can utilize vCards to move your associates.

How to move information from Android os to iPhone?

There are a couple of techniques to move important computer data from Android os to iPhone, however the easiest method to do this is to use the relocate to IOS software. If relocate to IOS is not readily available for you, you can find third-party apps you should use.

How do I sync my iPhone associates to my Bing account?

You can sync your iPhone contact to your Bing account by visiting your associates. Inside contacts, scroll down unless you see the add a free account choice; press include account > Bing to sync your Bing account.

Are you about to move from an Android os to an iPhone, nevertheless the concern with losing all of your associates is stopping you? Well, your fear might have been justified if it absolutely was 2015, but that’s not the way it is anymore.

With the advancements into the mobile market throughout the last couple of years, moving your associates from a single unit to some other hasn’t been easier.

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