How To Turn Off Discord Notifications on a PC

While Discord notification is a helpful function, the reality is that it may be very disruptive, particularly when you’re attempting to concentrate on work or other material. Fortunately, you can find other ways to make down Discord notifications. Therefore, how can you begin it? Info

To turn off the Discord notifications on your computer, right-click in the discussion and mute it for a time period of between fifteen minutes and unless you change it straight back on. You’ve got the choice to mute notifications for particular users, particular networks, and particular servers or to disable all notifications and noises through the application.   

If Discord notification is distracting you, an intelligent move is always to change it down. But observe that whenever you turn fully off notifications for a channel, you’ll not get an alert of unread communications. Read On this article to understand just how to turn fully off Discord notifications on your computer.  

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