How To Turn Off Driving Mode on Android

Android Drive Mode

Steps to show Off Driving Mode on Android

Method # 1: Personal Safety Option

Method no. 2: making use of Driving Mode


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Steps to show Off Driving Mode on Android

  1. The actions to switching down driving mode on Android os car might differ somewhat from variation to variation. Nevertheless, it’s very nearly exactly the same. Right here, we are going to talk about switching from the Driving mode on Android os 11. We’ll achieve this in 2 methods. 1st means is switch off the Driving mode
  2. using the “Personal security” option,
  3. together with 2nd is always to take action right through the Driving mode display screen.
  4. Method # 1: Personal Safety choice
  5. Navigate to


on your own Android os unit. You will have numerous options like Apps, extra Settings, and Digital health & parental settings.Scroll down the Settings display and discover the


  1. choice. Touch onto it to start the Google solutions settings display. You will notice a listing of most of the Google solutions available on your own unit beneath the “Services On This Device” list.
  2. Under the “Services On This Device” list, you will discover the “Personal Safety” choice. Touch onto it.Now, you’ll see a
  3. “Silence notifications while driving” option in the Personal Safety display. Touch onto it to continue.You will now encounter the “Silence notifications while driving” the toggle switch. Tap onto it to show it on.
  4. Method no. 2: making use of Driving ModeThe first couple of actions in this process are exactly the same as those mentioned in Method # 1. When you’re through them, right here’s what you should do:At the base of record, you will notice a
  5. “Settings for Google apps” option. Touch onto it to go to the following display screen.Now, you’ll see a listing of options like Connected apps, Bing Fit, and Enjoy Games. Touch in the Research, Assistant, and Voice choice.

You will now be at the Settings display. Next, tap the

“Google Assistant”

  1. option.You will now see lots of choices. Scroll down
  2. towards the base to get the
  3. “Transport” choice. Touch onto it to go to the following display screen.Again, available the
  4. “Driving Mode” key towards the base for the list.Under the “When linked to the car’s Bluetooth” choice, set the air key to
  5. “Do absolutely nothing”. Do the same for the “When driving is detected”
  6. option.Conclusionright here, we conclude our article on how best to switch off the Driving mode on Android os. The possibility is made particularly to simply help users while driving. But, additionally be a source of distraction, and so, you may want to end deploying it.By after the two techniques stated earlier, it is simple to switch off the Driving mode on your own Android os unit while focusing on utilizing Android os automobile or various other driving guide option or no driving guide option.Frequently Expected concernswhat’s the Driving mode in Android os?Driving mode is an integrated Android os choice that can help users navigate while driving. It starts a quick-view-friendly dashboard that actually works with vocals commands making use of Bing Assistant.

What is Android os automobile?

Android car is an app produced by Bing to aid users while driving. It integrates with a car’s infotainment system and will be offering features typically available on an Android unit. It functions as a driving help function. Android automobile requires pairing with an Android device.

Android has arrived a considerable ways since its modest starting in 2008. It gives a selection of features, such as for example Bing Assistant and Driving Mode, in order to make life easier for Android os users. However, Driving Mode went obsolete because the introduction of Android os car. Now, it is simply causing more issues than it’s resolving. Therefore, it is just normal that numerous users want to shut it well while driving.

Quick Solution

You need certainly to visit “Phone (or unit) Settings” and then navigate to “Google” > “Services with this device” > “Personal Safety” > “Silence notifications while driving”. Right here, you will need to switch on the toggle switch while watching Silence notifications while driving.

Alternatively, you are able to start mobile settings and then head to “Google” > “Services with this unit” > “Settings for Bing apps” > “Search, Assistant and Voice” > “Google Assistant” > “Transport” > “Driving mode”. Finally, choose the “Do nothing” radio key for both “When connected to car’s Bluetooth” and “When driving is detected” options.

This post describes the actions to show down driving mode on Android os. We’ll talk about two methods for doing this. The very first is using the private Safety option (that is an easy means of doing this), together with second is through directly working with the Driving mode (which guarantees outcomes). Therefore, right here we go!

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