How To Turn Off Google Lens on an iPhone

Google Lens

just what Can Google Lens Do?

Turning Off Bing Lens on an iPhone

Method # 1: Disabling Camera and Photos AccessStep number one: Change Privacy SettingsStep no. 2: switch off Bing LensMethod no. 2: Uninstalling Bing Step # 1: Open SettingsStep no. 2: Delete GoogleUsing Bing Lens on an iPhoneMethod # 1: using Bing Lens With PhotosStep number 1: start GoogleStep # 2: use Bing Lens With Photos Method number 2: using Bing Lens utilising the CameraStep number 1: enable Bing Permission to utilize CameraStep number 2: use Bing Lens with all the current iPhone CameraSummary just what Can Google Lens Do?Google Lens allows one to use your iPhone camera to search for each thing and anything. And recently, Bing has added more exciting features to it. 

For instance, Bing Lens can


  1. text
  2. to suit your needs,
    • identify plants and animals
      • , scan
      • barcodes and
    • QR codes
      • , detect and recognize your surroundings, uncover the
      • price of varied services and products
  3. , help with
    • smart text search
      • , and allow you to buy the meals. 
      • Turning Off Bing Lens on an iPhone
    • If you may be wondering how to turn off Bing Lens in your iPhone, our 2 step-by-step step-by-step without might help you through the whole procedure without much hassle. 
      • Method # 1: Disabling camera and Photos Access
      • With these actions, you’ll be able to disable Camera and Photos access in your iPhone to exhibit straight down Bing Lens. 
  4. Step # 1: Change Privacy Settings

In the 1st step, unlock your iPhone, swipe left to get use of

App Library, and tap the Settings app

. As Soon As The pc software is launched, scroll down and select “Privacy” .Step no. 2: Pull The Plug On Bing LensWhenever Privacy settings set up into the display, scroll down and touch “Photos”. To help make down Bing Lens, faucet “Google” and pick “None”.

Next, go back to


, tap


, and get the toggle close to

“Google” towards the downposition.All Done!Once you disable Google’s Camera and Photos access, Bing Lens will more than likely become deterred, and you might no longer use it.Method no. 2: Uninstalling Bing If you may be using an iPhone and desire to turn off Bing Lens, you will uninstall the application in the following way.

Step number one: Open Settings

In action one, begin the App Library in your iPhone and tap the Settings app. If the pc software is launched, mind to “General” and tap “iPhone Storage”.Step no. 2: Delete GoogleOn the

“iPhone Storage” display, scroll down and locate “Google”. When you do, touch it and select “Offload App” to keep carefully the documents and information linked to the pc software even when it is uninstalled. If the pc software is offloaded, touch the red “Delete App” button to uninstall it.

Alternate Method

To uninstall Bing one more technique, continue with all the actions reported below.

1. Select


in your own home display screen.

2. Touch and holdthe app icon.3. Tap “Remove App”.

4. Confirm by selecting

“Delete App”.Using Bing Lens on an iPhoneIf you have got changed your head about deleting Bing Lens from your iPhone,  our 2 step-by-step techniques is likely to make suggestions about utilizing the pc software conveniently.Method number one: using Bing Lens With PhotosFollow these making usage of Bing Lens in your iPhone with present pictures in your Photos app.Step # 1: start GoogleIn the 1st step, begin your Google


, touch the Bing Lens sign throughout the right end linked to the search club, and select

“Go to Settings”once the Bing Settings display appears into the display, tap
“Photos” and select “All Photos” through the menu of alternatives. 
Step no. 2: use Bing Lens With PhotosOnce you’ve got changed the Photos access Settings, available the Google
app and touch the Lens


once more.

Select an image from your

Camera Roll

you need help identifying, along with the description linked to the item and comparable services and products will appear inside the image.

Method no. 2: using Bing Lens along with the CameraYou can furthermore make use of the camera of the iPhone to scan and recognize things with Bing Lens in the following way. Step number one: enable Bing Permission to work with CameraFirst, get the Googleapp

from your App Library to begin it, then touch the Google Lens icon throughout the right end linked to the search club. Now, tap “Search with your camera”

and select

“Go to Settings”. Move the toggle next to “Google” towards the Bing Settings display enabling the application to get use of your Camera.Step no. 2: use Bing Lens utilising the iPhone Camera Open your Bing application again, touch the Google Lens icon

, even though the display will transform into a Camera.

Scan the object

and place you want, and tap any


into the image showing appropriate serp’s. Summary  In this write-up on how best to turn off Bing Lens in your iPhone, we’ve explored numerous how exactly to disable the big event in your iOS product. We’ve furthermore discussed the best ways to use Bing Lens in your iPhone.Hopefully, you discovered whatever you have been looking for, you will use your iPhone without Bing Lens installed about it.

Google Lens is some type of computer system function that accompany the Bing analysis pc software and can are offered in handy as it allows people to identify different things around them. However, many users don’t need this specific function in the iPhones and desire to change it well. 

Quick SolutionTo turn off Bing Lens on iPhone, check out Settings and touch “Privacy”. Select “Camera”

and toggle down

“Google”. Come back to Privacysettings, choose “Photos”, tap “Google”, and choose


through the menu.

To make things understandable for you personally, we took sufficient time to write an intensive guide on how best to turn off Bing Lens on iPhone. We intend to additionally speak about using this kind of function on an iOS product if you boost your mind about getting rid of it in your product. 

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