How To Turn Off Keyboard Shortcuts

Have you inadvertently clicked in the begin menu key whenever whatever you desired would be to press Ctrl + A? you’re not alone. Despite the fact that keyboard shortcuts

  • are necessary to accelerating work procedures, they may be distracting. Happily, there are many techniques to turn fully off keyboard shortcuts to do your tasks uninterrupted.Quick AnswerTo disable keyboard shortcuts on a Windows Computer, look for “
  • Edit Group Policy

    ” on your computer menu, get to “

    1. User designs“, and then click “Administrative Templates
    2. “. Next, select “Windows Components
    3. ” and then click on “File Explorer“. Scroll down and double-click “Turn Off Windows Key Hotkeys“. After that, simply click on “
    4. Enabled” and tap on “
    5. Apply“. Finally, click “OK

    “, near the Group Policy Editor screen, and reboot Windows.

    If you have a problem with turning down keyboard shortcuts, you landed in the right web page because this short article explain just how to turn fully off keyboard shortcuts on macOS and Windows PCs.

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