How To Turn Off Mock Locations on Android

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  1. Why Can I Turn Fully Off Mock Stores?
  2. Disabling Mock stores on Android
  3. Method # 1: Hiding Mock stores Through Developer Options
    • Step no. 1: Access About Phone or Device Option
    • Step no. 2: allow Developer Options
    • Step # 3: switch off Mock Locations
  4. Method # 2: Hiding Mock Locations With an App
  5. Summary
  6. Frequently expected concerns

Why Should we switch off Mock stores?

GPS on an Android os phone is an emulator as opposed to a physical GPS.

If you’re done testing the system, modifying the device’s real-time location for GPS apps, or don’t want to build fake data anymore, you might switch off the mock areas to deliver the accurate location towards the phone’s GPS.

Disabling Mock stores on Android

It isn’t since hard because it appears to disable the mock areas function on an Android phone. Nevertheless, rather than having fun with your phone and ruining its settings, our step by step guidelines could save you some time make certain you finish the troubleshooting without the trouble.

Here will be the two most reliable means of switching from the mock areas on an Android phone.

Method # 1: Hiding Mock stores Through Developer Alternatives

In the initial technique, you’ll navigate to “Developer Options” and attempt to switch off the mock location form there.

Step # 1: Access About mobile or unit choice

Access the “Settings” on your Android os phone. Under “Settings,” scroll down and touch the “About Phone” choice.


On some Android os products, you may want to touch on the “Phone Name” in “Settings” to get into the entire phone details.

Step # 2: allow Developer Alternatives

Once you’re in the “About Phone” menu, you will notice your phone’s build number. With respect to the phone, faucet in the create quantity seven or higher times to enable the designer options.


On several Android os products, you may want to enable the designer choices in Settings > System before being a developer.

Step number 3: switch off Mock Locations

Now that you will be a developer, return towards the “Developer Options” and faucet “Allow Mock Locations” or “Select Mock Locations.” Now you can turn off the mock locations by switching the slider to the off position.


Since the designer choices are around for development and screening, modifications may impact the phone’s performance and constancy.

Method # 2: Hiding Mock Locations With an App

If you don’t wish to play with allowing or disabling the mock areas under your phone’s settings, you’ll unhide them using the help of an app. First, enable the designer options on your own phone, as previously mentioned within the very first technique.

Next, install the Xposed Framework app from the Enjoy Store. Introduce the software and turn on the “Hide Mock Locations” choice. Plunge to the “Hide Mock Locations” menu. Now select the apps from where you want to hide or unhide your location. Finally, restart your phone for the modifications to just take impact.


If the above mentioned methods don’t meet your needs, seek professional assistance from an established phone mechanic shop or contact the authorized maker of one’s Android os phone. 


In this guide about turning off the mock areas in Android os, we’ve discussed why you ought to think about delivering the initial location to your phone’s GPS. We’ve also addressed a few fast troubleshooting techniques to remedy the mock location problem.

Hopefully, the process outlined in this guidance had been effective for you personally, and you will now note that there’s absolutely no mock location configured.

Frequently expected Questions

How do I enable mock areas on Android os?

To enable mock locations, go directly to the Android os “Settings,” then choose “About Phone/Device.” Next, scroll down to discover the build quantity. Now, faucet in the create quantity seven times to look at the newly added “Developer Alternatives.” You Will Have a listing of a few designer settings; find and enable “Allow Mock Locations.”

If there’s absolutely no choice for “About Phone” on your Android os, head to “Settings,” find the “Software Information” choice and redo the above mentioned actions.

How do we switch off mock areas on my iPhone?

To switch off mock areas on an iPhone, head to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent places. Now start the positioning solutions. Instead, scroll straight down, navigate to your “History” part, and faucet “Clear History.”

Can We fake an area on Bing Maps?

Yes, you’ll fake your local area on Google Maps by downloading and installing Android location spoofing apps from the integrated Bing Enjoy Store.

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