How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration on Mac

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If you want to game, particularly on a Computer, the word “Mouse Acceleration” has most likely crossed paths with you. For folks who have no concept what Mouse Acceleration is, you are going to entirely comprehend it by the conclusion of the guide.

Now finding its way back to the primary subject, you are able to turn fully off your Mouse Acceleration on your own Mac after our guide below.

Quick Answer

If you wish to turn fully off the Mouse Acceleration on your own Mac, you are able to run a couple of commands on your own terminal to make it well. It is possible to utilize third-party peripheral Softwares to cope with the problem however if you don’t might like to do that, making use of your Mac Terminal is the actual only real dependable method. 

Don’t get disheartened by the manner in which you will need to handle the Mac terminal to make down your Mouse Acceleration. For several, making use of a Mac terminal could be frightening but don’t stress once we will walk you through the whole thing, one action at the same time. With that in mind, why don’t we begin.

  1. Step # 1: Accessing the Terminal 
    • Using Mac Spotlight 
    • Using the Finder
  2. Step # 2: going into the Killmouseaccel Command 
    • Downloading the Killmouseaccel Script 
    • Making an Executable File 
    • Running the Killmouseaccel Script 
  3. Summary 
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Step no. 1: Accessing the Terminal 

For the typical Joe accessing their Mac’s terminal could be confusing. But, it does not have to be any more. Today, we are going to allow you to access your Mac’s terminal in a jiffy with the aid of the below-mentioned techniques.

Using Mac Spotlight 

Using Spotlight to gain access to the terminal on your own Mac could be the quickest & most available regarding the two techniques. In the event that you don’t learn how to access limelight on your own unit and lookup for the terminal, proceed with the below-mentioned actions.

  1. Press the “Command” and “Space Bar” keys simultaneously.
  2. Type “Terminal” regarding the search bar.
  3. Double click on “Terminal” making it run.

Using the Finder

If you might be somebody who has deactivated Spotlight in your Macbook, the strategy mentioned previously won’t benefit you. But, you should not worry as your Finder is definitely here that will help you. To get into the terminal with the aid of the Finder:

  1. Click regarding the Finder’s symbol on your own Toolbar.
  2. On the remaining part, double-click regarding the “Application” tab.
  3. Scroll down unless you see “Utilities.”
  4. Inside “Utilities,” double-click “Terminal.”

With the aid of both of these techniques, you’ll be able to to gain access to your terminal and continue steadily to resolve the true issue at hand, that is switching down your Mouse Acceleration.


In Laymen’s terms, Mouse Acceleration allows your mouse to get faster in the event that you move it quicker. With no assistance of Mouse Acceleration, your unit cursor while the distance traveled by the mouse are going to be linear no matter the rate.

Step # 2: going into the Killmouseaccel Command 

After starting your Mac’s terminal, you’ll want to run a command to make down your Mouse Acceleration. But, remember restarting your unit will allow your Mouse Acceleration. That said, understand that all these commands needs to be entered one after another.

Downloading the Killmouseaccel Script 

So the very first command you’ll want to enter on your own terminal is "ctrl -O” The demand can become downloading the Killmouseaccel script on your own unit, that will require disabling the mouse acceleration.

Making an Executable File 

Now you have downloaded the script, you’ll want to ensure it is executable. To really make the script executable, you have to type in “chmod +x killmouseaccel. When that is completed, you’ll want to enter yet another demand to disable your Mouse Acceleration.

Running the Killmouseaccel Script 

Lastly, you’ll want to run the executable file you simply made. In so doing, you’ll be able to to make from the Mouse Acceleration on your own Mac. To perform the file you simply made, key in the next command ./killmouseaccel mouse.

You will effectively turn fully off your Mouse Acceleration by following most of the mentioned steps.


Turning down your Mouse Acceleration could be irritating for Mac users, since the participation regarding the terminal is vital. But, when you do find yourself going right through this guide, you’ll not just learn to turn fully off your Mouse Acceleration, however you will additionally be in a position to access your Mac’s terminal very quickly.

Frequently Expected concerns

How do we fix my mouse sensitiveness on a Mac?

Go to your Mac settings and navigate to mouse settings within your system choices to correct your mouse sensitiveness. As part of your mouse settings, go the mouse sensitiveness slider around until your reach finally your desired sensitiveness.

How do we make my Mac scroll smoother?

To make your Mac scrolling experience better, you’ll want to visit your mouse settings. You are able to access your mouse environment in your body and choices. When in the mouse settings, go the scroll rate slider unless you find one thing you might be confident with.

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