How To Turn Off Predictive Text on iPhone

  1. How To switch off Predictive Text on iPhone
  2. Why if you switch off Predictive Text on Your iPhone?
  3. How To Type Faster in your iPhone
    • Method # 1: switch on the Spell Checker
    • Method # 2: Ask Siri
    • Method # 3: Enable Auto-Correct
    • Method # 4: Using the Swipe Keyboard
  4. Why Can’t You Turn Off Predictive Text?
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently expected concerns

How To switch off Predictive Text on iPhone

Here would be the actions to get into the predictive text key from your own iPhone’s “Keyboard Settings“.

  1. Go towards the Settings app in your iPhone.
  2. Select “General” > “Keyboard“.
  3. Toggle the “Predictive” button down.

Why In case you switch off Predictive Text on Your iPhone?

There are benefits of switching down predictive text regarding the iPhone. Switching from the predictive text enables you to deliver pictures and music listings quickly, share apps, send emojis, and also send a recorded video clip. Ergo, it allows quickly sharing news products and emojis when typing.

The image below programs whenever predictive text is switched on.

When predictive text is switched on, the language you kind are exhibited regarding the text containers. This text package replaces the icons for sharing media and emojis, unlike if the predictive text is deterred.

You can only just share news before you begin typing or once you begin typing as soon as the predictive text is in. Ergo, making the sharing of media slow.

The image below programs whenever predictive text is deterred.

How To Type quicker on your own iPhone

If you might be good at spelling words, eliminating predictive text will allow you to share your news, apps, and emojis faster. Ergo, it’s going to assist you type faster.

However, switching on predictive text is effective in the event that you usually make typing mistakes. Once you turn it in, it’s going to show the proper term you might be attempting to kind. Ergo, it’ll prevent you against making errors that need you to definitely delete them and, in the act, invest some time.

Nevertheless, aside from predictive text, there are some other how to type faster on an iPhone keyboard. Here are a few examples.

Method no. 1: switch on the Spell Checker

You can change on “Check Spelling” when you attend Settings > “General” > “Keyboard” > “Check Spelling“.

Turning on “Check Spelling” identifies the proper term whenever you type the incorrect one. It does make you quickly correct a misspelled term as opposed to gonna your web browser or your dictionary software to improve it. Consequently, it saves time.

Method # 2: Ask Siri

Using your vocals is extremely among the quickest ways to kind. All that’s needed is of you is make sure that your vocals is articulate sufficient for the phone’s microphone to determine different quality of sound and pitch.

To enable Siri in your iPhone, you ought to head to Settings > “Accessibility” > “Siri“.

Method # 3: Enable Auto-Correct

Enabling auto-correct may be an effective way to form fast if you should be simply learning a brand new language or often misspell terms.

However, it is vital that whenever you permit auto-correct, factors to consider that the recommended terms are proper.

Cross-checking your auto-correct will stop you from giving incorrect grammatical sentences in messaging apps like social media marketing messenger apps, e-mail apps, additionally the iMessage app.

Method # 4: Using the Swipe Keyboard

The swipe keyboard for iPhone will make your typing faster. It needs you merely to swipe your message in your display when typing.

Why Can’t You Turn Off Predictive Text?

The grey bar associated with predicted text nevertheless appears despite turning down predictive text in “Keyboard Settings“. This frequently takes place for outdated iOS (i.e., iOS 13 and below). Ergo, upgrading your iOS could resolve it.

Quick Suggestion

Ensure which you confirm it’s not auto-correction or “Check Spelling”. Auto-suggested terms would still pop-up even if you switch off predictive text. It is possible to switch off the auto-suggestion in your Settings > “General” > “Keyboard” > “Auto-Correction or “Check Spelling“.

If you can’t still turn off your predicted text, you should attempt some of the following troubleshooting methods.


The predictive text function on an iPhone keyboard implies terms for you personally according to that which you kind. Its helpful in the event that you don’t have a great spelling of terms because it teaches you the proper term you might be going to type.

However, very few individuals just like the predictive text function as it distracts them when typing. This informative article solves this dilemma. It provides how to switch off the predictive text function as well as other how to make your typing faster.

Frequently Expected concerns

How do I start the predictive text?

To turn regarding the predicted text, proceed with the same procedure you utilized to show it well as provided in this specific article. Nevertheless, these times, the predictive switch is down.

What is predictive text on my iPhone?

Predictive text on iPhone is an attribute regarding the iPhone keyboard that displays other recommendations associated with terms you kind in your keyboard. Additionally predicts terms which could follow each term that you type.

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