How To Turn Off Read Receipts on Android

Read Receipts on Android

The read receipt feature on your own unit shows you when others have read your communications and vice versa; it’s a convenient but double-edged blade. Even though it may be irritating to obtain regular notifications that the receiver has received and read your messages, it stops the transmitter from once you understand when you have received or read their messages. 

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To turn fully off the read receipt into the standard texting software on your own Android os, available Settings through the Message app. Likewise, if you wish to switch off browse receipt on another third-party texting application like WhatsApp, you’d need certainly to go right to the Settings choice into the app

Turning off the read receipt choice is a very important function that can help improve your privacy. Nonetheless, whether you need visitors to understand whenever you read their messages or perhaps not, this informative article covers just how to handle the read receipt function. 

  1. Steps to make Off Read Receipt on Android 
    • Method # 1: switch off Read Receipts on Message App 
    • Method number 2: switch off Read Receipts on Third-Party App 
  2. Conclusion 
  3. Frequently Asked matter 

Steps To switch off Read Receipt on Android os 

The procedure is comparable whether you intend to switch off the browse receipt on your own Android os unit or a third-party texting application. More over, know that the read receipt work only works in your device whenever both events utilize the exact same computer software. 

Method # 1: switch off Read Receipts on Message App 

Today, many Android os products come delivered from their maker utilizing the Google messaging app as the standard SMS. Even though this does not always mean you can’t improve your standard texting software if you wish to. You are able to alter the texting software to virtually any other one you wish, however the browse receipt feature just works whenever both events utilize the exact same computer software. 

For instance, if individual A uses the Google Message app and individual B uses Truecaller (another texting application), the browse receipt will never work. Users A and B should be making use of either the Bing Messaging application or Truecaller since the situation might be to utilize the browse receipt function. 

Here’s just how to switch off the browse receipt regarding the Bing Message app.

  1. Open the Message app from your own Android device’s house screen or menu. 
  2. Tap your Gmail profile image during the top-right part regarding the display.
  3. Click “Message Settings“.
  4. Tap “General“, and then click “Chat Features“.
  5. Toggle off the “Send browse Receipt” option into the settings to make from the browse receipt.

Method number 2: switch off Read Receipts on Third-Party App 

Enabling or disabling read receipts isn’t restricted to the Android’s Message software. Some other texting apps using this function appear in quite handy. For instance, the WhatsApp mobile application, Telegram, so on are instant texting apps utilizing the browse receipt function. 

You are able to turn from the browse receipt function if you don’t desire somebody on your own contact list to understand once you read their message. Nonetheless, disabling this particular feature on a third-party application like WhatsApp varies from utilizing the standard texting software. 

Here’s just how to switch off the read receipt third-party messaging app.

  1. Open WhatsApp on your own Android os unit.
  2. Tap in the three-dot icon during the top-right part of one’s display and choose Settings.
  3. Click “Accounts“.
  4. Select “Privacy“.
  5. Toggle the “browse Receipts” choice to switch off the browse receipt. 

Keep at heart

Read receipts work with two methods; in the event that you turn them in, both you and your receiver is able to see once they read your message, and in case you transform it down, both you and your receiver can’t view each other’s browse receipt.


In conclusion, switching from the browse receipt is an attribute that can help enhance users’ privacy. Therefore, take a moment to make from the browse receipt on your own unit and read whatever message you need. If you intend to, it is possible to respond or otherwise not, with no transmitter knowing you’ve got browse the message. 

Frequently expected matter 

How may I inform if somebody disabled their browse receipts?

Usually, once you deliver a text message to somebody utilizing the Message application on Android os, there utilized to be two check markings; an everyday check and a stroke beneath it. If somebody has their browse receipt disabled in the talk settings into the Message application, it will not double-check.  

Does one tick on a messaging application like WhatsApp suggest I’ve been obstructed? 

once you deliver a note to somebody via a messaging application like WhatsApp but get just one tick, this doesn’t indicate you’ve got been obstructed. There are many different good reasons for this, such as for instance network problems or the unavailability of a data connection

The most useful you are able to do is wait a bit; maybe you may get the next tick. However if, as well as the one tick, you can’t view the person’s profile image or just around, it is probably you’ve got been obstructed.

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