How To Turn Off Ringer on iPad

Holding an iPad

Method # 1: Switching to Silent Mode

From the Control Center

Using the medial side Switch

Using The amount Down Button

Method number 2: Turning On Do Not Disturb


Frequently expected Questions

Method # 1: Switching to Silent Mode

All notifications do maybe not create noise if your iPad is on quiet mode. It is possible to switch your iPad to quiet mode in 3 ways: through the Control Center, the medial side change, and also the amount down button.

  1. From the Control Center
    • Here’s just how to switch an iPad to silent mode:
    • Swipe down
    • from the top right corner of the iPad house display screen to start the
  2. “Control Center”
  3. .
  4. Tap the

bell icon


The bell symbol is colored

with a diagonal line whenever Silent Mode is on

  1. .Using the medial side SwitchAlternatively, you are able to mute the iPad with a switch situated on the part of this unit near the amount switch. But, not absolutely all iPads have actually this switch. If your iPad gets the mute switch, follow these actions to silence the product:
  2. Open the “Settings” app.
  3. Select “General”.Scroll down

the menu and then click

“Use Side Change To”


  1. Tap “Mute”.
  2. Locate the “Side Switch” in the part of one’s iPad above the quantity button
  3. .Slide the change to turn on quiet mode. The medial side switch could have an orange history beneath whenever quiet mode is on.
  4. Using The Volume Down ButtonYou may also turn fully off the ringer on an iPad utilising the amount down switch. Press and contain the amount down switch before the presenter symbol with a diagonal line across it seems on your own house display screen. Your iPad’s ringer is currently down, and also you won’t get any noises from notifications and alerts.Method number 2: Turning On don’t Disturb
  5. The Do Not Disturb function on your own iPad silences notifications and alerts, including vibrations and smoking cigarettes of this display screen. It’s not the same as the quiet mode for the reason that you are able to modify the settings, such as for instance just how long you would like the usually do not Disturb mode to final and which alerts to silence.For example, if you’d like to silence all telephone calls and communications through the night but wish the iPad alarm to wake you up, you are able to elect to allow security band while silencing all the notifications.Here’s just how to switch on Do Not Disturb Mode on an iPad:
  6. Swipe down your display screen through the top right corner to open the “Control Center”


Tap the

moon icon

. You’ve got now turned on

Do perhaps not Disturb mode


  1. To modify your usually do not Disturb settings, follow these actions:Open the “Control Center”.
  2. Tap and contain the moon symbol. A few settings look.Click “Schedule” to start a fresh menu.Customize your routine while you desire.

Go back into the house display screen.

  1. ConclusionTurning from the ringer in your iPad silences any notification noises and alerts. It is possible to accomplish that by switching your unit to quiet mode or switching in usually do not Disturb. To alter the product to silence mode, touch the bell symbol within the Control Center or utilize the part turn on some iPad models. It is possible to start the usually do not Disturb mode by starting the Control Center and simply clicking the moon icon.Frequently Expected concerns
  2. Where may be the ringer switch on my iPad?
  3. The ringer switch on your own iPad is in the part, over the amount buttons. It is possible to set your iPad to band or head to quiet mode by sliding the ringer switch. But, only a few iPad models have actually this switch.How do we place my iPad on quiet?To put your iPad on silent, follow these steps:
  4. 1) start the Control Center by swiping down the display screen through the top right corner.
  5. 2) Touch the bell icon.

Is the quiet mode just like usually do not Disturb on My iPad?

The quiet mode plus don’t Disturb mode silence notifications and alerts such as for example incoming calls and messages.

However, Usually do not Disturb lets you modify the silence settings by establishing just how long the no noise settings final. You may also enable noises for notifications, such as for example alarms and telephone calls from some associates.

The ringer noise on your own iPad notifies you when you’ve got an inbound call, message, or other alerts. On the other hand, the product may be annoyingly loud, especially whenever you’re in a quiet spot like a gathering, lecture hallway, or movie theatre.

You can prefer to miss the notification appears beneath the Sounds Settings, but that will maybe not take away the disruption completely. The easiest method to eliminate the noisy notifications would be to switch off the ringer.

So how can you switch off the ringer on an iPad?

There are two how to switch off the ringer on an iPad: switching to Silent mode or turning on Do Not Disturb.
Quick Answer

To switch off the ringer by switching to quiet mode, swipe down the display screen to start the “Control Center” > Tap the “bell” icon.

To switch off the ringer by turning on Do Not Disturb, swipe down from the top right corner of this display screen to open “Control Center” > Tap the “moon” icon.

We ready this informative article to exhibit you the way to show from the ringer on an iPad.

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