How To Turn Off Voice Control on iPhone

  1. Method # 1: utilizing the Home Button
  2. Method # 2: utilizing the Side key
  3. Stopping Unintentional Voice Control Activation
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently expected Questions

Method # 1: making use of the house Button

once you click and keep the house switch on your own iPhone, you activate sound control and Siri. If You Would Like get switch off sound control, follow these actions:

  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. Click “Accessibility”.
  3. Scroll down the menu and faucet “Home Button”.
  4. underneath the “Press and Hold To Speak” part, simply click “Off”.


If you may like to disable Voice Control but keep Siri active, touch the Siri choice as opposed to the Off switch. If you push your home switch, it’ll stimulate Siri not sound control.

Method # 2: utilizing the part key

You can stimulate the Voice Control and Siri in iPhone X and soon after models by pushing the medial side switch. If you’d like to disable Voice Control, right here’s how exactly to do it:

  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. Click “Accessibility”.
  3. Scroll down the menu and choose the “Side Button”.
  4. underneath the “Press and Hold To Speak” part, faucet “Off”.

Stopping Unintentional Voice Control Activation

The voice control function makes doing material together with your iPhone easier. You are able to compose a contact, text, call, or facetime somebody, by uttering terms on your own unit. 

If you need to keep carefully the function switched on but stop unintentional activation, you possibly can make the function inaccessible on a locked unit. Achieving this guarantees you merely utilize sound control whenever your unit is unlocked. Follow these actions for doing that:

  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. Tap “Touch ID & Passcode”.
  3. Create a passcode that you’ll make use of to secure your phone.
  4. Go back once again to “Settings” and then click on “Passcode Lock”.
  5. Scroll down the menu and switch off the “Voice Dial” toggle.
  6. Under “Allow Access When Locked”, switch off the toggle beside “Siri”.


The Voice Control function allows you to access some functions by uttering terms to your iPhone. These functions consist of calling, texting, playing, and pausing music.

However, you might switch off the function if it keeps interrupting what you are really doing regarding the phone or even for various other explanation. You are able to switch off sound control through the Settings software by picking the Off choice beneath the Press and Hold To talk part.

Frequently Expected concerns

how come Voice Control keep appearing on my iPhone?

There are three reasoned explanations why your Voice Control may keep appearing on your own iPhone:

1) Voice Control is enabled.
2) You’ve got maybe not placed your headset precisely or moisture within the connector.
3) You’re making use of a faulty headset.

Turn off Voice Control, Activate Siri, or make use of an effective headset to repair this matter.

How do we switch off Voice Control on my iPhone?

To switch off sound control on your own iPhone, follow these actions:

1) Start “Settings”.
2) Go to “Accessibility”.
3) Choose “Home Button” or “Side Button”, according to your device’s model.
4) Tap “Off” under “Press and Hold To Speak”.

How do I deactivate Vintage Voice Control but keep Siri on?

You can deactivate classic sound control on your own iPhone and keep Siri active. Siri is more smart than sound control and requires an internet connection to operate. It really is less inclined to stimulate unexpectedly. 

Here’s How to deactivate classic sound control while making Siri active:

1) Open “Settings”.
2) Click “Accessibility”.
3) Dependent on your device’s model, faucet the “Home Button” or “Side Button”.
4) Under “Press and Hold To Speak”, select “Siri”.
5) A tick seems beside Siri, meaning Siri will react whenever you push and keep the house or part switch.

Can We unlock my iPhone making use of Voice Control?

Yes, you need to use Voice Control to unlock your iPhone. Here’s how exactly to do it:

1) start “Settings”.
2) Click “Accessibility”.
3) Scroll down the menu and select “Voice Control”.
4) Switch on the “Voice Control” toggle.
5) Choose “Customize Commands”.
6) Touch “Create Brand New Command”.
7) Type the phrase you’d prefer to used to unlock your phone.
8) Click “Action”.
9) Touch “Run Personalized Gesture”.
10) Click “Save”.

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