How To Turn On a Laptop Without a Power Button

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Method # 1: Using an External Keyboard

Method number 2: making use of Wake-on-LAN Function

SummaryFrequently expected QuestionsMethod # 1: Using an External KeyboardMost computer models have actually a function that lets you switch on your laptop computer utilizing an external keyboard. Unfortunately, this function is disabled by default, along with make it possible for it ahead of the power key fails. Below could be the step by step procedure make it possible for the big event.When your energy key continues to be intact, start your personal computer


Depending on your desktop model, press either

  1. “F2,” “DEL,” or “F10”
  2. to open the
  3. BIOS settings
  4. .

Navigate to

“Advanced” regarding the BIOS settings menu.Click on

  1. “Power Management Alternatives.”Tap on “energy By Keyboard”
  2. or “Wake On Keyboard.”Enter one of the keys you would like as an alternative
  3. to your energy switch.Save the settings and exit.
  4. Alternatively, you’ll configure the BIOS settings while your laptop computer is on. Here you will find the actions to follow:Click regarding the
  5. “Start” menu.Tap on “Settings.”
  6. Click on “Update & Security.”Scroll down and then click on “Healing.”
  7. A brand new screen starts. Regarding the “Advanced Section” menu, faucet on “Restart Now.”

Click on

  1. “Troubleshoot.”Tap on “Advanced Alternatives.”
  2. Navigate to “Power Management”
  3. or “ACPI Management.”
  4. Press “Enter.”
  5. Click on “energy By Keyboard”
  6. or “Wake On Keyboard.”
  7. Enable this function utilizing either the “-” or “+” key in your keyboard.
  8. Choose your preferred key to turn regarding the laptop.Save
  9. the settings and exit.Info
  10. To concur that the turn-on by external keyboard function is working, turn off your laptop computer and press the plumped for key. The computer should switch on if the setup procedure works. Should your energy key doesn’t work later on, the plumped for key in your keyboard will switch on your personal computer.Method number 2: making use of Wake-on-LAN Function
  11. The other non-technical solution to switch on your laptop computer with no energy key is utilizing a pre-enabled Wake-on-LAN function. Follow these actions make it possible for this function on your desktop:Start
  12. your laptop.Press “F2,” “F10,” or “DEL”
  13. to enter the BIOS settings.Select

“energy Management.”

Enable “Power-on-LAN” or


depending on your desktop model.

  1. Enter your preferred key to power the computer.
  2. Save the settings and exit.Alternatively, proceed with the following procedure to create the Wake-on-LAN if your computer is on:
  3. Open “Settings.”
  4. Navigate to “Update & Security.”Press “Recovery.”Tap on
  5. “Restart Now” under
  6. “Advanced Setup.”On this new screen that seems, press


  1. Click on “Advanced Options.”
  2. Scroll down the menu and then click on “Power Management”
  3. or “ACPI Management.”
  4. Press “Enter.”Go to “Power-on-LAN”
  5. or “Wake-on-LAN.”
  6. Use the “-“
  7. or “+” keys in your keyboard make it possible for this function.Input
  8. your preferred key to show regarding the laptop.Save
  9. the settings.Press the “F10” key to leave.
  10. After allowing the Wake-on-LAN function on your desktop, you’ll want to finish the setup by configuring the system card. This task is vital because it verifies if this process will continue to work later on if your power key fails. Here you will find the actions to configure your system card:Search for the
  11. “Device supervisor” on the search field. Instead, you’ll
  12. right-click regarding the “Start” menu and scroll up to find the product Manager.
  13. Click on the “Device Manager.”Scroll down in the menu and find

“Network Adapters.”Right-click on “Network Adapters”

and select

  1. “Properties.”Navigate to “Power Management.”Check the field that reads, “Allow this revolutionary product to wake the computer.”
  2. Enable the “Wake On Magic Packet”
  3. option under “Advanced.”
  4. InfoTo verify that the Wake-on-LAN function is working, shut down your laptop computer.
  5. Plug in the LAN,
  6. press the selected key if the computer turns in. If it turns on, your Wake On LAN function is initiated and can switch on your pc whenever power key fails.
  7. SummaryYou are able to turn in your laptop computer with no energy key utilizing an external keyboard or the Wake On LAN function. But, you’d need enabled those two functions ahead of the power key fails. Frequently expected concernsCan you switch on a laptop with no energy key?

Yes, you’ll. You may either make use of a

pre-enabled outside keyboard or the “Wake On LAN” function. There are some other techniques like utilising the motherboard, laptop computer lid, and wall surface socket, nevertheless the technical material could be challenging.How can you force-start a laptop?To force begin a laptop, unplug

the computer through the energy socket and


the battery pack.

Press and hold

the ability key for thirty moments. Place the battery pack straight back and plug in the charger. Decide to try switching regarding the laptop computer once again.

Do you suspect that your particular energy button is defective? It could be discouraging to show in your laptop computer to the office on an activity or research, and then learn the ability switch isn’t functioning. While some type of computer neglecting to switch on could be as a result of other equipment issues, a faulty energy key is a primary suspect. Any kind of techniques to switch on a laptop apart from utilising the energy key? Yes, there are.

Quick Anwer

To switch on a laptop with no energy key, usage an external keyboard or the Wake-on-LANfunction. You’d need certainly to allow both functions before your energy key fails utilizing the fundamental Input/Output System (BIOS). If those two functions aren’t enabled before your energy key fails, you will need more technical interventions like utilising the motherboard or a wall socket.This article goes through the 2 non-technical how to switch on your laptop computer with no energy switch.

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