How To Turn On Snapchat Notifications on iPhone

How To Turn On Snapchat Notifications on iPhone

Method # 1: utilising the Settings App

Method number 2: Enabling Lock Screen NotificationsMethod # 3: utilising the Snapchat App SettingsHow To personalize Snapchat Notifications on iPhonePreference # 1: Selected Friends and SubscriptionsPreference number 2: Chats From Selected Snapchat buddies

Preference # 3: Snapchat Story Notifications From FriendsPreference number 4: Snapchat Story Notifications From Subscriptions


  1. How To Turn On Snapchat Notifications on iPhone
    • To turn on Snapchat notifications on your own iPhone, you need to allow notifications in your iPhone’s
    • Settings app
    • . Another option to trigger alarms on your own Snapchat for iPhone would be to switch on Snapchat notifications on your
  2. Snapchat app
    • .
    • If some of these notification settings are enabled on your own iPhone, it will be possible to receive Snapchat notifications.
    • The actions of switching on Snapchat notifications through those two practices are explained below.
    • Method no. 1: utilizing the Settings App
  3. Here is utilizing your iPhone Settings app to receive Snapchat notifications pop-up notifications.

Go to your iPhone’s

Settings app.Scroll down seriously to the software listings and then click “Snapchat”.




Toggle on

  1. “Allow Notifications”.Alternatively, tap
  2. “Snapchat Notifications Settings” to enable Snapchat notifications.Click the
  3. “Enable Notifications” button.Method number 2: Enabling Lock Screen Notifications
  4. When your phone is regarding the lock screen, it is possible to nevertheless receive Snapchat notifications. This is how to see Snapchat notifications  if your iPhone display is locked.Open your iPhone’s Settings app
  5. .Scroll down and then click “Snapchat”
  6. .Click “Notifications.”

Toggle on

“Allow Notifications”

  1. .Set your notification “Alert”
  2. settings. You are able to allow Snapchat to show informative data on the lock display. Additionally, it is possible to decide to show where your Snapchat notifications can look on your own iPhone lock screen.
  3. Method # 3: utilising the Snapchat App SettingsYou can straight visit your Snapchat software make it possible for the notifications. For this, you need to stick to the actions below.
  4. Go to your Snapchat app.
  5. Tap the self icon—a yellow and head-shaped switch. This symbol goes towards the main settings of your Snapchat account.Tap the

settings ⚙️ icon


  1. Scroll down and click “Notifications”.
  2. Click the “Enable Notifications” switch. Whenever you click “Enable Notifications”, it may need you right to your Snapchat significant settings within the iPhone’s Settings app.
  3.  Tap “Allow Notifications”
  4. .How To personalize Snapchat Notifications on iPhoneSnapchat allows you to definitely select particular notifications on your own iPhone as opposed to a broad one. Setting individualized communications, you need to toggle on or off
  5. notification preferences in your Snapchat software settings.You can select if you would like notifications about buddies’ stories to exhibit in your iPhone pop-up notifications. Here are a few other notifications choices it is possible to set on your own Snapchat app.You may either decide to show the following.Notifications about
  6. trending content.Notifications about


delivered by the Snapchat buddiesMessages about friends’ suggestions


Notifications in regards to the

  • content you’re tagged in, and so many more.Preference no. 1: Selected Friends and Subscriptions
  • You can decide to show notifications from just a couple or a number of friends or subscriptions on Snapchat.To set personalized friends and registration notifications on Snapchat, here you will find the actions.Open your
  • Snapchat app.Go to your
  • head icon.Tap the

settings icon



  1. “Notifications.”Select “Enable
  2. Notifications” in case it isn’t enabled.Scroll down seriously to
  3. “Manage Story Notifications”.Tap or search your
  4. selected buddies and subscriptions.
  5. Click “Done” to exhibit their tale notifications on your own iPhone.Preference number 2: Chats From Selected Snapchat Friends
  6. here’s how to make in or switch off chats notifications of one’s buddies on Snapchat.Open your Snapchat app
  7. .Tap the chat icon
  8. .Select the friend

you need to chat with.

Tap the

  1. friend’s account title.Tap the three-dot menu button
  2. .Select “Chat Settings”
  3. .Toggle on “Message Notification”
  4. . You may want to switch on “Game and Mini Notifications”
  5. .Click “Done”
  6. .Preference # 3: Snapchat Story Notifications From FriendsGo to your
  7. Snapchat app.Click the chat icon.
  8. Tap the friend you intend to chat with.

Click the

  1. friend’s account name.Tap the
  2. three-dot menu button.Click
  3. “Story” settings.Toggle on
  4. “Story Notifications”.(Optional) Toggle off
  5. “Mute Story” if you would like their tale to exhibit on your own Snapchat storyboard.Tap
  6. “Done”.Preference number 4: Snapchat Story Notifications From Subscriptions
  7. To enjoy notifications when particular subscriptions post new content/stories on Snapchat, here you will find the steps.Go towards the Snapchat app
  8. .Click the friend’s and subscriptions icon
  9. .Tap the menu icon



  1. “Manage Subscriptions and Notifications”.Select the subscription you intend to get notifications and faucet the
  2. bell icon to show on the communications.(Optional) You are able to switch on their notifications when you attend their web page and then click the bell symbol.
  3. ConclusionTurning on Snapchat notifications on your own iPhone is straightforward. And simply by visiting the Snapchat page of one’s iPhone Settings app, you’ll allow Snapchat notifications.Alternatively, you can make use of the notification switch in your Snapchat software that will help you set general and personalized Snapchat notifications. Proceed with the guides in this article to effortlessly personalize your Snapchat notifications.
  4. As for the first quarter of 2022, Snapchat had an unbelievable 332 million active users and tens of thousands of content posted hourly. With numerous articles, influencers, and buddies on Snapchat, it is vital to not lose out on well known content—hence, the requirement to switch on Snapchat notifications on our iPhones.Quick Answer

  5. To change on Snapchat notifications is straightforward, along with to attend your iPhone Settings app or the
    Snapchat app

to create your notifications. On your own Snapchat software, it is possible to set individualized notifications and get notifications only from chosen buddies or subscriptions.

Keep scanning this article while you learn the detail by detail description of how exactly to turn on Snapchat notifications. You will see about Snapchat notifications, from basic notices to particular people


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