How To Turn On WiFi on LG TV


Are you among those individuals who simply got a fresh LG TV and can’t wait to view your chosen Netflix show onto it? Nevertheless, when you turn Netflix upon, a notification arises notifying you that you will be perhaps not attached to the online.

Well, you don’t need to worry, because the issue is easy to resolve. All you have to do is start your WiFi and connect with a functional community to gain access to the online.

  1. Turning WiFi on Your LG TV
    • Step # 1: Accessing WiFi from your Home Menu
    • Step # 2: linking to a system
  2. Troubleshooting your WiFi
    • Changing where you are
    • Factory Resetting your television
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Turning WiFi on Your LG television

Before switching in your WiFi, we must ensure that your television has a WiFi module in the first place. You can examine whether your television has a WiFi card integral by going right on through your television requirements from LG’s website.

However, If you have got an intelligent TV, disregard the above-mentioned action, as most Smart TVs have actually integral WiFi Modules. Anyways going back back once again to the subject, here’s how you are able to turn your LG TV WiFi on and acquire attached to the online:

Step number 1: Accessing WiFi from your Home Menu

To access the house Menu, Press the Home Menu button in your remote.

LG Remote

From the house Menu, Navigate to Networks > WiFi Connections to turn in your WiFi. When inside WiFi connections, it is possible to gain access to all of the available companies.

Step no. 2: linking to a Network

Now which you have actually fired up your WiFi, you’ll want to hook up to a network to gain access to the web. Select your community connection through the selection of available companies and enter the WiFi password.

Once the WiFi password is entered, the television will immediately connect with online.


Compared to a typical WiFi connection, utilizing an Ethernet cable provides you with reduced latency while additionally making the text even faster and much more dependable.

Troubleshooting your WiFi

If the mentioned method isn’t working out for you, there are many troubleshooting guidelines you can look at to correct the problems you are dealing with.

Changing where you are

Suppose LG provides a mistake prompting that the WiFi is switched off. All you have to do is access your Location Settings and alter where you are. As soon as you improve your location, a listing of all of the available companies are accessed from WiFi Connections.

Sometimes LG TVs face connectivity problems because of the incorrect Location. Although the fix appears an extremely ridiculous one, it really works.

Factory Resetting your television

Sometimes there are many computer software pests that corrupt your community motorists. The best way to cope with damaged system motorists would be to Factory Reset your TV.

Resetting TV to factory settings

You can Factory Reset your television by following these few steps:

  1. Click in the Gear icon in your Remote.
  2. Select All settings.
  3. Inside all settings, click General > Reset to Initial Settings.
  4. Press Ok and await a few momemts while your television resets.


Having the capability to connect with the online world is a vital the main television experience nowadays. Nevertheless, getting attached to the online world are a headache for the consumer. This guide can help you conserve time by leading you through all of the necessary actions to make your WiFi on.

Frequently Expected concerns

How to get rid of a WiFi community on LG TV?

To eliminate a WiFi community, head to Networks > WiFi Connections. Right here simply click and keep the community title you wish to forget. After a couple of seconds, the Forget system switch will appear; click it to get rid of the community from your TV.

How to screen share to LG TV?

You can hook up to your LG TV by using WiFi Direct. For WiFi direct to function, you will need both products attached to equivalent WiFi. After they are linked, you need to use display screen mirroring to fairly share your display screen.

Why is my WiFi community perhaps not showing on my LG TV?

Make sure your WiFi router is close to your television. In the event that television is within the router’s range and when it’s still perhaps not showing your WiFi network, take to restarting your television therefore the router.

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