How To Turn Up the Brightness on HP Laptop

Brightness issues – whether whenever viewing a film or viewing a file. Switching it a notch on an HP laptop hasn’t been hard.

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You are able to turn up or adjust the brightness in numerous means on an HP laptop by making use of System Settings, Fn key, Action Center, Battery Icon, or via Adaptive Brightness

HP is an excellent brand name regarding visuals and brightness settings. We’ve compiled a thorough step by step guide how you are able to quickly arrive the brightness in your preferred HP model.

  1. Why Can I Arrive Brightness on My HP Laptop Computer?
  2. Turning Up Brightness on HP Laptop
    • Method number 1: making use of Action Center
    • Method # 2: Using Settings
    • Method # 3: making use of Fn Key
    • Method # 4: Use High-Performance Settings
    • Method number 5: Use Adaptive Brightness
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  4. Frequently expected concerns

Why Should we arrive Brightness on My HP Laptop?

Turning up the brightness in your HP laptop while working, winning contests, or watching television programs and films can help you considerably reduce the vision strain.

Although brightness might not cause lasting damage, it would likely cause several short-term difficulties, such as for instance discomfort of this eyes and dryness. So we suggest adjusting the radiance for a time and switching it back into advised settings afterward.

Turning Up Brightness on HP Laptop

Wondering how exactly to arrive the brightness on an HP laptop computer? Our step by step directions can help you feel the entire procedure without anxiety. Therefore, let’s not waste any longer some time plunge directly into the 5 practices.

Method no. 1: making use of Action Center

In this process, you can expect to make use of the Windows Action Center to turn up the brightness in your laptop.

  1. Click the Action Center button during the right-bottom of this toolbar in your HP laptop computer (usually a notification center of Windows 10). You may even press Windows key + A to look at the Action Center.
  2. Tap on “Expand” within the Action Center menu to access all of the options.
  3. Slide the brightness bar to improve the brightness considering your requirement.

Method # 2: making use of Settings

You may use the Windows Settings software to try out using the HP system brightness.

  1. Click on the Start menu, kind in “Settings” in the search package, and choose the app.
  2. Click on “Display Settings” under Settings > System.
  3. Navigate to your “Brightness and Color” option while increasing the brightness degree by moving the slider from kept to right.

Method # 3: Using Fn Key

In this process, you can expect to boost the brightness with the aid of the Fn key in the HP laptop computer keyboard.

  1. Look for the Fn key in the laptop computer keyboard (often put near the Windows key).
  2. Now find the brightness function key very often has a sun icon and it is usually current in the top navigation secrets of this HP keyboard.
  3. On the newest types of HP laptop computers, make use of the Fn + F4 key to make up the brightness.


The brightness function key could be the F3 key generally in most HP models, but HP keyboards change from model to model. You may want to just press F3 on some models, while some might need one to press the press Fn + F3 simultaneously.

Method # 4: Use High-Performance Settings

You also can accelerate your PC’s performance to make up the brightness in your HP laptop.

  1. Click in the battery icon during the right-bottom of one’s display or the System Tray. 
  2. Next, choose High-Performance to boost the brightness.


You can get a handle on the superior function brightness from Advanced Battery Alternatives.

Method # 5: Use Adaptive Brightness

If your HP model supports Adaptive Brightness, you should use this particular feature on your side on the basis of the illumination within the environment. To check on when you have the function and allow it, stick to the steps below.

  1. Go to System Settings.
  2. Select “Display Settings“.
  3. Select “Brightness & Color“.
  4. Find the “Change brightness automatically whenever illumination modifications” choice and check out the package to stimulate it.


Like the superior technique, you should use battery options to make down adaptive brightness.


In this guide, we’ve explored different how to arrive the brightness on an HP laptop and, most of all, the consequence of low lighting. We’ve additionally discussed the chance of Adaptive Brightness settings if for example the computer has this particular feature. Ideally, certainly one of our practices in this guide struggled to obtain you, now you don’t need certainly to focus a great deal while taking a look at the display.

Frequently Expected concerns

How do I switch off auto-brightness on HP?

If you need to switch off the auto-brightness in your HP laptop, follow these actions.

1. Go Directly To The Start menu and plunge to the Control PanelPower ChoicesChange Plan Settings.
2. Select the “Advance energy” option and scroll right down to the “Display” option.
3. Expand the display choice to open the “Adaptive Brightness” choice.
4. Elect to turn fully off this particular feature when it is on battery when the computer is connected in.
5. Select Apply > OK.

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