How To Turn Up Volume on AirPods

  1. Method # 1: utilizing the amount Rocker
  2. Method no. 2: making use of Siri to boost Volume
  3. Method # 3: making use of Volume Slider on iPhone
  4. Method # 4: making use of an Apple Watch
  5. Method # 5: Using a Mac
  6. Summary
  7. Frequently expected Questions

Method # 1: utilizing the amount Rocker

This ought to be the easiest method to make your amount in your AirPods. Every phone on the market makes use of a rocker to boost its amount with simplicity. To boost your amount utilizing a rocker, you will need to:

Method no. 2: making use of Siri to Increase Volume

If for reasons uknown, you can’t access your amount rocker and you also desire to generate your amount, this process is intended for you personally. But, remember the strategy may vary depending on the device you’re attached to and the AirPods you are employing. To boost your amount with the aid of Siri:

  1. Open Siri by either saying Hey Siri or holding the stem of your AirPods.
  2. Once Siri is opened, ask Siri to raise the volume up.

When you ask Siri to boost the quantity, it increments very nearly 12 per cent associated with the amount. But, you’ll alter this by commanding Siri to boost your amount by particular percentages. As an example, you’ll state “Increase amount to 40 per cent,” and your AirPods amount is likely to be risen to 40 percent.

Method number 3: making use of Volume Slider on iPhone

If your amount rockers aren’t working, you’ll raise your AirPods volume using the on-screen amount slider. To get into the on-screen amount slider, visit your primary display screen and slip up to get into your widgets. Regarding the right part of the widgets club, there are the quantity slider beside the brightness slider.

If you pay attention to music in your phone along with your display screen is locked, you will see a volume slider present in your Lock Screen. You are able to raise the level of your AirPods simply by sliding the slider towards the right.

Method # 4: making use of an Apple Watch

Suppose you might be utilizing your AirPods with an Apple Watch. Increasing and Decreasing your amount can be as as simple it is likely to get for you personally. To increase your AirPods volume on an Apple Watch, you will need to spin your Crown into the clockwise direction.

Crown on Apple Watch

The first-time you spin your Crown, a green club is seen regarding the right part of the Apple Watch. You can make use of this club to learn exactly how noisy your AirPods currently are.

Method # 5: making use of a Mac

To increase your AirPods amount on a Mac, utilize the volume slider present in your Menu Bar. Into the activities you can’t discover the amount Slider, you will need:

  1. Click the Apple symbol in your Menu Bar.
  2. Inside the container, click System Preferences.
  3. Navigate to Sounds > Output and switch on Show amount In Research Bar.

Once you follow every one of these actions, it’s possible to gain access to your amount slider into the Menu Bar.


There are a couple of methods a person increases the quantity of these Airpod. The mentioned techniques can help you use your AirPods for their fullest by assisting you to blast them because noisy as possible. We wish this guide has aided you resolve any type of problem you had been formerly dealing with while boosting your AirPods amount.

Frequently Expected concerns

Why is my AirPods volume so Low?

If your AirPods amount is quite low although the soundbar are at optimum, there was a really high chance your AirPods need certainly to get washed. You are able to clean your AirPods through getting a dry fabric and take to rubbing it carefully in your presenter grill until there’s absolutely no residual left on it.

How to make up the quantity on AirPods without a Phone?

If you can’t access your amount club through a phone, you need to use Siri to boost your amount. To get into Siri, keep your AirPods stem; once Siri is triggered, ask her to boost your Volume.

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