How To Undo Notes on iPhone

iPhone with Notes

The Notes app on iOS products is without question a fan favorite if you choose noting things down on the run and even saving important info on the electronic devices. But, every now and then, you might be bound to create a typo or wish to modify the records you have got developed. 

Quick Solution

To undo notes in your iPhone:

1) click the Notes application and choose the note you wish to delete.
2) Shake your iPhone 3 to 4 times before the “Undo Typing” button seems.
3) Click the “Undo Typing” key.

This article contains a few methods to undo records on an iPhone. 

  1. Method # 1: Shake To Undo
  2. Method # 2: Undo utilising the Mark-Up Tool
  3. Method number 3: Undo utilizing Finger Gestures
  4. Method number 4: Undo utilizing Keyboard Controls
  5. How To Recover a Deleted Note
  6. Conclusion

Method # 1: Shake To Undo

Undoubtedly, very typical methods to undo a mistake in the Notes application is to shake your iPhone. But, it is crucial to remember that because of this solution to work, you must have enabled the function by tapping in the “Settings” icon > click “Accessibility” > click “Touch” > Switch on “Shake to Undo”

Enabling the above mentioned function will even work with other apps such as for instance WhatsApp, mail, etc. Having said that, when you have currently done the above mentioned procedure, stick to the actions below:

  1. Open the note who has the mistake you wish to undo.
  2. Shake your phone three to four times
  3. Click “Undo Typing” or shake the device another 3 times to eliminate the most up-to-date modification you designed to the available document.
  4. If you improve your head, shake your iPhone 3 times and click “Redo Typing”

Method # 2: Undo utilising the Mark-Up Tool

Although the above mentioned technique is considered the most popular choice for undoing records in the iPhone, it could be unpleasant, particularly if you have a tendency to shake your phone plenty. 

Unknown to numerous, the Notes application has a somewhat hidden mark-up tool. This is how to get into it. 

  1. Open the document which contains the mistake you wish to undo. 
  2. Tap in the Mark-up icon positioned during the top for the keyboard. For quality, it resembles the most notable 50 % of a marker pen enclosed in a circle.
  3. Two arrows will be together with the document. Click the left arrow to undo any mistakes, and then click in the right arrow to redo accidental modifications

Method no. 3: Undo utilizing Finger Gestures

Assuming you have got currently enabled the accessibility function that lets you utilize three hands to execute tasks such as for instance changing displays, using screenshots, and undoing changes on papers. Proceed with the actions below:

  1. Open the document who has the matter.
  2. Swipe left with three hands.
  3. Either faucet the “Undo” prompt that may have appeared or continue steadily to swipe appropriate before the modifications you would like are complete. 

Alternatively, stick to the steps below:

  1. Open the note containing the mistake. 
  2. Double-tap anywhere in the display with three hands.
  3. Tap “Undo”

Finally, there is certainly another little finger motion make use of. Proceed with the actions below:

  1. Single tap anywhere in your display with three hands.
  2. Click “Undo”, that is depicted as an arrow dealing with the left of the display. 

Method number 4: Undo Using Keyboard Controls

The simplest way to undo a typo or an unwanted present modification in your Notes software is by using the keyboard settings. But, this program is not viable if you utilize the conventional iPhone keyboard. It’s only relevant when you yourself have an external one, e.g., the Bluetooth-enabled Apple Magic Keyboard or other you consider fit. 

  1. Open the Note which contains the mistake you wish to undo.
  2. Click the Command + Z keys simultaneously to undo and Shift+Command+Z to redo any present modifications. 

How To Recover a Deleted Note

Accidentally deleting an email is likely to cause panic. But, the good thing is it is possible to quickly restore it supplied 1 month have actuallyn’t elapsed because the time you made a blunder. This is how to start it:

  1. Open records and touch the back switch on the top left of the display. It may need you to definitely the “Folders” menu.
  2. Click “Recently Deleted”.
  3. Locate the note you wish to recover and then click onto it. 
  4. Click “Edit”.
  5. Click “Restore Note” to get the note under consideration in your Notes software website. 


If you delete a shared note that you aren’t the initial creator, you won’t proceed to your recently deleted folder. Because of this, you need to follow an alternate pair of actions if you would like recover it. 


The Notes app is among the easiest apps in your iPhone, mainly in the event that you use it constantly. Certainly one of its significant issues is the fact that Apple has yet to include an undo switch in the records display. 

Considering so it’s unavoidable so that you can make mistakes while typing, modifying, or uploading documents in the Notes application, the above mentioned article contains a few easy-to-follow ideas to help you undo or redo appropriate modifications to your records.  

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